Best Longboard Bearings Recommended by experts in 2023

Longboard bearingsare essential components of a longboard. Beginner skateboarder or apprentice longboarder it must know certainly. If you have a sub-par or below average bearings, it will affect your longboard riding experience substantially.

In order to get a smooth and problem-free riding experience, it is vital that you fit a good bearing onto your longboard. An important thing to note is that the online market is filled with good longboard bearing brands, but in order to find the best longboard bearings, you need to do a little bit of digging and researching to locate the best ones.

Thankfully, this review and buying guide is here to make your job a lot easier. We have meticulously tested the best brands to identify the highest performing bearings from the lot. This list features some of the most durable good longboard bearings that will last a long time.

Our Best 3 Pick

1. Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

Ride smoothly with our best pick and it’s from Yellow Jacket. The bearings are made of durable, waterproof materials. Pre-lubricated packaging will ensure smooth riding and less friction. And the most enjoyable thing is they spin unevenly.

Finally, if you consider the price and lifetime warranty then you must purchase this product without any question.

Cheap Price

2. Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

Considering the performance these good skate bearings came up at 2nd place. Made of high-quality ceramic these bearings will provide long-lasting service. The bearings are waterproof and support a great service in cruising.

The manufacturer uses a speed cream lubricant for decreasing friction. The ball casings are also lightweight which helps to provide a smooth riding session. So, considering every single fact there is no chance to look back on this product.

Cheap Price

3. Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings

These user-friendly bearings get 3rd place, especially for durability. It is made with a quality steel brace and comes with nylon cage balls. Besides, the non-contact rubber shield decreases friction and increases the lifespan.

Special speed cream lubricant is also used for better performance. Finally, considering the price this one is an ideal pick.

Cheap Price

10 Longboard Bearings Review…

1. Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings

Highlighted Features

  • Single, non-contact rubber shields for less friction
  • Speed Cream for lubrication
  • The rating list includes these best bearings for longboard
  • Nylon ball cage for added strength and durability
  • Skate Rated clearance for industry-leading performance

The number one brand in the longboard bearing market is the Bones Reds brand. Many people have called out this brand to have the best bearings for longboard and they easily outsell other brands. These good longboard bearings are made with steel braces and the balls consist of a nylon cage for better retention. They are also user-friendly and easy to wash as the components can be easily taken off.

The bearings are packaged with a special Speed Cream racing lubricant for better performance. The singular, non-contact rubber shields are easy to remove in case you need to wash the bearing thoroughly.

The bearings also come with a Skate Rated trademark, which is a special guarantee from the Bones brand that the tolerances, clearances, materials, and lubricant all provide the best longboarding performance which is synonymous with the Bones brand. It is because of these features that make the Bones Reds bearings the number one selling brand in the United States of America.

  • Best-selling brand in the longboard bearing market
  • Easily washable
  • Durable components
  • Lacks speed
  • The bearings rattle after extended use

2. Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

Highlighted Features

  • Made with high-quality products and features innovative manufacturing techniques
  • Pre-lubricated with high-speed racing lube
  • Engraved color seals for protection against dirt and dust
  • The rating list includes these best bearings for longboards

Made for skateboards and longboards alike, the Yellow Jacket bearings are made with the highest precision. The bearings come pre-lubricated with a high-speed racing lubricant. This high-performance lube is meant for greater speeds with lower friction for a smooth and enjoyable ride. These bearings play a great role in for best longboard cruising.

The bearings also come with engraved color seals for added protection against dirt, dust, and other elements and this keeps the bearing clean from any skid marks. The Yellow Jacket brand is known for providing high-quality products at an affordable price tag, and with this bearing, they surely don’t disappoint. The bearings also come with a 100% money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the end product.

 This process is hassle-free and gives the buyers an added level of protection. All the bearings are hand inspected by the staff before shipping to ensure the highest level of quality and performance, making the Yellow Jacket bearings one of the best longboard bearings for cruising.

  • Hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee offer
  • Affordably priced
  • Highly durable parts
  • The bearings spin unevenly
  • Not as fast or smooth as other bearings

3. Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Highlighted Features

  • High quality steel braces and a superior finish
  • Nylon ball cage for greater strength
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant
  • Skate Rated for top quality performance

The Bones Super Reds bearings are one of the best ceramic bearings -feature high-quality steel races and a superior finish to the surface. The bearings come in a single, non-contact rubber shield which is easily washable and gets rid of excess friction while skating. Best bearings for cruising and the product also features a nylon ball cage for greater retention, strength and a high level of durability.

It comes pre-lubricated with a Speed Cream racing lubricant for high performance. The Bones Super Reds are Skate Rated by the company for the best clearances, tolerances, materials, and lubricant. This ensures that this longboard bearing delivers high performance and durability and lasts for a long time. This brand is known to deliver best sellers on the market and the Super Reds are rated to be among the best longboard bearings for speed among its users.

  • Delivers a smooth riding experience
  • Has an impressive performance at an affordable price
  • The bearings spin more smoothly and with less noise
  • Some users have reported that these bearings are overrated
  • The product suffers from longevity issues

4. Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards

Highlighted Features

  • Nano ceramic grease fills in the deformities inside the bearing
  • Has low friction
  • The rating list includes these best bearings for longboard
  • Precision axles allow for a smoother ride
  • The white ceramic coating keeps the dust and dirt particles away from the bearing

This is a premium and high-quality bearing from the Zealous brand. Many users have said that you get more than what you paid for when you buy the Zealous bearings from the market. The surface of the Zealous bearings has minimal friction which allows the bearings to withstand high speeds.

The color seals on the steel bearings keep the dust and dirt away from these bearings and help them to have a clean and shiny look. The white ceramic coating on the steel bearings also helps to keep the bearings clean and makes the Zealous brand one of the best ceramic longboard bearings in its class. The Zealous bearings are also lubed with a custom-made Nano ceramic grease which seeps on the insides of the bearings and helps to smoothen out the edges to give faster speeds to your longboard. The precision axle holes are also designed to give the smoothest and most pleasant ride.

  • The bearings have a very low coefficient of friction
  • Can withstand high speeds
  • Comes at a very affordable price tag
  • Longboard wheels don’t roll smoothly with the bearings
  • The bearings can’t sustain high stress

5. Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic bearings are lighter, stronger and offer a long-lasting steel casing
  • The bearings are waterproof
  • Comes with a speed cream racing lubricant
  • All the bearings from Bones come with a warranty
  • Nylon ball cage offer greater strength and speed

The great thing about this ceramic bearing from the Bones brand is that it is waterproof. The ceramic longboard bearings are also very strong and able to withstand high speeds. Best bearings for cruising and The bearings can spin smoothly and with less noise, and able to offer smooth rides with a lightweight ball casing.

These ceramic bearings are also very durable and can last for a very long time. The single, non-contact rubber shields are easy to remove and washable. These rubber shields also have less friction than other bearings, which is why your longboard can experience greater speeds when you fit the Bones Ceramic Super Reds onto your hardware.

These bearings also come with a high strength nylon ball cage for added protection from the elements. The product also comes packaged with a speed cream racing lubricant that lowers the friction inside the bearing’s components. The Bones bearings are one of the fastest longboard bearings and all their products come with a warranty.

  • Bones is a very reputed brand name
  • The ceramic bearings offer high performance and quality
  • Has very little friction which allows for greater speeds
  • The product comes at a very high price tag
  • The ceramic balls might not fit correctly to your longboard

6. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings

Highlighted Features

  • Skate Rated bearings for all materials, tolerances, and clearances
  • Features a lifetime warranty for all components
  • Has a unique design which allows for greater strength and acceleration
  • Nylon ball retention allows reaching higher speeds
  • Rubber shields are easily removable and washable

Bones Swiss features some unique design features which make it stand out from the other bearings in the market. The Bones Swiss bearings feature a polished set of chromium steel balls which are very durable and last for a long time.

These best bearings for penny board will allow for faster speeds, faster acceleration, and greater strength as they are made with very high-quality materials. The rubber shields are easily removable and washable. The bearings also feature a high strength nylon ball cage which adds to the strength factor of your bearing and allows it to reach greater speeds.

The bones bearings Swiss are all tested to withstand the harshest of elements and deliver high performance. The bones ceramic Swissbearings are truly one of the best ball bearings currently available in the market.

  • Delivers a smooth riding experience
  • Innovative design elements help the bearings to reach greater speeds
  • Made with durable and high-quality materials that last for a long time
  • Comes with a high price tag
  • The bearings become noisy while spinning

7. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

Highlighted Features

  • Super strong ceramic balls are lubricated to resist drag and friction
  • The heavy lubrication resists the bearings from suffering any damage from water
  • The lubrication also keeps the nylon ball cage from cracking
  • The rating list includes these best bearings for longboard
  • The ceramic bearings deliver a better performance than steel bearings

The Oldboy brand is a very trusted brand within the longboard bearings market and with these ceramic bearings, they have made a winning product which delivers a very smooth and enjoyable riding experience. These bearings are heavily lubricated with a special lubricant to resist drag and friction and deliver greater speeds to your longboard.

The Oldboy ceramic bearings are one of the best cheap longboard bearings as they are affordably priced and they are not susceptible to wear and tear at high speeds. These ceramic bearings deliver a better performance than steel bearings as they last longer and are more durable than steel bearings. The nylon bearing cage also adds more strength to the bearings and allows it to reach higher speeds.

  • Delivers a very smooth riding experience
  • The ceramic bearings are not susceptible to wear and tear
  • Comes at a very affordable price tag
  • The bearings produce a lot of noise while spinning
  • Dust and dirt particles easily get accumulated inside the bearings

8. Heady Shake Pro Longboard Bearings

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers an ultra-smooth and ultra-fast riding experience
  • The bearings are very versatile and can be used with a wide variety of longboards
  • Precision design elements help the bearings to rotate withhigh speed and less noise
  • Pre-lubricated with a special lubricant to reduce friction

These precision bearings from Heady Shake Pro deliver an ultra-smooth riding experience. These bearings are also pre-lubricated with a special lubricant to reduce drag and friction and increase the speed and acceleration of your longboard. The precision design from the Heady Shake brand offers a quiet rotation and high-spinning speed that makes it one of the best longboard bearings in the market currently.

The Heady Shake also features a waterproof sticker that is very stylish and gives your longboard a unique look. The Heady Shake longboard bearings are guaranteed to deliver a satisfying riding experiencing and are very durable, thus these are one of the best ball bearings which usually last for a very long time.

  • Delivers a very satisfying riding experience
  • Features a skater-friendly design
  • Rotates with less noise
  • Comes at a very affordable price tag
  • Not as efficient as other bearings
  • Performance falls short of other premium bearings

9. KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Highlighted Features

  • Dimension: 22mm (outer diameter) x 7mm(W) x 8mm(inner diameter)
  • It is made with Chrome Steel.
  • The bearings maintain each quality like high speed and low friction.
  • Professional skateboarders use these bearings.
  • It has a removable rubber-metal part for easy cleaning.

In the world of skateboard bearings, KVENI always ensures the best quality. These bearings from KVENI can be your reliable companion while sliding through roads. It will assure high speed and lubrication.

These skateboard bearings are made of Chromium Steel and ceramic ball. The bearing balls are pre-lubricated with premium bearing oil. The inside part of this bearings is made of racing car lubricant, that’s why it spins faster and smoother.

You can use these single skateboard bearings for different things like longboard, trike, roller skates, fidget spinner, or kick shooter. The bearings have a red cover which makes it look cool.

  • Supreme quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Screw the bearings tightly while assembling.

10. Shiver ABEC 9 Skateboard Bearings 

Highlighted Features

  • The bearings have built-in-speed rings for premium performance.
  • Experts used Pro One’s lubricant in this bearings.
  • You can get the best speed with low friction.
  • These bearings are very easy to clean.
  • Highest quality bearings of all.

This one confirms the high performance and standards of quality skateboard bearings. Forget everything, NASA used this bearings. Do you need any else standard ratings?  Now ride your skateboard more smoothly.

For any skateboard, you need to choose your bearings first. A top quality product can make your ride peaceful, enjoyable, and full of experience. Experts made these bearings with such a process where you can get a sleek ride with low friction.

In the bearings, the manufacturers used Pro One’s lubricant. This lubricant is used by NASA and trust me you won’t need any other certified things when NASA used this. You will ride and the bearings will become smoother.

  • Quite easy to use.
  • Inexpensive price.
  • Best performance with durability.
  • No flaws at all.

Buying Guide

To make things easier for you to decide on the best ball bearings, here are some pro tips to look for the best elements of a premium bearing.

Ceramic Balls

Steel might sound like a better material, but ceramic bearings deliver the best riding performance. Ceramic balls are more durable than steel and last for a longer time. Ceramic bearings also look better than steel bearings and can be stylized in a variety of ways, offering more functionality to your longboard.

Nylon Cage Retention

Bearings that feature a nylon cage retention allows your premium bearings to withstand higher stresses and reduces the friction inside your bearings. Nylon cage retention also adds more strength to the bearings and allows them to reach greater acceleration and sustain higher speeds.

Waterproof Bearings

Premium bearings that can also protect themselves from water damage adds an extra layer of durability. Waterproof bearings also last longer than other bearings which do not have waterproofing abilities


Most of the premium bearing brands come pre-lubricated with some sort of special lubricant which reduces drag and friction. Bearings that do not feature a lubricant cannot reach higher speeds and suffers from longevity issues. So, always look for a bearing that comes with pre-lubrication.


Most of the premium bearing brands do not feature any sort of warranty, but some companies such as the Bones are Skate Rated to deliver the best performance and other brands such as the Bones Super Swiss feature lifetime warranty for their products, so customers have the advantage of feeling satisfied to purchase a quality product.


Bearings that rotate at high speeds are susceptible to produce high levels of noise which may cause inconvenience to the rider. You want to experience a smooth and quiet ride which does not cause any hassle to the passersby, so having a premium bearing that does not produce a lot of noise while rotating is a good and convenient feature to have.


The best longboard bearings feature unique design elements that are geared towards delivering high performance. Premium bearings that feature good design elements can possess high speeds and high acceleration when compared to other bearings which feature poor design choices.


Q. What kind of materials are the most durable for longboard bearings?

Ceramic ball bearings are the most durable longboard bearings currently on the market. There are other kinds of bearings such as the steel bearings but they suffer from longevity issues. Ceramic bearings also last for a very long time and offer the best value for your money.

Q. What kind of bearings deliver a smooth riding experience?

Bearings that have premium design elements and are pre-lubricated with a special lubricant offers a very smooth and satisfying riding experience. These bearings also have low friction and can sustain higher speeds.

Q. How to buy longboard bearings that have low noise?

Premium longboard bearings that feature good design choices and come with pre-lubrication are susceptible to spin at low noises.

Q. How important is it to buy a waterproof longboard bearings?

Longboard bearings that are susceptible to water damage are not durable and do not last for a long time. That is why it is vital to buy a waterproof bearing as they will offer you better value for your money and last for a longer time. waterproof longboard bearing, no problem.

Q. How to identify a strong longboard bearing?

Bearings that feature a nylon cage retention system can make your bearing reach higher speeds and also add more strength to your bearing components. They are also more durable than bearings that lack this system.

Q. Where to buy the best longboard bearings from?

The best location to buy the longboard bearings from is from the internet. It is easier to purchase your favorite bearings from online and you can check the features of a bearing and its user reviews before deciding on your favorite choice. The current large online shops are trusted and very user-friendly are available and feature thousands of longboard bearings to choose from.


This review and buying guide feature the top brands in the longboard bearing market and it features all the pros and cons to help you identify the perfect bearing for your needs. The top 8 brands in the longboard bearing market all have their pros and cons, so it is important to go through the review carefully to figure out the best brand for your longboard. Whatever bearing you may choose, if you remember to look for the key features, then you can safely buy a bearing that will last for a long time and deliver high performance. If you go through this review from top to bottom, you will be guaranteed to buy a satisfying product.

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