8 Best Cheap Skate Rails of 2023 –Get Any And Save Some

Skateboarders always love to do stunts and practice them. But most of us don’t have rails nearby. To practice it in the park often becomes a problem as we cannot go there anytime. However, skateboard manufacturers have now launched portable rails that you can use at home. And here, we will introduce you to some of the cheap skate rails.

Skate rails come in different sizes and materials. We choose the best ones from the review of first-hand users. However, there are rails from different price ranges. So, we suggest you go through the reviews briefly to find the suitable one.

8 Cheap Skate Rails You Can Use at Home

People of our community have tried a lot of rails at their homes. We looked for the reviews and now we got the 8 best rails in the cheap price range. Hopefully, you will get the perfect one from the list.

1. FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Grind Rail

FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Grind Rail

Key Features

  • This rail can hold a person of around 300 pounds.
  • The entire rails measure.
  • You can set other FreshPark rails and ramps with it to make a big rail park.
  • It is only 24 pounds in weight and so, you can move it easily from one place to another.
  • The material is weatherproof and comes with multiple configurations.

Our very first recommendation is for them, who are looking for a professional-grade skate rail for both skateboard, BMX bikes, and scooters. FreshPark Professional BMX and Skateboarding Grind Rail can give you a multifunction experience for sure.

The deck rail comes in a very classy look. It is around 9 inches high from the ground And about 71.5 inches long. It comes with very durable material and so, you can use it for years. Additionally, you can ride a board with around a 1-inch wheel on this rail comfortably.

  • Huge weight capacity.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Height adjustment function.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very few users found durability issues.

2. Madd Gear 55 Inches Grind Rail

Madd Gear Grind Rail - 55" Long - Strong Heavy-Duty Materials - Wide And Stable Supports - 3-Step Adjustable Height - Reinforced Interlocking Tubing With Center Lock Pin – Leading Action Sports Brand!

Key Features

  • You can adjust the height of the rail from 17 to 23 cm.
  • Industrial-grade material ensures long-term use.
  • You can install it by yourself following the given manual
  • This best skate rail is only 5 kilograms in weight. Even kids can move it from one place to another very easily.
  • The adjustable height is suitable for both young and adults.
  • You can assemble it with other grind rails to have a bigger one.

You must be familiar with Madd Gear’s rail if you are a skater. However, we cannot avoid products from this popular brand, and here is the first one from it. Madd Gear’s 55 inches grind rail is known to be the most versatile rail for both young and adults. It is durable and quite spacious.

This 55-inch rail comes with a round construction. Heavy-duty steel is used to manufacture this rail. It is suggested for outdoor use and is good for both young and adults. Additionally, it is quite a study, and people of 100 kilograms can easily use it. The installation process is indeed very simple and quick.

  • Comes in a matte black color.
  • Inexpensive to study.
  • Durable construction.
  • Weight capacity is around 100 kilograms.
  • We didn’t find any specific issue with this product.

3. Element Flat Bar

Element Flat Bar

Key Features

  • This cheap grinding rail is around 9 inches high from the ground.
  • The welded steel construction ensures durability and a stable skating experience.
  • You can ride BMX bikes and scooters on it as well.
  • Installation process is very easy and you have to follow the manual only.
  • Both young and adults can enjoy riding on this rail.

Element skateboard introduced us to their high-end flat bar. It is one of the best skate rails and specially designed for beginners and is very compact in size. The rail is also very durable and has a simple outlook. Besides, it provides sufficient space to practice skating.

This cheapskate rail is suitable for both young and adults. It is around 73 inches long. The bit you can fold it to carry. Indeed, it is very lightweight and so, you don’t have to work hard to move it from one place to another. Additionally, it is affordable and very easy to install.

  • Comes in mat black color.
  • Very durable and inexpensive.
  • It grinds perfectly.
  • Quite sturdy and value for money.
  • The T pieces should be a little bit thicker for the rails.

4. Madd Gear Grind Rail

Madd Gear Grind Rail - 99" Long - Strong Heavy-Duty Materials - Wide And Stable Supports - 3-Step Adjustable Height - Reinforced Interlocking Tubing With Center Lock Pin – Leading Action Sports Brand!

Key Features

  • You can adjust the height from 17 to 23 cm from the ground.
  • This cheap skateboarding rail is extremely suitable for beginners.
  • The entire rail means around 251 x 29 x 23cm
  • You will get wide and stable support from it as well.
  • It comes with a reinforced interlocking tube and a center lock pin.
  • You can install it by yourself following the instructions manual.

How about having a heavy-duty huge rail in your backyard? Let’s get to the point here, we are reviewing a professional-like huge rail that you will get at an affordable price. Madd Gear grind rail is the one I am talking about. This is not a rail, just standing on a single pair of legs. Indeed, 2 pairs of stands are here to support it.

The Madd Gear rail is around 99 inches long. Imagine how long you can skate on it on a single shot. However, it has 3 steps of height adjustment and so, you can set the height according to your preference. Besides, it guarantees enough durability to let you use it for years.

  • Suitable for kids of 7 years and more.
  • Adults can use it too.
  • Durable material and cheap price.
  • Carry people of 100kg.
  • It is too long to set in a smaller yard.

5. Mojo Rails Square Grind Rail

Mojo Square Grind Rail, Blue

Key Features

  • You can adjust the height in 4, 8, and 12 inches.
  • Both young and adults can use this rail for practicing.
  • Powder coat finishing body makes the rail smoother.
  • Very durable product and longer than you expect.
  • The entire rail is built with welded steel construction.
  • The rail is around 7.5 ft long so, it will give a long skating stunt experience.

We have another suggestion for a portable and cheap skate rail. Mojo brand launched their square grind rail for the skaters who love to practice at home. This rail comes with a large skating space and a very adjustable height. It is again affordable and serves you for years.

Like most other high-quality grind rails, this one also lets you adjust the height into 3 different sizes. The square tube is also very durable and it comes in 2 inches in width. Besides, you can assemble the entire rail with the help of another person following the easy instructions given in the manual.

  • Smaller package size.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Only 20 pounds in weight.
  • Dashing blue color rail.
  • Some users found a crack after months of use.

6. Mojo Rails Round Grind Rail

Mojo Round Grind Rail, Blue

Key Features

  • The 7 feet long rail provides sufficient space to skate on it.
  • It is only 68.79 pounds in weight. So, with the help of another person, you can move it easily.
  • The tube is round and around 1 ⁷/⁸ inch in width.
  • Powder coat finishing surface will make it smooth and plain.
  • It is very easy to assemble and the process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Basically, the Mojo brand launches varieties of grind rails. You have already learned about their square rails and now is the time to get introduced to the round one. Just like the square one, this round one is also very minimalist in outlook but quite durable too. Eventually, it is good for both pro and beginning-level skaters.

Because of the welded steel construction, this rail is quite stable. There is even no chance of being bent or having a crack so easily. Additionally, it is easy to move from one place to another. The blue color suits your yard and backyard perfectly.

  • Attractive look.
  • Easy to assemble and move.
  • It’s quite a large tail.
  • Good for both young and adults.
  • Some users had a durability issue.

7. Skate Rail Protable Skate Grind Rail

Skate Rail Protable Skate Grind Rail Adjustable Height Grind Rail for Skateboard Rail Tricks Practice Smooth Grind Rail

Key Features

  • The entire package includes 2 grind rails, 2 rail connectors, 2 black plugs, a rubber pad, big size bolts, small size bolts, a support base, and an instruction manual.
  • You can adjust it to three different heights: 9.8’’,12.6’’, and 15.4’’.
  • The entire rail is only 24 pounds in weight and so, it is very easy to carry.
  • You can give it a shape like an ellipse. It will give you enough space to practice.
  • The rail is built with high-tensile steel. Eventually, the surface is treated with baking paint for smoothness.

If you are looking for a durable and adjustable rail to practice skating at home, maybe this one will be a good option as well. Skate Rail Protable Skate Grind Rail is definitely a popular product for safe skating stats. As it is a very strong rail, there is no chance to break it while skating.

The best part of this rail is its super adjusting feature. When you will carry it, it will be no more than 30 inches. So, you can move it anywhere anytime. However, the rail will be around 60 inches long, so it will provide you with enough space for skating.

  • Very easy to move.
  • Quick assemble system.
  • 3 different height adjustments.
  • Warranty and 90 days refund policy.
  • We didn’t find any serious issues with this product.

8. Nitro Circus Grind Rail

Nitro Circus Grind Rail

Key Features

  • The rail comes with perfect size measurements and it takes only 5 minutes to assemble.
  • From kids of 8 years to adults, everyone can comfortably use it.
  • It is also suitable to sit at home.
  • Skateboarders, stunt scooters, and Aggressive In-Line Skaters can use this multipurpose rail comfortably.
  • You can customize the height setting in 7″, 8.5″, or 12″.
  • The complete package is around 10.30 kilograms.

We are here in the final recommendation and it is from Nitro Citrus. Well, Nitro Circus Grind Rail comes with a very durable material that will ensure you a safe skating experience. Besides, the whole thing is ready to use. So, you can simply get it out of the pack and use it to skate on it.

The large Nitro Circus Stunt Grind Rail comes with a zinc-plated material. It initially measures around 71.5 inches in length. On the other hand, the grind rail platform has dimensions of around 23.5 inches. Width and 11.5 inches in depth. Not just the skateboards, you can ride a BMX bike and scooters on it.

  • Multipurpose rail and good for all ages.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • High customization option.
  • Good for all ages and any level of skaters.
  • The rail is a little bit higher for beginners.

Buying Guide

Before you buy a skate rail, you should consider some basic factors. Otherwise, you can end up buying the wrong rail for sure. We have made a list of facts that you should check before you buy one. Don’t forget to check the list below.


Skate ras can be of different sizes. You can simply choose one of any size. But there is a fact you have to consider here. Check out the place where you will set it up. And ensure that the rail will fit the place perfectly.


Always try to find a rail with durable material. If it has come with poor quality material, it can break from the middle part and an accident can take place anytime. Welded steel is the best material for a skate rail.


Make sure the build quality and the construction of the rail are of super quality. The beat skateboarding rails brands never consider the construction. Always remember that poor construction provides no durability and sturdiness.


Check the entire package of the rails properly. If there is any missing part, you cannot probably install it that easily. You have to then buy the missing part from the hardware store.

Weight Capacity

Don’t forget to check the weight capacity of the rail. Some poor quality rails don’t mention the weight capacity and as a result break in the first attempt to use it. So, make sure, the rails can hold you perfectly.


You should always choose a rail that is easy to install. Some rails require special tools to install. If you don’t have the tools at home, you shouldn’t go for it. Otherwise, you have to hire a hardware mechanic every time you move it or pack it.


How much do skate rails cost?

A skate rail costs around $30 to $50 in around. You will buy it from any local sports shop or from the online marketplace.

How much does it cost to build a skate rail?

It will cost around $25 to $50 to build a skate rail. You can build it from the local hardware shop or just do it with the help of your friends. For that, you will need a welding machine and the materials.

How tall should a skate rail be?

Skate rails can be of different heights. Generally, they are from 17 to 23 cm in height. But there are professional skate rails that are taller than that one. Only professional skaters use them. For beginners, 9 inches is the standard size.

Do skaters use rails?

Yes skaters use rails at home and in the park to practice skating and stunts. Both beginners and pro skaters use rails. Basically, rails let the skaters skate on the thin rods. So, they become confident and experienced with it. There are portable rails available on the market that skaters can set up at their homes for practice.


So, you have learned about the 8 cheap skate rails you can use at home. You must check that all the rails are very durable and with standard sizes. Among all the products, our personal suggestions will be one from Modd Gear brands or the first one on the list. These rails are with good material and excellent build quality.

Here, we come to the end. So, let us know which one you have chosen and how it works. We will wait for your response. Thank you.

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