Best ReDo Skateboard Review – Don’t Regret Missing This One

While the youngsters are driven by the fun and excitement of skateboarding. Many of them are still not sure which one to pick. To help them clear their head, we have come up with the best ReDo Skateboard Review. 

Why is our article about ReDo today? You must have heard about ReDo Skateboards. It is a common name in the skateboard industry. We have selected this particular skateboard because it is ideal for beginners, also sturdy, and a handsome value for your money. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s get to the actual points. 

ReDo Skateboard Kids 8″ Zodiac Premium Flamingo Cruiser Complete Skateboard 

ReDo Skateboard Kids 8" Zodiac Premium Flamingo Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Orange/Yellow

What do we love most about ReDo Zodiac Premium Flamingo? This skateboard is built for additional maneuverability. It is extra wide in shape. Also, comes with a smooth broadcast grip and a jaw-dropping finish to the board. 

For years, ReDo has sincerely crafted skateboards following in-depth research and advanced engineering. Their Zodiac Premium Flamingo Cruiser is no exception at all. If you are looking for a budget-friendly joyride on a skateboard, ReDo Skateboard Zodiac Premium Flamingo is the perfect catch for you. It is specially made for kids who are just starting skating. 

The stable balance and strategies applied in this skateboard will always maintain consistency and keep track of riders’ control. Kids love their fun and joy in it. 

Key Features

  • A Complete Skateboard: This skateboard features the classical cruiser shape having a flamingo graphic on its bottom. It adds an additional tropical vibe to your skateboard. 

  • Full Functional:ReDo Zodiac Premium is a full package. It comes with a beautiful light design, smooth grip tape, customized wheel wells offering outstanding turns and steering. 

  • Durable Ride: Built with 60mm 80A polyurethane wheels with ABEC 3 speed bearings and the 5 inches geo aluminum trucks offer a smooth and safe ride all the way. 

  • Strong Configuration: It lasts for a long time. With the strong 8-ply maple wood, nobody can stop you from rocking the floor. 

  • Extra Wide: The deck of this skateboard is built extra large for fine grip and added stability. It is a perfect board for cruising down any surface. 

ReDo Skateboard Kids 8" Zodiac Premium Flamingo Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Orange/Yellow

  • Built with advanced engineering and in-depth research.
  • Extra wide for added stability.
  • Fun for kids.
  • Comes with high-definition graphics.
  • ReDo Zodiac offers maximum maneuverability.
  • These skateboards offer ease and balance at their best.
  • Suitable for beginners and budget-friendly.
  • The board is stiffer than usual.

Final Decision

Should you give ReDo Zodiac Premium Flamingo a go or not? While some users have noticed that ReDo Zodiac Flamingo is a bit harder than usual. Also, due to its stiffness, it is harder to make easier turns. 

However, despite this drawback, many users are completely satisfied with its robust duty and service. It is durable, lightweight, and suitable for any stunts on any surface. Most importantly, it is also suitable and budget-friendly for beginners. 

ReDo Skateboard Kids 8" Zodiac Premium Flamingo Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Orange/Yellow


  • Is ReDo skateboards a good brand? 

While many have complained about the stiff nature of ReDo skateboards, others are overwhelmingly satisfied with its smooth performance and long-lasting durability. 

ReDo skateboards are overall highly durable, offer extreme flexibility and added maneuverability. 

  • How much are ReDo skateboards? 

ReDo skateboards come in different price categories. The gallery pop skateboards by ReDo starts at $34.99 while the Zodiac cruiser, famously known for its maximum control and flexibility comes at $39.99, so do the poly cruisers. 

ReDo skateboards are widely known for their affordability and suitability for beginners. You can ride it on as much as you like without having to worry about any drawbacks. 

  • Are Maple skateboards good?

Maple skateboards are a great value for your money. Although they may seem hard to begin with in the first place, and you have to loosen the bearings and wheels a lot, it’s an overall good catch for your money. 

Also, it lasts for a long time. And the overall smoothness you have with maple skateboards is sturdy and smooth. Riders love it all the way to every corner. However, maple construction does require extra maintenance during the harsh weather. If managed carefully, these skateboards will last years of service. 

ReDo Skateboard Kids 8" Zodiac Premium Flamingo Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Orange/Yellow


ReDo has always offered the best service at your door when it comes to skateboards. The ReDo Zodiac premium flamingo cruiser is no exception at all. 

Best suited for kids and teenagers around 8-11 years old, you can ride on it as long as you want. The stability and high maneuverability it offers are beyond explanation. 

ReDo Zodiac Premium Cruiser is specially picked by us today for its affordability, suitability for beginners and kids, and durable smooth ride it offers. 

If you think we are missing anything, do let us know by leaving a comment. 

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