Top 10 Best Longboard for Beginners in 2022 (Special guide for beginner)

The best beginner’s longboards are tricky to find especially if you are going to have to shop around alone when you don’t even have the right type of experience. Thanks to the many designs and brands that we have out there today.

Why Our Post

Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we offer you with well-researched best longboard for beginner’s reviews and provide you with an additional buying guide to make it work.

We have looked through numerous reviews, talked to pro skaters, analyzed user feedbacks, and more importantly, compared these products with each other. Enjoy!

Here are our top 3 picks

Yocaher Stained Drop Down Speed Longboard

This longboard is a unique one considering the overall features. The board may look simple but all the components of the boards are highly durable. It is made of 9-ply durable maple wood.

The Q-ball wheels of the boards ensure easy handling and gripping. ABEC-7 bearings ensure great speed. So, considering all the features, the board must the one of the best rated longboards.

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APOLLO Longboard for Beginners, Kids, Teens, and Adults

Here the second-best long skateboard on our list is this one. The board is best considering the beginner level. The board is very easy to ride especially, for learning skateboarding. The board also comes with a great load capacity (220 pounds).

Also for getting a high-speed ride this longboard must be a good option. Again, the length and width of the board are perfect.

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VOLADOR 42inch Drop Through Deck Longboard

This board has taken 3rd place considering the construction and high-speed wheels. The board is made of 8-ply hard rock maple wood. Another great thing is the adjustable kingpin truck. You can adjust it to 45-50 degrees.

 Also, by getting the ABEC-9 bearings you will get a smooth ride. Finally, looking at the stylish design, this longboard must be a catchy one

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#1. Atom 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard

Key Features

  • Atom logo
  • 7.5-pound weight
  • 41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches in dimensions
  • Reverse King Pin (RKP) technology
  • Green and purple color
  • Layered maple wood

Get introduced with the best beginners longboard with an awesome and unique design is the Atom 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard.

This best drop through longboardcomes with a stylish pattern that any newbie rider will get blown away with. It is unique and enjoys a classic green touch to its wheels that you will never walk past.

The wheels are also easy to replace and you can always fix new set whenever you choose to. Much notably is the board’s super lightweight that sits at just about 7.5 pounds.

The weight is super cool for riders who love to tag their longboards along and will work best with the board’s size which measures 41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches in overall dimensions.

Nonetheless, the one thing that any user will find to be super cool about this board is its ultra-low-riding touch that maximizes stability and ensures that you get the best longboard for downhill carving.

Even so, the board has been designed to enjoy super cool ease of pushing and will leave you with the top speeds in no time.

Personally, I love the board’s unique perimeter shape that gives it 9.6 inches of leverage when it comes to making every turn.

This unique perimeter is also good at eliminating wheel bite and will provide the board’s full maple top laminate deck with a super cool reverse King Pin (RKP) design.

This board also works with 245-millimeter axles and when bought includes a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Super lightweight
  • Ultra-low-riding touch
  • Ease of pushing
  • Top speeds in no time
  • 9.6 inches of leverage when it comes to making every turn
  • Not best for kids
  • Might be hard to control for the very first users

#2. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Complete Cruiser

Key Features

  • Material: 8 ply Canadian maple wood and bamboo construction.
  • Highly durable 85a PU wheel (70 x 51 mm)
  • 7-inch deck with ZED’s construction.
  • Available reverse kingpin trucks.
  • High speedy ABEC-7 bearings.

This excellent longboard has a deck made from a combination of bamboo and maple wood. This makes it one of the strongest longboards in the market today. Also, it has a kicktail. The 44-inch long deck is creatively designed to give a colorful vintage look. The longboard has 7-inch aluminum trucks which are rugged as well as lightweight. Moreover, it gives the ability to curve. It is top-rated longboards.

The wheels are durable owing to their rock finish. They are 70 by 51 mm 85a PU. The smooth and reactive reverse kingpin trucks come with a high precision ABEC-7 bearing and a black cast PU bushing 90-a. These properties offer a smooth ride a longboard and stability allowing you to enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in retrospect company boards, you can check out the best 3 retrospec longboard reviews and the best 2 retrospec skateboard reviews.

The longboard is one of the best beginner longboards. Moreover, it can be used by both children and adults in equal measures. Owing to its durable nature, you can use it for a very long time. The best longboard for beginners girl of the present time.

  • Best for beginners but can be used by professionals too
  • Excellent for all ages
  • Highly stable
  • Has both carving and cruising capabilities
  • Friendly price
  • Carry up to 200lbs
  • Offers smooth ridding, thanks to the ABEC- 7bearings
  • Not suitable for a stony road

#3. APOLLO Longboard for Professionals and Beginners

Key Features

  • Material: Bamboo and Canadian maple wood.
  • Load capacity: 220 pounds.
  • ABEC-9 bearings and 78-90A wheels.
  • Comes with compatible T-tools.
  • Appropriate as a gift.

Looking for the best long longboard for kids and learning skating. This product from APOLLO is a perfect board for both professionals and beginners. The longboard is the top made of 5-layer Canadian maple wood and the bottom part is constructed with bamboo.

The board is constructed with a 7-inch aluminum truck. Stiffness wheels of the board also help to raise high speed. The ABEC-9 bearings are also another great advantage.

Don’t worry about the load capacity. The cruiser can hold up to 220 pounds. The board is 36 inch in length and 8.5 inch in width. The additional sandblasted tape is also helpful for the riders. So considering all the features the board must be a great option for you.

  • Durable construction.
  • Lightweight board.
  • Highly stable
  • For both professionals and beginners.
  • Stylish look.
  • Not for kids under 6 years old

#4. VOLADOR 42″ Drop Through Deck Freeride Longboard

Key Features

  • 42-inch drop through longboard
  • 42 x 9 x 4 inches in exact dimensions
  • 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings
  • 78A PU wheels

VOLADOR is one of the best longboard brands for beginners. It is no surprise then that we have chosen to include one of its best longboard designs here. The VOLADOR 42inch Drop Through Deck Freeride Longboard Cruiser.

Firstly, this longboard is super stylish. It boasts of a unique artisan work that showcases nothing but pure class and ingenuity.

The 42-inch drop through longboard is super cool and quite spacious on its riding deck. In fact, it enjoys a 42 x 9 x 4 inches in exact dimensions and will leave you with enough room to ride on.

The deck is designed with a camber concave touch for maximum flex and easy time when performing tricks on your rides.

More importantly, the design gives the deck a superior shock absorbing touch so that you enjoy nothing but smooth rides.

It is strong and has an 8-ply natural maple deck that has been fitted with epoxy glue. The 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks are also designed from genuine aluminum that not only makes them super durable but also quite adjustable.

Apart from that, this board is also fitted with ABEC-9 precision bearings for the best smooth rides and very durable 78APU wheels that measure 70mm x51mm.

It has a strikingly vintage look and an avant-garde touch that makes its 6-pound weight disappear into thin imagination when riding.

  • Very easy to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Up to 250 lbs of weight capacity
  • Super smooth rides
  • Rugged and ideal for demanding rides
  • Heavier
  • Younger riders might find it exhausting to use

#5. PlayshionDrop Through 39 Inch Longboard Cruiser

Key Features

  • 39 x 9.1 inches in dimensions
  • 8 layers of the best maple wood
  • 2 dyeing layers
  • Black OS780 Tap on the top
  • 70mm X 42mm wheels
  • ABEC 9 chrome bearings
  • 83A PU bushings
  • 7″ aluminum trucks

Playshion Drop Through 39 Inch Freestyle Skateboard Longboard Cruiser is by far the best downhill longboard. It has some of the top rated features and will leave you with a thrill like no other.

The board measures 39 x 9.1 inches in dimensions and has 8 layers of the best maple wood material which gives it both enough riding space and also the strength to hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

In addition to all these is a set of 2 dyeing layers that gives this board an awesome touch of style and looks.

And for the perfect non-slip touch, the board is set with a Black OS780 Tap on the top. In addition to that is an additional heat transfer graphic that’s usually applied to the bottom of this board so that it enjoys the best finish.

Even so, most pro riders also love this board because of its 70mm X 51mm wheels that come with a durometer of 78A.

The wheels are also made up of soft PU material that gives the board’s little kick-tails a better nudge to push the nose and tail faster.

Thankfully, the board also has highly responsive 7″ aluminum trucks with the 83A PU bushings. It enjoys ABEC 9 chrome bearings in long-lasting nylon cages and which add smooth speeds to the whole setup.

The board is a great buy for anyone who is ready to throw in a few extra dollars and weighs slightly above 6 pounds.

  • Easy to use
  • Hits high speeds faster
  • Attractive with cool color
  • Wide enough for new riders
  • Pricier
  • Not suitable for kids

#6. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Complete

Key Features

  • The deck is beautiful to look at
  • This longboard 7.3 pounds
  • It 36″ x 9″ in length
  • Bamboo and Canadian maple wood layer
  • The wheels 70mm x50mm
  • Durometer of 78A
  • 7 inches heavy-duty trucks
  • ABEC 7 Hellion bearings

The next best longboard skateboard for beginners is the White Wave Bamboo Complete Longboard. It is a great board that will also double as the best cruiser longboard for beginners.

It comes in different hues and like the other boards that we have seen, will strike with stunning beauty in style and design.

Nonetheless, it is this longboard skateboard flat kicktail deck shape that gives it the top class shape that it enjoys. At 36″ x 9″ in length, this board is super light and weighs just about 7.3 pounds.

This means you can easily carry it around when going for trips and if possible even fit it inside your best travel backpack.

When riding too, there is no need to worry. The board is super strong, with Multiple layers of Bamboo and Canadian maple wood layer which is like no other in this list.

The wheels 70mm x50mm are also wide enough and come with a durometer of 78A for a stable and smooth ride over any type of terrain.

The 180 mm (7 inches) aluminum tracks are made of aluminum metal and have a polished finish. It will make you feel extremely comfortable while you are riding this best starter longboard.

You will also get a set of ABEC 9 Hellion bearings that will maximize the smooth rides and leave you with a riding experience like no other.

  • Very strong
  • Extremely durable
  • Top weight capacity
  • High enough for rough terrains
  • Longer and wider
  • Shallow user manual

#7. Yocaher Stained Drop Down Speed Longboard

Key Features

  • Q-ball 70mm x 52mm wheel
  • Durable HD7 – Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Chrome Aluminum Alloy ABEC 7 Bearings
  • 9 ply maple wood deck
  • 41.2 x 9 x 5 inches (dimension)
  • It is top rated longboards

And if you are wondering what the best longboard skateboard for beginners is then you should meet the Yocaher Professional Stained Drop Down Speed Longboard. It is not all that stylish in color but believes it or not it’s great for girls and boys.

For starters, this board is user-friendly and specializes in providing riders with quick and tight turns.

It is sizable and will fit easily in any backpack that is large enough to carry it. In fact, you can even carry it in an airplane.

It is ideal for the professional longboard rider and enjoys the best Q-ball 70mm x52mm wheel sizes.

The wheels are good for smooth rides and enjoy a wheel durometer (hardness) of about 78A. The board is also a high-end performer and is fitted with highly durable HD7 – Heavy Duty Trucks with a 180mm hanger.

It also has theChrome Aluminum Alloy ABEC 7 Bearings that not only maximize the smooth rides but also optimizes the board for the top rated speeds.

Thanks to the board’s 9 ply maple wood deck and high concave touch, you can easily enjoy maximum strength and a high flex anytime you choose to ride.

This board is indeed a great addition for your girl and not to mention, a super wide board with enough space to turn and rock. It measures 41.2 x 9 x 5 inches in exact dimensions and weighs less than 8 pounds.

Great for the beginners and even advanced riders and can be used to skate the streets, parks, and ramps.

  • Highly affordable
  • Good for cruising
  • Stable and easy to control
  • Reverse king pin technology
  • Easy control
  • No mentioned warranty
  • Boring and dull color

#8. SkateXS Kids Complete Eco-Friendly Longboard

Key Features

  • Canadian maple wood
  • aluminum alloy trucks
  • It is top rated longboards
  • Chrome bearings
  • ABEC 7 ratings

Now to our last brand of the best longboard for beginners, we’ve got the SkateXS Kids Complete Eco-Friendly Bamboo Longboard. It is a simple and yet very reliable longboard for the youngest riders.

The longboard comes with a classic drop through design that makes it super easy for kids to use and learn with.

It is fitted with the reverse kingpin technology that allows riders to stay closer to the ground so that they maintain top stability and control.

And even better, the longboard is smaller in size and thus gives kids an easy time to use it, learn, skate safer, and more importantly, advance their skills pretty fast. It is best longboard for kids.

SkateXS Longboards specifically made best longboard for kids especially those between the ages of 5 and 12 so that they can also enjoy safer and pretty easy to control/ maneuver rides.

Nonetheless, the main reason most people love this board is that it is designed with a high-performance deck.

The deck is actually made of high-quality bamboo with an eco-friendly Canadian maple wood touch.

The deck is designed to enjoy the right flex and has been made to perfectly combine the light weight touch with an exceptional level of durability.

It has been fitted with high-performance longboard wheels and aluminum alloy trucks that come with the perfect chrome bearings.

The bearings enjoy precision ABEC 7 ratings and work with the high-quality trucks to provide super smooth rides that are very much perfect for the beginners and also the advanced riders.

For the most advanced skaters, this longboard is one of the best cruisers that you could use along the beaches or over the hills.

  • Small in size and easy to control
  • Strong and made from maple wood
  • Designed for kids of between 5-12
  • Stylish and very attractive
  • Not ideal for grown-ups
  • Smaller means you can’t use it for long

#9. Ghost Riptide Longboard

Key Features

  • High-quality plexiglass used
  • light up wheels by sunset
  • 10″ heavy duty aluminum longboard trucks
  • 70mm wheel sizes
  • 48 x 12 x 5 inches long
  • Abec-7 bearing

Just in case you are looking for something that will suit your girl then Ghost Riptide Longboard with Twin Kick Tail is the best longboard for beginner girl.

First, it is very strong. Ghost Long Board is best high-quality plexiglass built from that used to give this longboard the perfect strength for safety rides.

Next, it has a rugged and fierce black grip tape that is perfectly set on the top of the deck to provide your girl with the perfect non-slip touch when riding.

More importantly, the board also comes with a set of 5″ heavy duty aluminum longboard trucks that are highly reliable on high speeds and which will also provide the board with enough strength to hold up to 220 pounds of weight.

The wheels are really cool and come in the perfect size of 70mm. They are white in color and enjoy one of the most stylish wheel graphics too.

However, any parent who understands that smooth rides is a thing when it comes to longboard cruising also know pretty well to buy this board as it is fitted with Abec-7 bearing for the smoothest rides.

Even better, this board is arguably the lightest that we have in this list and weight just about 7 pounds. It is short and measures 48 x 12 x 5 inches long. Which means it can easily be carried in a skateboard travel bag and in airplanes too.

  • Smart new style
  • Smooth rides
  • Easy to bring to a stop
  • Best for carves and tricks
  • Wide enough wide enough
  • Closer to the ground and easy to control
  • The overall good but the price is a bit more

#10. Movendless 39″ 8 Layer Canadian Maple Wood board

Key Features

  • Canadian maple wood 8 layer
  • 220 lbs of weight capacity
  • ABEC 9 bearings rating
  • 39 inches in length
  • 8 pounds of weight
  • It is top rated longboards
  • Aluminum ally trucks
  • Wheel material polyurethane

When looking for the best longboard for beginners I highly suggest that you start with the Karnage Purple Drop Through Longboard. I have owned this longboard before and trust me it has a thrill like no other.

For starters, this board is super stylish and comes with some of the best heat synced colorful patterns that you will find to be really amazing.Blue is just a single color. Karnage Drop Through Board offers a variety of colors to go with. Beautiful transfer graphic on the back of the longboard. From Blue, white, sky white to yellow, the choices are quite unlimited and you will hardly run out of a preferred pick.With this longboard, it doesn’t matter really.

Whether you choose to cruise at maximum speeds or carve harder this top-mount board is usually designed to enhance stability at any time without any risk of suffering a wheel bite.It measures 39 inches and is forged from the purest Canadian Maple wood. The board used some of the most colorful PU LED wheels that measure 70mm x 51mm.The wheels enjoy the highest ABEC 9 on its bearings and will provide you with a smooth ride always.It is very stable and will support up to 220 lbs of weight – thanks to the Canadian maple wood that this longboard has been forged from.More importantly, the board is light in weight and can be easily carried around trips.

It weighs under 8 pounds which also makes it convenient for storage too.So whether you are hitting the streets or just riding for pleasure this board will give you the thrill. It is very suitable for sliding the longboard.

  • Easy to use
  • Wide enough for new learners
  • Very durable and strong
  • Stylish and comes in many colors
  • Light and easy to carry/ pack
  • Slightly pricier
  • Not ideal for kids

Best Longboard Skateboard for Beginners: What You Must Know Before Buying

Buying the best beginner longboards is pretty easy. So long you follow these tips that we are going to give you right here.


Think of it like this, you need enough space to stand on. Typically, you are just standing out and therefore getting your balance on a moving board might still be pretty tricky. Going with a wider board will be awesome.


Drop through skateboard is usually advisable when you are starting out as it provides you with the right closeness to the ground so that you can easily gain control of your board and also enjoy the best stability and gravity.

Boards with reverse kingpin setup such as the SkateXS Kids Complete Eco-Friendly Bamboo Longboard will be preferable as this technology keeps skaters closer to ground level and thus maximizes stability and control.


Strength and durability when it comes to longboards are more or less the same. To have a strong board, the best materials must be used to design the board. Many top brands use maple wood and bamboo. This wood is layered in up to 9 layers sometimes before being covered in two pieces of bamboo for maximum flex.


Stronger trucks with ideal hangers will keep help to hold your weight on the board and also keep your wheels in place. Indeed looking for trucks that are made out of metallic alloy especially aluminum is cool.

They are often durable, light, and will provide your board with the right level or resistance when you are riding.


It doesn’t pay much when the weight capacity of the board that you choose is not ideal for you. Make sure that the best longboards for cruising that you choose will be able to hold your weight capacity comfortably.

Additional Tips: Best Longboards for Beginners

Here are some other tips that could come in handy when choosing the best longboard skateboard for beginners.

What is Flex?

When talking about longboards, flex will refer to the ability of the board to give you the best curves and also take smooth turns on sharp bends. Flex helps any skateboarder to easily take on new skating tricks too.

What is he ABEC Rating?

The bearings that skateboard wheel use have been graded with the ABEC scale. A higher ABEC scale will mean the ability of the bearing to deliver super smooth rides is on the higher side. The opposite is true. Looking for boards with the best longboard  bearings will be very ideal too.

Most good boards will have their bearings with the high-speed precision ABEC 7 bearings or more.

Why is Bamboo Used on Longboards?

I have heard this question more often than I can remember. Well, bamboo is petty light and extremely durable. Using bamboo gives your board the perfect strength while at the same time keeping the weight as low as possible. In fact, it also makes the board very flexible.


What are the best longboards for beginners? I am sure you already know the answer to that. Thanks to our comprehensive best longboards for beginners reviews.

To choose the best beginner longboard, make sure that you follow the buying tips that we have given you and that you focus more on your needs too. This will leave you with the most ideal option.

Longboards are equipment like any other. They might wear off with time and so you also need to take proper care of what you buy.

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