Top 10 Best Skate Wax – With Guide and FAQs

Imagine, you’ve brought the most premium skateboard from the market. But after a while, you had to compromise with the speed and performance of your skateboard. Why? 

This happens when your skateboard needs to be waxed. Regular use decays the quality and increases the friction rate of a skateboard. Only waxing it can help you to restore the performance. 

Follow our article to have some of the best skate wax for your skateboard. 

10 Best Skate Wax Review

In this segment, we will be reviewing the best skate wax, So, dive in with us.

1. Pebeogedeo gilding wax

Pebeo Gedeo, Gilding Wax, 30 ml Bottle - Copper - 766499

Key Features

  • Gliding Wax brings a soft shiny finish that brings a professional look.
  • Brings antique vibe for color variation in any type of picture frame or plastic frame.
  • It can be easily applied. It can be easily painted by hand or with a brush.
  • Can be applied in versatile products such as any furniture frame, picture frame, metallic thing, ornaments, glass, board decoration, or home decoration.
  • The glitters are made with high quality material which results in a perfect finish.

Pebeogedeo gilding wax is the best quality French product that is easy to use and easy to carry. The jar of the wax is made with high-quality material. There are many types of colors available in this product that satisfy the customer. Also, Gliding makes the product more eye-catching.

The product stays the same for a long time, the most desirable thing is the proper finish after gilding. 30 ml jar which has the opportunity can be used for a long time. Its color collection is of high quality which gives a classic look after use. This gliding can be used on any furniture frame, ornaments, or frame surface and makes its look more lively and gorgeous.

  • Almost 7 different colors available
  • Product weight 4.9 ounces so that a satisfactory amount is available.
  • It is in the position of bestseller due to the completion of advanced quality.
  • If you open the jar and store it, there is a possibility of freezing the glitter.

2. Triple Slick Curb Wax

Dime Bag Hardware Triple Slick Skateboard Curb Wax 4 Pack Assorted Skate Wax

Key Features

  • This Crab Wax is small in size but can be used for a long time..
  • Large wax in size is often forgotten. But since it is triple shaped triple, it can be kept small and a few together
  • Comes with free stickers
  • These triangular-shaped crabs measure 2 inches and are 4/5 inches thick.
  • Triple wax is cheaper and available at a lower price than large wax crabs.
  • The smell of this wax crab is very beautiful and different flavors are available.

The Triple Slick Curb Wax from DimeBag Hardware is a fancy kit for skate riders that is pocket-friendly. Made of the best skate wax formula, the wax can be easily carried anywhere. 

Using this wax product, anyone can enjoy his riding by smoothing the board and the wheels of his skateboard. It can even be used in various places on the skateboard. When riding is a pleasure, it encourages the rider in his session.

  • It is 2 inches on all sides and can be used on any of the different parts of the skateboard.
  • 4 flavors available; apple, lemon, blueberry, and cherry.
  • Excessive waxing and smoothing can often cause the rider to lose control.

3. Bones Rat Wax: Vato White Wax Cup

Bones Rat Wax II Vato White Wax Cup

Key Features

  • The Vato White Wax Cupis round in shape. 
  • Easily applicable due to its organic shape. 
  • It is only 60gm with butter like paraffin wax. 
  • Compatible with any surface. 
  • Several physical and engineering properties have been applied in each formula. 

Bones Vato White Rat Wax is the best skate wax for skaters. This slippery wax adds more sliding capacity to your skateboard; like never before. 

You can slide longer than usual when you choose Bones Rat Wax. It will also add more consistency and increase the overall performance of your skateboard. 

  • Increases slide-ability of your skateboard.
  • You can roll your skateboard on any surface.
  • Weighs only 0.01 Pounds.
  • A 2 inches sticker included for ease of use.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • It is hard.

4. Shorty’s Curb Candy Wax Stash (4 Pack) 

Shorty's Curb Candy Wax Stash [4 Pack]

Key Features

  • Each bar of wax is very lightweight. 
  • Suitable for any kind of skateboard. 
  • Comes in 4 different colors. 
  • Four packs don’t come in a box. 
  • These slippery wax packs are very long-lasting and durable. 
  • Fits in your pocket. 

Sometimes, one pack is not enough. Especially, when you own multiple skateboards, a single bar can’t afford to wax all of them.

This is why Shorty’s Curb Candy Wax Stash comes in 4 packs. It only weighs 0.4 Pounds. Men, women, girls, and kids can use this best ski skate wax for different skateboards. 

  • Small in size.
  • Lasts long in optimum weather.
  • Fills the surrounding with a beautiful smell.
  • Great for the street.
  • High quality.
  • The package doesn’t come in a box as shown in the picture.

5. [CCS] Skateboard Wax 

[CCS] Skateboard Wax (Blue)

Key Features

  • A rectangular bar of 2 inches in height and 1-inch depth. 
  • Comes in 6 different colors: Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Radium ( Glow in the dark). 
  • You can use them on any surface. 
  • Manufacturers provide an official warranty in case users face any issues. 

Why pay more when you have CCS Skateboard Wax? It is cute in shape and comes in several optional colors. 

You can hold it in your hands or keep it in your pocket. And it will do the job of sliding for all skateboards. It is as efficient as ever. 

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes in several colors.
  • Can fit in your pocket, purse.
  • Suitable for any surface.
  • Improves skater’s grinding and sliding.
  • Smaller in size.

6. Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax 

Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax

Key Features

  • Designed in the shape of a screaming hand. 
  • Comes in blue colors only. 
  • Dimension: 4*2*4 inches. And can easily fit in your pocket. 
  • Bigger than other wax. 
  • It works great for any skateboard.

Ah! Don’t scream when you see Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax. As funny as it may sound, it does the job excellently. 

You can paint and wax your local curbs with Santa Cruz Screaming Hand without any regret. Let’s take a look at its set of features. 

  • It is unique in appearance.
  • Attractive and useful.
  • Smells like fresh bubble gum.
  • Comparatively bigger but can easily fit in your back pocket.
  • Weighs 1 pound.
  • Doesn’t sound good for rails.

7. Toy Machine Curb Wax One Size 

Toy Machine Curb Wax One Size : : Bloodshot

Key Features

  • It comes in a dimension of 1.5* 5.5* 3 inches.
  • This wax is larger compared to others. Also, it is thicker than much other wax in the market. 
  • It weighs only 0.13 pounds. You will hardly feel any weight on your hand. 
  • It comes only in one size and one design. 
  • The result will leave your skateboard with a butter-like touch and the finest layer of wax. 

Bigger wax on a lower budget? Say no more! Toy Machine Curb Wax is the perfect catch for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly heavy-duty wax. 

Its insignificant shape and size attract any skateboard user. It is black and fits perfectly inside your palm. Let’s take a peek at the key features of this one-size wax. Find a few more info of this wax from one of the best skate wax brands.

  • It is bigger and thicker than other wax in the market.
  • Unusual shape and design draw the attention of many.
  • Fully featured wax for any skateboard.
  • Take the sliding of your skateboard to another level.
  • Available in one shape only.

8. Spitfire Skateboard Curb Wax Embers Bighead MINI Red 

Spitfire Skateboard Curb Wax Embers Bighead MINI Red

Key Features

  • Dimension: 2″*1.5″. 
  • It is a mini curb wax that can fit perfectly inside your palm. 
  • Comes in red only. 
  • Attractive iconic bighead design. 
  • Weighs only 0.04 kilograms; you won’t feel a thing in your pocket. 

Ever since 1987, Spitfire has been providing skateboard tools, soft goods, bearings, stickers, and other essentials. 

They provide quality products for skaters all over the world. Spitfire Skateboard Curb Wax Bighead isn’t exceptional as well. You can polish and add more sliding to your skateboard for a long-lasting time with this Wax. 

  • Maximum performance with more durability.
  • Suitable for any gender.
  • Bighead design to catch your sight.
  • Slick and lightweight.
  • Suitable for any surface.
  • 1.5 inches may not impress everybody.

9. Shortys Skateboards Curb Candy – 25 Pieces 

Shortys Skateboards Curb Candy 25 Piece Container or Curb Wax - 25 Pieces

Key Features

  • Comes in a box. 
  • Dimension 2*1 inches. 
  • Each wax is small enough to fit in your hand/ pocket. 
  • You will get 25 pieces of wax. 
  • The whole box weighs only 0.61kg. 

A little more is always better. But with Shorty’s Skateboards Curb Candy, it is always more. With Shortys Curb Candy, you will get 25 pieces of mini wax for your skateboard. 

You will never have to worry about an end stock. The quality of each wax is also premium and fit for grinding. It doesn’t come in one color, you will have wax of several colors in the package. Let’s see some features if this best skate wax amazon.

  • Keeps the curb and rails always slick.
  • Offers excellent grinding.
  • Helps to reduce friction.
  • Covers any surface thoroughly.
  • For many, it felt dry.

Buyers Guide 

To ignore the quality of a skate wax because of its small size is very foolish. To provide high-quality wax for your skateboard, you need to be aware of some facts. Here they are. 


First thing first! You need to be sure how long the skate wax is going to support you. 

This is because the wax is a very breakable material. And they will break down easily without implying much stress. 

However, there are many varieties of wax that are durable and can finish up to a long-term service. 

Ledge or Rail

You also need to be sure of its usability, as long as you are concerned about waxing your skateboard. 

Because some wax is not suitable for painting the rail or ledge of a skateboard while they do just fine with the rest of the parts. 


Last but not the least, you have to be aware of the price as well. Wax is usually a cheap material. However, make sure you are not purchasing any candle wax spending in the name of budget-friendly wax. 

A high-quality wax will cost you a few extra bucks. 


What is the best skate wax?

We’ve already mentioned 10 products. And it is really difficult to determine one best from them. However, for one of the best, we would suggest – [CCS] Skateboard Wax

What type of wax is best for skating?

Skate Wax is a great kit. Because when the skateboard becomes rough, it is really very difficult to control. Which wax crab is better is a complicated question. Because this waxing depends on the roughness of the skateboard. 

However, soft wrinkles should be used instead of using waxes that are crunchier. Smoothness is easily found. With this skateboard kit, you can easily wax the skateboard or the wheel, or any part easily at any time.

Does surf wax work as skate wax?

Although surf wax skates are made of wax, there are some differences. Surf wax is used so that it is not slippery. Skate wax on the other hand makes the wheel or various parts of the skateboard slippery. So it’s the complete opposite. However, surf wax can be used to keep any part of the skateboard slippery.


Regular use of skateboards can often lead to a slower speed and poor execution of your skateboard. This is why, once in a while, you need to wax your skateboard.

However, there is no way to avoid wax. It is essential for higher performance and better efficiency. The best you can do is buy the best skate wax for having a potential service for your skateboard. 

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