Best Punisher Skateboard: Experts Recommend for Beginners to Use

If you want a skateboard from the best class then a few names will arise. Best Punisher Skateboards is one of the. Why?

Generally Punisher skateboards are well-designed, made of a quality deck, and in a style that surpasses almost every other brand. However, in case of price they also remain at a medium range. Plus the brand is now highly popular as well as reliable.

So are you getting interested more and more? Well, you are at the right place then. After researching a lot we have selected the 3 Best Punisher Skateboards available in the market.

In the review, we’ll be explaining the products in their proper detail. So without any more deals let’s get into the main segment.

3 Best Punisher Skateboards

So now we are at the main segment. Here you’ll get a complete review of the product with both its positive and negative factors. So, read on.

1. Punisher Girls Skateboard

Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch

Key Features

  • This Double Kickboard skateboard deck consists of long-lasting, hard seven-ply Canadian maple that is put together.
  • It has wheel bearings of PUNISHER ABEC-7 that will provide lightning speed. Ivory white wheels are 54x36mm in diameter and made of polyurethane.
  • The board is about 31.5 inches in length and around 7.75 inches wide with a height of 6 inches.
  • Because of the mild dual concave design, you can achieve precise control for any stunts while riding.
  • Hard-wearing solid 5 inches trucks and bases are manufactured from Punisher. The 80AB grip tape is properly glued in such a way to make sure your feet have required friction.

All the adventurous teen girls out there will love this Punisher butterfly beginner skateboard. The best part about this skateboard is the custom-painted black bases and grip of it. The wood is 100 per cent formaldehyde-free. No hassle for assembly is needed as it comes already completely assembled. 

With polyurethane cushions, PE Riser Pads, durable alloy trucks, etc. these skateboards can offer fun and safety parallelly. Each step of the making process of the boards is carefully done and strictly inspected without any fault. So you can enjoy a smooth riding experience on one of these boards. Now let’s see some more features of the board.

  • Easily supports up to 200 pounds rider.
  • Stylish trucks are custom painted in metallic red colour.
  • Fascinating colorful cherry blossom graphics design for girls.
  • Some users complained about the paper decal graphics.

2. Punisher Boys Skateboard

Punisher Skateboards Warrior Complete Skateboard with Concave Deck, Blue/Black, 31-Inch

Key Features

  • Attractive color graphics on one side and logo printing polyurethane cushions make the skateboard a unique one.
  • Another side has long-lasting 80AB black grip tape precisely adhered. The 5 inches trucks are made of durable alloy.
  • Almost 32 inches long skateboard is approximately 14 inches in width and the height is 9 inches.
  • The deck material is 100 percent Canadian maple. There is 7 ply of it compiled together for added strength.
  • Inside the polyurethane ivory white wheels which are 54x36mm in diameter, there are the finest quality ABEC-7 bearings.

Another leading skateboard from the Punisher brand is the Punisher Boys Skateboard. This brand from Pennsylvania has been serving top-notch skateboards since 2008. You can pick this artistic craft piece to match according to your rider’s identity. Even though it is suitable for boys but the design will go with anyone’s fashion taste.

This Canadian Maple Skateboard is made of premium quality materials which is a reason to love it the most. It is worth the money to spend for sure. Moreover, you will get a 30-day product warranty in case any fault is found in the craftsmanship of this skateboard. What are you waiting for! Grab one for yourself today.

  • Available in blue and black color for boys.
  • Stake park quality feel and stone finish trucks.
  • Double kicktail design of deck has slight concave.
  • The skateboard may seem a little slow which is a problem for experts but an added benefit for beginners.

3. Punisher Skateboards Day of The Dead

Punisher Skateboards Day of The Dead 31.5" Dual-Kick with Concave Complete Skateboard, White

Key Features

  • The wheel Bearings of the skateboard from Punisher ABEC-7 are the source of additional speed while you ride.
  • This skateboard is nearly 31 inches long, a little more or less 5 inches wide, and precisely 7.5 inches in height.
  • It is crafted with 7 ply maple wood top and bottom deck constructed together. And it will weigh around 5.1 Pounds in total components.
  • Best quality PE riser pad, PU cushion, 80AB grip tape, etc. are used in this skateboard to make it last longer. The skateboard abides by HR4040 and EN13613 standards.
  • The wood is absolutely free from formaldehyde. Polyurethane injection wheels are 50 x 30 mm.

Amongst the endless admirable qualities of Punisher Skateboards Day of The Dead, the mild concave deck is something that catches the attention. The brand is determined to produce fine quality skateboards which are aesthetically pleasing as well. Artists from around the globe put their best effort to create those graphics on deck.

The design of this skateboard is suitable for both boys and girls. You will feel comfortable while doing the tight turns and tosses on the board. The 5 inches alloy trucks and bases are of a high standard. Also, you will get a manufacturer warranty as long as it is related to faulty craftsmanship.

  • Supports any kind of ollies and tricks to perform.
  • Hugely appreciated and rated across the globe.
  • Available in white color and unisex design.
  • There are no other different color options available.

Buying Guide on Punisher Skateboards

Let’s check out some general knowledge about these skateboards so that you can understand and pick which one can fulfil all your requirements. Of course, don’t forget to have a glance over the three Punisher skateboards we reviewed in this article.


A very important part of a skateboard is the deck. Thanks to the Punisher brand for taking special care of this feature. Mostly those are around 35 inches decks and several ply are glued together. The material of them is top-quality Canadian maple.


How good you can perform is a lot dependent on how good the tracks are. Having said that, the 5 inches trucks from Punisher are made of alloy. Those solid trucks will ensure perfect turning tricks at the time you ride.

Grip Tape

Grip tape provides the right amount of friction for your feet. You should not ignore the tape before buying a skateboard. The durable black grip tape of Punisher skateboards can give you the exact stability you need on different surfaces.

Wheels and Bearings

The smooth sliding of a skateboard is fully conditional on the matter that both wheels and bearings work well together. Smaller wheels are preferable for beginners wherein bigger wheels are convenient for those who are already experts with tricks. Now the decision is yours to pick the right one.


Well, the design may not have much to do with the skateboard quality but it surely expresses your style. You can have a look over the punisher skateboards review butterfly jive or any other to determine which one goes with your approach.

I hope the guide part is going to help you a lot in case of finding a better one and learning something new. Now let’s move on to the FAQs part.


  • Are punisher skateboards good?

You can rely on the Punisher brand for skateboards without a doubt. Why? Because of the materials they use such as maple wood ply, ABEC-9 bearings, polyurethane wheels, great quality grip tape, and many more. If these are not enough then it is hard to find something better than this.

  • What is an average skateboard called?

In general, any skateboard that is 33 inches or longer is called a longboard. Therefore, they come in a variety of shapes and colour ranges. For instance, twin tip longboards, swallowtail longboards, pintail longboards, drop decks, drop-through decks, and so on. Punisher has every type you can ask for.

  • What is the best skateboard brand for beginners?

There are lots and lots of brands offering user-friendly beginner skateboards. Some brands are already famous and some are new in the market but still producing high-quality boards. Punisher is a famous brand from 2008. This brand from Pennsylvania was founded by Bike USA Inc. You can give a try to their beginner skateboards.

Final Verdict

We are here at the end of the articles. The main purpose of the article was to make you familiar with the 3 best Punisher skateboards. And we have already finished reviewing them.

Additionally there we have discussed a complete buying guide and some regular FAQs. 

To get the most ideal one the guide must come in help. Now it’s your task to review them, read my explanation, and sort out the features. Finally, which one do you feel meets most of your requirements, go for this.

That’s for now. I hope this content will be helpful for you. Happy skating.

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