Top 8 Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews: Best Tips for Every Skater

If you are a skateboarder, you understand how important having the right set-up gear for your ride is. You will need highly dependable parts from the deck and trucks to the best skateboard bearings to have a great board.

In this post, we have chosen to round up some of the best skate bearings so that you don’t waste time doing it alone.

Why This Post

We recommend this post since we did conclusive research, compared over 50 top-rated products, and, more importantly, prepared the most straightforward buyer’s guide to lead you through the choices that you will end up with.

#1. Spruce ABEC-9/ABEC-11 High Speed Skateboard Bearing

Top in the list of our best skateboard bearings is the Spruce ABEC-9/ABEC-11 High-Speed Skateboard Bearing.

These bearings have so many cool features that will make them a classic for your personal skateboard setup.

The bearings enjoy an ABEC rating of 11. They are made of high carbon steel and are exceedingly durable and tough for any demanding rides.

The bearings are also fitted with a colourful dust cover that gives them a cool aesthetic touch. Indeed choosing these bearings is fantastic as there are plenty of colours to settle for, and you could go for your favourite.

More importantly, the bearings have been created using the highest level of precision manufacturing technology.

They are therefore very reliable and quite of a performer. Because of this, these bearings also have unmatched smoothness in their spin.

You won’t have to lose a dime when you buy this set of bearings, as one set has a pack of 16 skateboard bearings. Roller skating and longboard bearings will also double up.

Even better, every bearing that you get in this pack is designed with 7 hard steel balls and caged on a nylon material to enhance durability and smoothness.

They are pre-lubricated and super ideal for downhill luge skating. So if you are looking to replace your bearings, choose this set of the best skate bearings to go with.

  • ABEC rating of 11
  • Fitted with a colorful dust cover
  • Created using the highest level of precision
  • Pack of 16 skateboard bearings
  • 7 hard steel balls
  • Ideal for downhill luge skating
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Need smart care to last

#2. Bones Roller Best Bones Bearings for Skateboards

Next in our best bearings for skateboards reviews is the Bones Roller Best Bones Bearings for Skateboards.

Like the brand above it, this one also comes with some of the very best features that any skateboarder can think of in a top-rated set of bearings.

For starters, this set of skateboard bearings is highly affordable. It also comes in a pack of 16 and has cool bearings that measure 8mm.

The bearings are well lubricated with a recommended speed cream and offer one of the best skate rated clearances,

They are also known to provide high-level tolerances and longer rides even in the most rugged terrains.

Nonetheless, the bearings have been made out of bones and enjoy one of the best performances and durability.

To maximize your enjoyment, these sets of bearings have been given proper seals and a high resistance that minimizes damage under the heaviest loads.

While the black seals provide the needed protection for things like dirt, rocks, dust, and sand, the high-quality precision provides these bearings with a unique performance.

These skateboard bearings will work with every type of skateboard and can, therefore, be used to replace worn skateboard bearings without a shred of worry.

They provide 100% satisfaction and a wear-proof touch that you can always rely on when skating.

  • Pack of 16
  • Measure 8mm
  • Well lubricated with a recommended speed cream
  • High-level tolerances
  • Longer Rides
  • Proper seals and a high resistance
  • Black seals
  • 100% satisfaction and a wear-proof touch
  • No warranty

#3. Skitch Pro Premium Long Spin ABEC 9 Skateboard Bearings Set

Made of chrome steel, Skitch Pro Premium Long Spin ABEC 9 Skateboard Bearings Set is another one of the best roller skate bearings that you can buy any time.

The bearings are made of chrome steel which gives them an awesome wear-proof touch. They are the latest entrant in the market and offer some of the newest designs with beastly precision.

The bearings come readily lubricated with the speed oil too. This means that once you buy this set of bearings, you will experience one of the longest spin times that only the top-rated bearings can provide.

The set comes with 8 bearings, 8-speed ring washers, and 4 spacers. It is compact and pretty easy to carry in a small case.

For pro buyers, the fact that these bearings enjoy a 608RS ABEC 9 precision touch in a durable nylon retainer means you will definitely get high performance.

It is time to experience an epic speed bearing set that will provide you with the boost you have been yearning for in your skateboard, mini-cruiser, inline skate longboard, kick scooter, and roller skate wheels.

The bonus carry case is also a plus for skaters who love to hit the road often to maximize the fun they will have with their loved ones.

  • Made of chrome steel
  • Wear-proof touch
  • Readily lubricated with the speed oil
  • Longest spin times
  • 8 bearings, 8-speed ring washers, and 4 spacers
  • 608RS ABEC 9 precision touch
  • Epic speed bearing set
  • The slightly lower ABEC rating

#4. Bronson Speed Co Next Gen Skateboard Bearings

Like Bones and other bearings that we have seen, Bronson Speed Co Next Gen Skateboard Bearings is no different. It is one of the best inline skate bearings that you can find today and a set of bearings that will give you the right touch.

This set of bearings come with deep groove raceways balls that roll deep in the raceway channels to reduce the side impact damage and even breakage that many skateboard bearings often get with time.

The bearings also enjoy a straight edge and frictionless shield with a pop-off resistant touch to keep the speed oil from leaking.

More importantly, the speed oil used to lubricate this set of bearings is a high-quality oil and works well with the pop-off resistance shield to easily keep dirt, pebbles, dust, and moisture out of the whole setup.

In addition to that, these bearings also enjoy micro groove raceway surfaces with a linear touch that boosts the smoothness of your ride and, in turn, maximizes the speed and overall spin of the bearings.

Thanks to the max impact design of the cage, you will also enjoy the top speeds in no time with the best oil circulation.

The “Balls Out Technology” also helps to eliminate any contact between the shield and cage so that you maximize the smooth-riding experience all the way through.

  • Deep groove raceways balls
  • Pop off resistant touch
  • Straight edge and frictionless shield
  • Boosts the smoothness of your ride
  • Not ideal for very rugged terrains

#5. Heady Shake Fastest Premium 608rs Titanium Pro Skateboard Bearings

Set up in a pack of 8 high-quality skateboard bearings, these best ball bearings will actually give you the top-rated skateboarding experience that you need.

The Heady Shake Fastest Premium 608rs Titanium Pro Skateboard Bearings will give you an ultra-smooth and super-fast touch that most top rated designs are made of.

They come readily pre-lubricated with top-rated speed lubricant, making them one of the fastest and smoothest bearings you can get today.

They enjoy unmatched precision technology and offer a quiet rotation and high speed spinning for the smoothest rides.

More importantly, they provide a long-lasting sense of durability thanks to the Fastest Premium 608rs Titanium, giving them the much-needed efficiency on rides.

Indeed, these sets of top-quality bearings are super flexible and can be easily used for several skating designs, including longboards, skateboards, kick scooters, inline skates, and roller skates.

My advice is if you want to boast sleek and skater-friendly designs set of bearings, this pack of 8 professional-grade bearings and 4 skateboard spacers will work pretty well.

They come with a waterproof sticker and are backed up with superior craftsmanship and high-end reliability too. The bearings offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don’t get impressed too.

  • Pre-lubricated with top rated speed lubricant
  • Ultra-smooth and super-fast touch
  • Offer a quiet rotation
  • High-speed spinning
  • Fastest Premium 608rs Titanium
  • Super flexible
  • Come with a waterproof sticker
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • The lower number of bearings in a pac

#6. Oust MOC Skateboard Bearings

Known as one of the fastest skateboard bearings today, Oust MOC Skateboard Bearings will indeed make one of the best additions to your skating gears.

They are not only the fastest skateboard bearings around but are also recognized for being one of the most rugged designs that you can get today.

The bearings enjoy a high-end ABEC-9/ABEC-11 rating which makes it a speed demon for any level of riding.

These bearings are the game’s classics and come with high carbon steel for an added sense of durability, especially for the toughest and most demanding riders.

The bearings are fitted with some of the most resilient dust covers that give them the best protection from dust, dirt, and moisture.

With these dust covers, the speed lubricant used on the bearings is also protected from leakage, thus giving the bearings a unique touch or riding.

Even better, these bearings have been designed using one of the highest levels of precision manufacturing technology.

They are therefore very reliable and quite of a performer. Because of this, these bearings also have unmatched smoothness in their spin.

They come in a pack of 8 skateboard bearings and can easily support other skating disciplines, including longboarding, inline skating, and roller skating.

You can always rely on a pack of these hard steel balls caged with top-rated nylon material to enhance the sense of durability and smoothness easily.

  • High-end ABEC-9/ABEC-11 rating
  • High carbon steel for an added sense of durability
  • Resilient dust covers
  • Highest levels of precision
  • Pack of 8 skateboard bearings
  • Hard steel balls
  • Shallow user manual

#7. Fireball Dragon Precision Skateboard Inline Skates Bearings

Fireball Dragon Precision Skateboard Inline Skates Bearings are insanely affordable. And apart from that, they are also one of the best ceramic skateboard bearings that will match up to any use you need them for.

Many skaters love this set of bearings because they are super light and have used top quality speed lubricant to provide a smooth and fast ride.

This high speed and heavier grease that’s usually applied in bearings maximize longevity and endurance.

Nonetheless, it is also because of these bearings’ dual labyrinth shields that make them a set to die for. The shield maximizes performance and easily helps these bearings to keep off dust, dirt, and moisture.

They also enjoy a top-rated precision fitment that makes them ideal for every type of board you might choose to go with.

Their bearing size measures 22mm on the outer diameter, 7mm on the width, and8mm on the inner diameter/axle.

The bearings are also a 608 design fitted for all types of rides, including downhill luge skating and cruising.

In fact, the Fireball Dragon bearings are also backed with the Fireball Beast Guarantee that promises its users a 100% satisfaction or 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Provide a smooth and fast ride
  • Super light
  • Dual labyrinth shields
  • 608 design
  • Downhill luge skating
  • 100% money back guarante
  • Takes a little longer to fix

#8. Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings (16 Pack)

Finally, Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings (16 Pack) wraps up our best skateboard bearings reviews.

With over 20 years in the skateboard bearing industry, Bones have developed some of the best technologies to amp the sporting gear.

For the Swiss, Bones uses one of the best speed cream lubricants to provide this set of bearings with the highest performances ever.

The set comprises a pack of 16 high-quality bearings and will indeed leave you with an epic ride through town.

The skateboard bearings are highly affordable and provide users with high-end, cool bearings that measure 8mm each.

They are known to provide the best tolerances and even better longer rides under any terrain.

The bearings are made out of bones and are extremely durable, and you can rest assured that you will eventually get the value for your money.

These bearings have proper seals that provide high resistance and minimize damage under dirt, dust, moisture, and the heaviest loads to maximise the thrill.

These seals provide the bearings with a high-quality precision and, more importantly, a unique performance.

They work with every type of skateboarding deck and can also be used for inline skates, longboards, and skateboard.

Thanks to the high-quality materials used to design these bearings, they are wear-proof and top performers.

  • Best speed cream lubricants
  • 16 high-quality bearings
  • Highly affordable
  • Best tolerances
  • Longer rides under any type of terrain.
  • Extremely durable
  • Proper seals
  • Used for inline skates, longboards, and skateboard
  • Best for the pro riders

Best Ball Bearings for Skateboard: Buying Tips

Whether you are buying the best inline skate bearings or simply the top-rated bearings for your skateboard, these tips that I am going to give you will help you to settle for the very best and a set that can satisfy your needs.


Know the price of the bearings and compare them with your budget. There is usually no need to spend so much. With a good browsing touch, you can always get the best roller skate bearings for some of the best bargains.

To keep the price at an all-time low and to make sure that you actually end up with a great deal, we suggest looking at offers, price discounts, warranties and additional features, among many other things.


The ABEC ratings are used to point at some of the best bearings for your skateboard. A rating of 11 is superior and will give you some of the best aspects of using your set of bearings. It is therefore very important to keep the ratings in mind when you settle for your choice.


Going with reviews from previous users also gives you a clear cut pointer of your experience with the type of bearings you buy. That’s why it is usually advisable to look at feedback in online stores and expert reviews such as what we have given you here.


The fastest skateboard bearings that have been fused with a carbon touch are tough. They will withstand rugged terrains and leave you with the best thrills. The same can be said of steel alloy bearings and the best ceramic skateboard bearings. Quality is often the way to durable skating gear.


If you buy bearings that have seals, the performance will be awesome. You will be able to keep dust, dirt, moisture, and sand away. You will also prevent the speed lubricant from spilling out and damaging your bearings.


Different seals on your skateboard bearings will come with a colourful touch. It could be blue, red, yellow, or any other colour for that matter. These colours are usually stylish and quite attractive too.


The bearing size is also an important consideration. Technically, getting bearings that come with the right size is what guarantees the best experience. A 22mm on the outer diameter, 7mm on the width, and 8mm on the inner diameter/axle is the standard size for bearings.

Best Skate Bearings: FAQs

What are the Best Skateboard Bearings?

The best skateboard bearings will depend on several things, more importantly, your needs. If a skateboard bearing meets your need at the point where you want them to, then most definitely, they are the best.

However, if told to choose between brands and going with personal experience, I would recommend the Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings (16 Pack).

Bones is just on point with over 20 years in the industry and some of the most practical bearing designs and technologies.

It also offers a high number of top-quality bearings at the most affordable pricing. And above all these, the bearings are tailored to maximize performance and, ideally, results.

Bones Swiss lasts several times longer than many ordinary bearings and is Pre-lubricated using a top-quality Speed Cream.

How Can I Buy Online?

If you want to buy your best bearings for skateboards online, I suggest reading the best reviews first so that you get a grip on what type of bearings you’d want to go with. Next, you should choose the store that you need through the product review link and, once inside, compare the prices and features before buying.

Must I Buy a Pack?

Well, that’s just it. These bearings are never sold out individually. The prices are tailored for the set, and that’s how they go.

Must I Buy Online?

Not necessarily. Nonetheless, buying your best roller skate bearings online is better as the price is often affordable, and your package is normally shipped straight to your doorstep. More importantly, you get various products to browse through without moving up the exhaustive sweaty streets.

Why Must Bearings Have Seals?

Seals help your bearings keep dust, sand, and dirt from the bearings and the speed oil. This action is vital if you need your bearings to last and at the same time provide you with a smooth ride too.


Buying the best ceramic skateboard bearings or whichever bearings you choose for your skateboard is really brainy. Nonetheless, you need to equip yourself with the very best tips for the process.

Reading the best skate bearings reviews, such as what we have given you here, will be a great way to hit the road. However, it would help if you were practically sure that your board is in good condition too. Most accidents that come from fixing new bearings on skateboards often come as a result of too much speed beyond the border’s control or simply because the board was worn-out too.

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