The Ultimate Guide To Best Santa Cruz Longboards Reviews

When it’s time to buy a skateboard, you must be confused to see so many options in front of you. So, I set up today’s article with one of the ancient skateboard companies named Santa Cruz. This company was founded by 3 expert people in 1970 in Santa Cruz, California.

Since then until now 2021, this company is watching the developments and changes of skateboards. They made their place prominent in this skateboarding world. However, Santa Cruz also has many types of skateboards. To favor customers necessary, choices, prices, and feedbacks, I arranged the Santa Cruz lion god longboard review. You can also check more details through the product link reading this best Santa Cruz longboards reviews.

1. Santa Cruz Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skateboard

Specialty: Newbie’s Choice.

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skate Boards, 8.8 x 27.7-Inch

Key Features

  • Size: 27.7″ (Length) x 8.8(Width)
  • Wheelbase: 16.5 inches.
  • This board has 4.3 inches kicktail and 2.7 inches nose.
  • With Bullet B137 trucks, it has ABEC 5 bearings.
  • At the bottom of the deck, it comes with a bottle opener.

With professional design and extraordinary features, presenting my first product from Santa Cruz. From beginners to professionals, this skateboard is tested and guaranteed. This skateboard will provide excellent rides with its excellent features.

The construction and graphic design of this skateboard are really beautiful and attractive. It has a clear spray on the board so the graphic design won’t wear out easily. Beginnings will experience the best feeling of riding on a skateboard by this one.

The Rasta-styled color and versatile graphic design with the smart logo make this board outstanding. The board is made of 7-ply sturdy maple wood with a wider space. Translucent green 65mm Road Rider wheels make this board more beautiful and useful.

  • Very lightweight.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Suitable for beginners to professionals.
  • The bearings are average.

2. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand White Complete Skateboard

Specialty: Super Speedy

Santa Cruz Hand Mini Complete Skateboard,Yellow,7.75in x 30.00in

Key Features

  • Dimension: 38.58″ (Length) x 10.71″ (Width)
  • Weight: 1.35 kg.
  • Made with cold-pressed deck with 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood.
  • The graphic design is processed with a heat-transfer system.
  • It has sturdy, durable, and powerful trucks and bearings.

Taking inspiration from 90s style this skateboard is designed. You can say this one is the signature pattern or design of Santa Cruz. A howling hand with versatile graphics or colors.

It has a body of 32 inches long, so especially rookie players will find it more comfortable to ride with this board. From the street, playgrounds to park or anywhere you can ride this one.

The board has a 7-layer of Canadian Maple wood and it’s cold-pressed. The signature graphics of this board is heat-transferred so it looks always new and gorgeous even after using it for a long time.

  • Quite affordable.
  • Love of rookie players.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Some people may not like graphic design.

3. Santa Cruz Impact Drop Down Skateboard

Specialty: Inexpensive one.

Santa Cruz Impact Drop Down Cruzer Complete Skateboard, Assorted, 40in L x 10in W

Key Features

  • Size: 40″(Length) x 10″(Width)
  • Weight: 2.28 kg.
  • It is made of sturdy 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood.
  • Wheel Size: 52mm, 90a OJ wheels.
  • Truck: 130 mm bullet truck.
  • The soft 90A wheels make it easier to balance and support on rusty surfaces.

With classic black color and vibrant graphic design, this one is simple and useful. For those who want a fresh riding start with a simple affordable skateboard, this one is ideal. This one doesn’t scream with a smart and cool design.

The yellow highlighted graphic design on the black deck looks amazing. The rough texture on the deck makes perfect traction between the shoes and the surface. The wider and longer size helps to keep balance riders and makes it easy to perform numerous tricks.

As I mentioned before, it has a wider surface, so riders can learn the tricks very fast by keeping better balance. Many skateboard surfaces are quite slippery, so rookies faces problem with those, but this board’s texture is perfect for learners.

  • Highly durable.
  • Attractive design.
  • Larger size than other skateboards.
  • Average bearings.

4. Santa Cruz Skate Flying Eye Drop Down Cruzer Skateboard

Specialty: Giant Deck

Santa Cruz Skate Flying Eye Drop Down Cruzer Skateboard (10 x 40-Inch)

Key features

  • Fully assembled.
  • The deck is made of North American Maple.
  • Suitable for freeride and downhill adventure
  • Product Size: 9.5 x 39.72 inches
  • Comes with Thunderjuice speedy wheels.

Meet with another fabulous product. This longboard is made of hard maple which makes it perfect for freeride and downhill adventures. Its source performance and high-quality design make it suitable for riding in both places.

Another good thing is the board comes with Thunder Juice 78A wheels. It ensures great speed and smooth riding. Moreover, road riding 180 trucks is more effective for skating.

This lightweight board features a 9.5″ wide x 39.75″ long custom-designed. It is completely assembled and ready for the ride outside. It is especially perfect for those who like serious rides.

  • Budget-friendly Santa Cruz Longboard.
  • Highly durable longboard
  • Speedy board
  • They are mainly Cruzer, not a longboard.

5. Santa Cruz Longboard Complete Flame Dot Drop Down Red 10.0″ x 40″

Specialty: Beginner’s Choice

Santa Cruz Longboard Complete Flame Dot Drop Down Red 10.0" x 40"

Key features

  • Deck Size(Inches): 10.0” x 40”
  • Item dimension: 11.81 x 7.87 x 51.18 inches.
  • Available in 2 colors: black or red
  • Wheels: 66mm Road Rider 78a wheels
  • Others: Clear spray-on grip, Strong and affordable

If you are a beginner as a rider, then Santa Cruz Longboard will be great and safe for you. Also, it would be great for experienced riders who are looking for solid downhill longboards. So if you want to enjoy cruising then this longboard is perfect for you.

The Fireball Tinder wheels are 78A/66mm and provide a smooth and stable ride. Being grippy and smooth the beginner gets extra benefits using the longboard.

The ABEC-3 bearings are used in this longboard. The board looks so stylish and there are 2 colors available. So, this product must be a good option for you.

  • The beginners get extra advantages having this longboard.
  • It’s an ultra-lightweight longboard.
  • The truck may not be too durable.

6. Santa Cruz Longboard Complete Time Warp Drop

Specialty: Wheel Master

Santa Cruz Longboard Complete Time Warp Drop Through Black 9.0" x 36"

Key features

  • Deck Size(Inches): 9.0″ x 36″.
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Dimension of Wheels: 65mm Road Rider 78a wheels
  • Bearings:  ABEC 3 bearings,
  • Trucks: Road Rider 180 trucks.
  • Others: Sand spray grip, Strong and affordable

This is another skateboard with many features that are perfect for beginners. The Fireball Tinder wheels are 78A/66mm and provide a smooth and stable ride.

When you are skating downhill at high speed you won’t get speed wobble. Besides, the smith brushing ensures speedy and smooth riding.

The board is capable of providing safe rides for beginners. So if you are a beginner and want to ride safely, or want a sturdy downhill longboard that will enhance your experience then you can choose this longboard.  So, place your order today for these excellent Santa Cruz longboards.

  • Sturdy longboard.
  • The wheels are not too speedy but smooth and grippy.
  • Stylish and cheap product.
  • The bearing rating could be better such as ABEC-7/9

Buying Guide for the Cheap Santa Cruz Longboards

You must keep some basic knowledge about the Santa Cruz skateboard before buying one. Some features are mandatory to check out before choosing the ideal one.

Under one single brand Santa Cruz, you will find versatile-styled skateboards. So, with your preference and these basic features shop your ideal skateboard. Those features are given below-

1. Skateboard Size

Speaking of size, I meant length and width. If you are a newbie rider, it will be better to choose one with a larger size. Professional riders mainly prefer medium or small-sized skateboards. It also depends on what kind of tricks you want to be mastered.

Plus, keep in mind the age of the user for whom you want to buy this skateboard. For children, toddlers teens s and adults, the size varies. Like for children you should choose 6.5″ width and 31″ length boards. For toddlers and teens, it is ideal 7.5″ width and 31″ length. Lastly, for adults, the width can be up to 7.5″ and the length can be 35″- 40″.

2. Construction of skateboard

All Santa Cruz brand’s skateboard is amazingly durable and sturdy. You should choose one with good and solid quality that will be durable after a long time. You will find skateboards made of plastic, bamboo, or maple wood. Choose one which you think ideal for you. As, Santa Cruz ruled in the skateboard world for a long period, so the quality must be convincing.

3. Skateboard Trucks

Trucks mainly depend on the rider’s favor and weight. It will be great if you don’t set your truck in a super tight way. It will affect your riding skill if you are a newbie rider. Anyways, if you have any doubt about the truck setting ask the skate shop what to do.

4. Skateboard Wheels

The all-wheel qualities of Santa Cruz are splendid. With the perfect width and durometer of the board, riders will be comfortable and experience the best riding feeling. For customer information, I want to add that the range will be between 50mm and 54mm plus the durometer will be 90A to 99A.

5. Design and colors

The structure, graphic design, and outlook play a vital role in choosing a skateboard. Santa Cruz always makes extraordinary designs to satisfy and surprise their beloved customers. They have aesthetic designs that can be suitable for unisex, men or women.

6. Overall Price

Pricing is an important fact. The Santa Cruz longboards generally come with a price of $120+. You may find some products over $250. I never suggest getting such products. Check out our product list and surely you will get a complete idea about the price of quality longboards.


Are Santa Cruz longboards good?

If you can choose a good product, then surely you will find them good. Such boards are more likely to be soft and grippy. Moreover, they are good for handling debris. But still, I don’t think they will perform like a professional high-quality board.

To get such performance, you must have to upgrade your board. It can be the bearing or the wheels or other components.

How much does a Santa Cruz longboard cost?

A Santa Cruz longboard costs generally $120-150. This is not the exact price. You can get one at a higher or lower price. I have already discussed 6 products in a medium price range. You can check them for details and other features. You can also check Santa Cruz Landshark reviews and Santacruz longboards for sale posts to get cheap longboards.

Are Santa Cruz longboards good for beginners?

Santa Cruz longboards are not much like the extra-professional board. So, the beginners must get extra advantages using a Santa Cruz longboard. It provides more balance and less speed to learn quickly.

However, not every Santa Cruz board will be a good option for beginners. You must be aware of several facts before buying a longboard.

What is the best cheap longboard?

There are lots of options for you. But before getting a cheap board you have to consider twice. Bcz the cheap boards are more like to be unauthentic.

I have already discussed 6 products. Among them, Santa Cruz Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skateboard is one of the cheapest and high-quality products.


The article is all about the best Santa Cruz longboards reviews. We have researched well and tried to find 10 products. However, our specialist team didn’t find many products and chosen 6 products. I have completely discussed the detail of the Santa Cruz longboards.

We have also added apart with a complete guide and another with the FAQs. Must check out the parts and surely you will find them useful. So, it’s time for you to choose the best board. Hopefully, you will get this Santa Cruz skateboard review content helpful. Thanks for staying with us.

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