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What is the best skateboard brand? The name “Kryptonics” must come to your mind. Kryptonics was founded in 1965, and they are providing the best skateboards since that time. But there are some boards which are best among their productions. Some boards are best for kids, some are best for teenagers, and some are for professionals. All these create confusion in choosing the best skateboard for you.

The best boards contain some unique features. They are highly durable and skaters friendly. Recently I have researched the best Kryptonics skateboard.

Today, I will show you 8 Kryptonics skateboard reviews. So please keep reading to learn about them in detail.

1. Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31 Inch Complete Skateboard


  • Load capacity: 220 pounds.
  • ABEC-3 bearings.
  • Board size 31 inch (drop-in series)
  • Extreme durability.
  • It is light in weight, very easy to carry in a skateboard backpack.
  • Appropriate for 8 years old and more.

Get introduced with a drop-in series 31-inch skateboard from Kryptonics. This board is appropriate for kids 8 years old and higher. The round age deck is made of 9-ply maple wood, and trucks are made of 5-inch aluminum.

The wheels come with the 52mm x 33mm PVC injected design. ABEC-3 bearings are used for a smooth riding experience. They are also colorful, and most people love this board for these unique wheels.

The board can carry up to 220 pounds. The board is appropriate for beginners and professionals. The double kicktail design helps beginners a lot in controlling and learning tricks. So, ultimately you will be satisfied with all the features of this unique skateboard.

  • Colorful wheels.
  • Easy controlling.
  • Appropriate for all types of terrains.
  • Not for kids under 8 years old.

2. Kryptonics Locker Board Complete Skateboard


  • Durable deck (9 ply maple wood)
  • Double kicktail design.
  • Perfect wheel size.
  • Load capacity: 110 pounds.
  • PVC injected wheels.

This skateboard is mainly for teenagers and kids having a size of 22 inches. It comes with a double kicktail and concave shape design. As a result, you will get supreme control and easy breaking. The beginners will get the extra advantage for this feature.

The board is highly durable. It is made of 3.35 aluminum trucks and a 9-ply maple wood deck. So, it can go through little obstacles without causing any harm.

The injected polyurethane wheels get the size of 50mm x 27mm. A smooth ride ensures the 608ZB bearings. The board is appropriate for kids from 6 years old. So, for your kid, it can be a surprising gift from you.

  • Appropriate for kids.
  • Enjoy smooth riding.
  • learn tricks easily.
  • Load capacity could be a bit higher.

3. Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser Skateboard – Complete 26″ Cruiser Board


  • Integrated with 4 die-cut steps and mermaid-inspired deck design.
  • Comes with ABEC-3 bearings.
  • Appropriate for kids of 8 and more
  • The cruiser is highly durable.
  • 220 pounds load capacity.

Another awesome Kryptonics cruiser review is here. This cruiser from Kryptonics is for kids and teenagers. It is a 25-inch ore assembled board made of 8-ply thick maple wood. So, no question should raise about its durability.

They have used PVC injected 60mm x 45mm wheels. You must love the ABEC-3 bearing as it provides smooth riding. It includes angled riser pads of 12 mm that will help to speed up the board. The board is appropriate for kids from 8 years old.

The slightly concave shape provides better control. The board can carry up to 220 pounds, and it is appropriate for kids from 8 years old. Considering all the features, you must fall in love with this stylish cruiser.

  • Very easy controlling.
  • Kids-friendly board.
  • Stylish design.
  • Wheels are not colorful.

4. Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser 30.5 Inch Complete Skateboard


  • Comes with the deck of 8-ply maple wood.
  • Made of ABEC-5 bearings.
  • Load capacity of 220 pounds.
  • Carbon steel bearings.

Here is another wide cruiser for teenagers and kids. Till now, this is the largest – 30.5 inches. The board comes with a single tail design. Your kid will get enough room as this is a super-wide board.

Learning tricks is easier with this skateboard. You will get super breaking support and smooth riding. They have used polyurethane wheels of 65mm x 51mm. Carbon steel ABEC 5 bearings will also ensure smooth ridings.

In the case of durability, the board is ahead. It is made of an 8-ply maple wood deck. It can take 220 pounds. Ultimately, this board contains all the necessary features.

  • Extreme durability.
  • Easy breaking and supreme control
  • Stylish design.
  • Hard to mind any negative side

5. Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Skateboard


  • Load capacity: 110-180 lbs.
  • Polyurethane wheels with steel ABEC-3 bearings.
  • Sturdy wood, metal bearings, and wheels ensure the durability.
  • Perfect for over 6 years old children.
  • 19-inch complete skateboard.

Another cool-designed skateboard from Kryptonics. This is a complete 19-inch durable skateboard. The skateboard is a little thick and made of 7-ply maple wood. So, undoubtedly this is a durable one.

Kids over 6 years can use and do tricks with this skateboard. The panda graphic design looks cool on the board. It is very lightweight, so that you can flip it very easily.

The size of this skateboard is 19″ length and 8″ in width. The wood with metal trucks assures the durability of this skateboard. For easy carrying, it has a handle. In the case of load capacity, they are a bit lower than other boards. This skateboard can carry up to 180 pounds. But considering it as a kid’s skateboard, it is enough.

  • Very lightweight.
  • Supports enough weight.
  • Keep balance very well.
  • Not for underaged kids.

6. Kryptonics Star Series 31 Inch Skateboard


  • Load Capacity: 220 lbs.
  • It has traction grooves with polyurethane wheels and ABEC-3 bearings.
  • Recommended for up to 8 years old kids.
  • You can do many tricks.
  • 31″ length and 8″ width total.

Meet an amazing skateboard from Kryptonics. This skateboard is made of 9-play maple wood, and it’s 31inch. This one is perfect for doing tricks.

The full black color with a fabulous dragon graphic makes this board eye-catching. This skateboard has grip tape, traction grooves, and the best trucks. With super fast speed, you will learn to enjoy skating.

The board contains durable PVC wheels having the bearings rating ABEC-3. It has a double kicktail design which helps to flip the board easily and do many tricks. This one is recommended for ages over 8 years.

  • Very quick and easy to control.
  • Enough load capacity.
  • Appropriate for Boston Terrier.
  • Don’t let kids under 8 to use this.

7. KryptonicsSpongebob 36″ Skateboard


  • Load Capacity: 220 lbs.
  • It has polished aluminum trucks and riser pads.
  • Provides effortless riding.
  • You can keep balance on it well.
  • Good for of 8 years kids to older.

If you are a fan of Spongebob, then this one is perfect for you! Having a Spongebob cartoon graphic on the skateboard will offer you a very smooth ride. This is a 36″ long and 8.75″ wide skateboard. As it is a wide board, the newbies will get an extra advantage.

The skateboard is made of 8-ply maple wood, which is thick and sturdy enough. Having a sturdy construction, it can carry up to 220 pounds. Another great thing is the wheel. The polyurethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings give you fast speed smoothly.

This one is perfect for over 8 years old kids. It has a rounded pin tail which ensures sleek turns easily. It is the best choice for beginners.

  • Comes with stylish design.
  • Durable construction.
  • High-speed skateboard.
  • Not for kids under 6.

8. Kryptonics in-Lay Cruiser 28″ Skateboard 


  • Load Capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Polyurethane wheels with ABEC-3 bearings.
  • Perfect choice for beginners.
  • Can do any tricks with it.
  • Good for over 8 years old children.

Finding a good quality skateboard for beginners? Here comes a durable one from Kryptonics. It is a 28-inch complete skateboard made with 8-ply maple wood.

The board has a single kicktail which helps for easy braking. The cruiser-shaped design helps to do control very quickly and easily. This one is good for 8 years to an aged person.

This board has a beautiful graphic design on it. It has aluminum trucks, riser pads, and the best bearings for a smooth ride. The board can carry 220 pounds. Considering everything, it must be a good option for a newbie.

  • Very much durable.
  • Colourful wheels.
  • Can hold much load.
  • Not for kids under 7 years.

Buying Guide

I have already discussed the best Kryptonics cruiser reviews. Here I will discuss another point – a complete buying guide. Read this part to learn how to choose the best skateboard for you.


The first thing you need to ensure is a highly durable product. For that, check out the material of the deck and trucks.

Besides, ensure all the connections of your board.

Choose Bearings according to your experience

Bearings are another important factor. There are different types of bearings available. If it is for a beginner or intermediate skater, then ABEC 3, 5 will be okay.

I suggest the professional choose bearings rating ABEC 7


There are different sizes available for aboard. If you are a kid or teenager, then get aboard between 26-31 inches.

The beginners must choose a wide size board.


The board design must be classy and attractive. It depends on you. First, understand whether you like the design or not. Then choose one.


Here is another important fact. I always recommend, buy a pre-assembled skateboard. You can never assemble a board like the manufacturers. Besides, it may require additional tools to assemble aboard.

Are you Comfortable with your Skateboard?

This is another important question. If you don’t get it matched with your figure, the skateboard is not appropriate for you. Try to choose a board on which you feel comfortable. Stand on the board and try to position your legs. Hopefully, you will understand whether you are comfortable or not.


You need to consider some other facts, such as the wheel, price, color, bearings, deck design, trucks, etc. Must check them out before buying one.


I include one more part about the most related questions about the skateboard. While searching for the best Kryptonics skateboards, I have got some FAQs. I have gathered them, and now I will show them with proper answer. Don’t miss the questions.

How do I choose between skateboard and longboard?

It depends on the size you want. If you want to use it regularly then skateboard is better. The longboard is bigger in size. If you are going to bomb hill then the longboard is better.

How can I maintain my skateboard?

Always keep your skateboard clean. Try to avoid riding in the rain, sand, and puddles. Replace the brushings within 6 months. Don’t ride on extremely fragile surfaces if you ride in the rain. Then clean and wipe away the water from the board as soon as you reach your destination.

What is the best material for the skateboard deck?

I think 8/9-ply maple wood will be better and more durable.

Kryptonics boards are usually electric skateboards? Will, it ever be made in an electric skateboard form?

Kryptonics skateboards have not yet been made any electrical. If an electric skateboard is made in the future, it must be published on our Skateboard Cave website.

Is Kryptonics a good skateboard brand?

Obviously, they are of the best brands since 1965. They manufacture their boards in the best way possible. They use durable trucks and high-rating wheels. They provide different sizes of boards with different qualities. Today, I have discussed the best Kryptonics skateboards.


After reading this Kryptonics skateboard review, you must gain some knowledge about the best skateboard. I have discussed the 8 best products from Kryptonics with proper features. I have also discussed a buying guide and some FAQs.

Well, read out the features again and try to understand which board meets most of your requirements. So read this Kryptonics skateboard longboard review and get the appropriate board.

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