Best Boardless Skateboard Review – One Product Beats All

Are you one of those people who want to try some different style skateboards? Then we welcome you today in our article because we’re going to talk about boardless skateboard!

Yes, today’s topic is about boardless skateboard reviews and information related to boardless skateboards. 

Now many of you may ponder, what is a boardless skateboard or how can a skateboard be boardless? To answer your question, boardless skateboards are kind of orbital wheels which is a new technique for skateboard or inline skates. The concept of this skateboard is, for two feet, there will be two individual wheels. Interesting, right?

We still have some reviews of the best boardless skateboard plus buying guide and some common questions from customers. So, if you’re already interested, we’ll suggest you spare some of your time and have a ride with us! 

Inventist Inc. Boardless Skateboard - Black/White

Investinst Inc. Boardless Skateboard- Black/White

From when boardless skateboards came into existence the Investist is one of the reliable and most prominent brands. Since then, this brand has satisfied the customer and improved the components. Infused with multiple alluring and impressive features, this skateboard is perfect for those who are already skateboard experts. 

The orbit wheels are lightweight, easy to handle, you can keep the balance on it properly and it’s self-propelled transportation. All you have to do is, put your feet inside the two orbitals and you’re good to go with the natural wave.

There will be no necessity for batteries or motors to charge or operate this fantastic radical skateboard. These two orbitals can rotate sideways around your feet and those turns are super smooth & flexible. Not only on concrete surfaces, if you’re experienced enough, but you can also even have a ride on it on short-grass grounds.

Key Features 

  • Design: This one is small in size and compact in design. While not being used, you can even store it in a small place. While going outside, it’s very small and perfect to carry around the distance with ease. 
  • Materials: The orbitals are made of very high-grade materials which ensure to keep the orbitals durable for years. 
  • Max Weight Capacity: Children or adults who weigh up to 250lbs(113 kilograms) can easily have a  ride on it. Good news for heavy riders!
  • Recommended Age: Manufacturers warned that these orbital wheels are suitable for kids over 10 years old. So, be careful while giving it to your little champ.
  • Technology: This orbital skateboard has OrbitalWheel Wave Propulsion Technique that gives a natural wave-like motion. So, unlike the random skateboards, you don’t need to push them from the ground. The pushing will be automatic. 
  • Left & Right Position: The wheels are split and individual. So, on the drift skate plate, there is a marking of ‘L’ for the left foot and ‘R’ for the right foot. So, please be careful while stepping on the wheels. 
  • Portability: As the wheels are just 3lbs, you can carry it anywhere at any distance. The small size with light weight makes it effortless to carry it around.

Inventist Inc. Boardless Skateboard - Black/White

What We Like
  • There is no need to push the boards continuously like ordinary boards.
  • The wheels are super compact and lightweight to carry.
  • Natural wave technology makes riding on this board smoother and more flexible.
  • It’s perfect to use on flat surfaces or small grass parks.
What We Don’t Like
  • It’s not safe for kids under 10 years old.
  • It’s tough for the newbie riders to grasp the balance and the new experience.

Why does this Product Stand Out?

Isn’t it obvious that this product will stand out superiorly among the other Boardless skateboard Amazon? It has all the amazing features with a classic stunning look.

It allows you to move your feet independently and allows you to have the freedom of skating. It’s a fantastic gift for teenagers or kids and they love it. However, with quality, features,s or look, this product is incomparable and is one of the best boardless skateboards. 

Inventist Inc. Boardless Skateboard - Black/White


How do you use a boardless skateboard? 

Just step inside the two wheels. Check the left and right feet mark. Then, put your feet like the middle part of the feet will be in the middle part of the wheels. By this, there will be complete balance and you won’t slip out. As it moves with natural wave motion, it’ll move automatically. 

Are boardless skateboards electric? 

Not all the orbital or boardless skateboards are electric. Some can be operated by phone app or some can be controlled by led. Some have no battery or no motor system. Those are self-propelled. 

How to choose orbit wheels?

Choosing the orbit wheels isn’t always easy like we think. Actually there are different types of products available in the market that create confusion among us. 

So, before purchasing the orbital wheel skateboard, you should be careful about some features. Here we’re showing a few tips that might comemin help while choosing the most appropriate one for you.

1. Functions: Read the descriptions carefully before purchasing the product. See if those qualities or features are favorable to you or your kids. 

2. Design: You should prefer designs that are compact, portable, easily storable, and lightweight. So, maneuvering it’ll be easy. 

3. Installing Process: Installing orbital skateboards is easy & quick. So, read the instruction manual carefully before handling it.

Inventist Inc. Boardless Skateboard - Black/White

Final Verdict

Now that’s a wrap! To sum up the article, boardless skateboards are popular now gaining a lot of attention. Young generations nowadays tend to practice on these orbital wheels in their leisure time. It’s a more challenging and new experience for them. We want our readers to get the best boardless skateboard for their fun time. We hope this article helped you to learn about your interest. Have a happy riding time!

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