How to Make Skating Wax: From Simple Level to Expert Level


Buying a skateboard is not the end of your duty. Taking good care is your main duty for getting the best and long-lasting performance. Waxing is one of the caring tasks you should maintain. It is necessary for performing better and safe stunts and tricks on your skateboard and we all know that. But are we aware of how to make skating wax?

Most of us don’t know how to make skateboarding wax properly. As a professional skater, I know the proper ways to make wax. Today, I will share my way of making wax. So, keep reading, “How to make pro skate wax?”

What Exactly is Skateboarding Wax?

Before learning, the wax-making process and how to use skate wax, you should learn what exactly it is.

Skateboarding wax is the media that reduces the friction you face while performing any tricks on a hard surface. This wax is usually made from a base of paraffin to smooth out your skateboard surface. If your board has any cracks or damages you will not be able to do the stunts perfectly. Waxing is done to make the board surface smooth to make your journey smoother as well.

Skateboarding wax has different names including skate wax, ledge lube, curb wax and all have the same goal. The goal is to create an appropriate skate surface on which you can do tricks, slides, grinds, etc very comfortably.

You will get specific skate wax in the market that will be best to protect your skateboard. But normal candle wax can be used as well if you want to save some money.

How to Make Homemade Skateboard Wax?

Now we are at the main point. I will describe how to make skate wax out of crayons, candles, and paraffin tea lights.

Method 1: Making Wax In The Oven

There are different ways of making wax. One of the most popular ways is preparing using an oven. Before making wax you have to learn “How to make skate wax molds?” Here I am describing the first method.

1. Cut the crayons or candles

Get a pack of crayons or some leftover tea lights. You should get them in your house that you are not using any longer. Take a sharp knife and slice them. Try to slice into small pieces (2.5 cm). It is because small size chunks melt fast and work better.

2. Put in cut slices into a cake baking bowl

I use cake baking bowls for melting then into the oven. You can use any oven-safe bowl for this step. Make sure the bowl is big and deep enough to hold all the wax slices and their melting estate.

If you want to make a big amount of wax then use 2 containers.

Warning: Don’t use any metal or plastic container. They are not oven-safe. So, along with melting the wax, the container will melt.

3. Apply cooking oil in the bowl

Vegetable oil helps in scrubbing the skate wax on the skateboard. Besides, it makes the wax smoother. You need to apply 1 teaspoon / 4.9 ml canola oil or any type of vegetable oil in the bowl.

Warning: Don’t overuse the oil. It will create soft and brittle wax that is completely useless.

4. Preheat the oven

Warm up the oven for 5 minutes at 150°F / 66°C.

5. Melt the wax

Now it’s time for melting. Put the brown into the oven and melt it at a low temperature for 10 minutes. Stay in front of the oven while melting it. Overheating the wax can spoil the wax.

6. Keep it in the refrigerator

As soon as the melting over, take it out of the oven. It must be super hot. Let it be cold in the air for 5 minutes. Now put it into the refrigerator and keep it until it gets solid.

Warning: There is no problem if you wait for a long time. But if you take out the wax too early then it may fall apart. So, wait for enough time.

7. Remove the solid wax

When you feel the wax is solid and ready to use then remove it from the bowl. Use your fingers to remove it. If it is too hard then take a sharp knife, flip the bowl over, and pop the wax out. You can also cut the wax and remove them.

If it is super hard and even the knife doesn’t work, the melt is for a short time to melt the edges of the wax.

Method 2: Melting on a Stove

Now here is another method to make wax. Let’s get it to step by step.

1. Cut the wax

At first, choose small size candled. I suggest taking paraffin tea lights. They work better as skateboard wax. Cut the tea lights into small pieces of 2.5 cm. You can also use other candles or crayons.

Now put the candle into a metal or aluminium container. Make sure the container is safe for stove and heat-resistant.

2. Pour water into a saucepan

Take a saucepan that can hold the container. Fill the saucepan with water (2.5 cm deep) and put the container into the pan. Make sure the container stays standing.

3. Melt the wax into a medium temperature

Heat the water at medium temperature and soon you will see the wax melting. To melt the wax faster stir the wax but let it splash into the water.

4. Add butter and vegetable oil

Apply 2 tablespoons of butter into the wax. It softens the wax and makes it perfect as skating wax.

Now add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil into the mixture. Use canola oil for better performance. Stir it for 3-5 minutes and the melting step is done.

5. Pour then safely into a refrigerator-safe container

It is a crucial step. Safety pours the melting wax into a refrigerator-safe pot. Make sure the melting wax never enters any draining pipe. It may get solid later and cause problems.

6. Take it to the refrigerator

Here is the final step. Put the container into the refrigerator and leave it for 7-8 hours. Finally check the wax and when you feel it solid use a knife and cut it as I discussed in the previous method.


Different people use different methods to make wax. I generally apply 2 methods and I have described both of them. Most of the time I use the oven to make wax. If you don’t have a microwave then use a stove.

Must read the warning after every step I have described. For creating perfect wax without any waste warning tips will be helpful. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article – how to make skating wax?

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