Get the List of the Best Skateboard Hardware in 2023

Getting a skateboard means your duty has increased and time to get more tools. Yes, I am talking about the best skateboard hardware. After purchasing a board we need to fix many things. Sometimes, some decorations equipment can completely change the look of your skateboard. Again, after an accident or damage using the appropriate hardware is a must.

However, today I am here to share a blog with a review of the best skateboard hardware. As a professional skater, I am aware of the different types of hardware you will need in the future. So, let’s get to the Review part.

1. Skateptych Ghost Hanger Skateboard Wall Mount

Core Function: Used as Skateboard Holder Rack

Skateptych Ghost Hanger Skateboard Wall Mount Deck Display Luxury Skateboard Storage Holder Rack

Key Features

  • Made of thermoplastic base and two steel sturdy arms with nuts & bolts.
  • Simple construction with ideal effectiveness.
  • You will need only one single screwdriver to install the mount.
  • You can hang versatile kinds of boards on this wall rack.
  • Gives floating vibes and remains invisible after hanging the board.

Skateptych Skateboard Wall Mount not only gives your skateboard a floating effect but also secures your precious board in place. This wall holder has a very minimalistic design with steel construction. With the highest quality materials, this mount is very easy to install too.

The base of this wall mount is made of reinforced thermoplastic and has two steel arms. The steel arms contain steel bolts and nuts to secure the board in place perfectly. The instructions given with the package helps to install the mount within 5 minutes step by step.

Now you don’t have to drill your precious board to hang on the wall. Any kind of skateboard can be hung on this mount. After installation of this mount, it will be invisible behind the board.

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2. BESIY Skateboard Hardware Set

Core Function: Works as Skateboard Safety

BESIY Stainless Steel Skateboard Hardware 8PCS Bolts Set and All-in-One Skate Tools Portable Skateboard T Accessory with Tool L-Type Phillips Head Wrench Screwdriver (Tools+Gold Handware)

Key Features

  • Screw Length: 25mm/1 inch.
  • The package includes skate T-Types tools.
  • Tools in this set are 1/2″, 9/16″, 3/8″ sockets, and a Philipps screwdriver.
  • With this set you can check your wheels, bearings, or nuts instantly.
  • This set is quite inexpensive and gives satisfactory results.

Do you want all one skateboard toolset? Here is the best skate hardware you will get on the market. At a surprisingly affordable price, this skateboard tool will fit all kinds of longboards or skateboards.

This set includes a pop-out driver, a screw, and various sized screwdrivers. The pop-out driver is mainly used to check the wheel is enough tight or not. It is for checking your safety. Even professional skaters recommend this product to use.

The nuts of this set are made of steel and coated with zinc. Same as the nuts, the bots are also made of sturdy stainless steel. In this single package, you will get 8 different skateboard hardware.

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3. VJ Longboard Skateboard Cruise Hardware Screws

Core Function: Used as Skateboard Screws

Longboard Skateboards Cruiser Hardware Screws 1" 1.25" 1.5" 1.75" 2" Black Color (1.25")…

Key Features

  • The sizes of the screws are 1″/1.25″/1.5″/1.75″/2″.
  • You can customize the screws to your likings.
  • Suitable for any kind of skateboard, longboard, or cruiser board.
  • Very easy to install on any kind of board.
  • Black color screws match well with any color board.

The VJ brand is getting popular day by day by producing authentic products. These screws are made of metal but rust-resistance. In this hardware set, you will see 8 bolts and 8 nuts all in black color.

Black color goes pretty well with all kinds of versatile colors. For customers’ information, the screws are in different sizes so anyone can customize and fit their hardware to skateboard.

All of these screws are very suitable for skateboards, cruisers, longboards, or street decks. The screws are very easy and quick to use. Just with a quick spin, it gets attached to the skateboard. Plus, the screws can hold the skateboard securely even if the rider is heavyweight.

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4. Fireball Dragon Precision Spacers & Washers Set

Core Function: Improves Bearing Performance

Fireball Dragon Precision Aluminum Spacers and Washers Set for Skateboards and Longboards

Key Features

  • It is specially designed to improve the spin and performance of bearings.
  • The round rings are made with Iron and coated with zinc.
  • The spacers are constructed with sturdy Aluminum.
  • Helps the bearing to spin faster and keeps those durable.

The Fireball is a brand that is heavily famous for the valuable skateboard accessories they provide in the market. These spacers are great usage for skaters. Maximum customers sighed with satisfaction after purchasing the product.

Sometimes after setting up the bearings, there can be a gap inside the wheel between both bearings. The spacers fill the gap between the wheel bearings and line up better. Then the bearings can spin smoothly.

These spacers are very essential items for any kind of skateboard, longboard, or even for scooters. The budget of this item is also bearable. Get this spacer with a washer and notice the difference by yourself.

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5. MAXPRO Skateboard Deck Guards

Core Function: Protects Skateboard’s Nose & Tail Guard

MAXPRO Skateboard Deck Guards Protector,Longboard Deck Edge Protection,Durable Shock Absorbing Rubber Cover with Excellent Grip Nose Guard and Tail Guard (Black)

Key Features

  • The set includes 9 screws and bolts with 2 extra pieces.
  • Provides great protection to your board’s nail and tail.
  • Hold in the place strongly and don’t move even in rough use.
  • Very easy to install by seeing the instructions.

The nose and tail of a skateboard face wild shocks while riding on it. So, to protect the nose and tail as well as to absorb the shock, skaters need deck guards. Here is another the best hardware for skateboards.

These deck guards come with a package of 9 screws and bolts. They give one extra piece to save for emergencies. This set is available in multi-color, so you can choose any stylish color your need.

Plus point is, this hardware won’t make your wallet hungry and gives you the best service. The setup system of this screw and bolt is very easy and quick. You can even cut these into the ideal shape you want.

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6. EVER Skateboard Hardware Bolts Set

Core Function: Spare Bolt set for Any Skateboard

Skateboard Hardware 9PCS Bolts Set Deck Mounting Screws Nuts Hex Key Skate Parts Outfits Color Fasteners Longboard Cruiser Best Mounting Parts Silver Golden Green 1 1/4" 1" 7/8" (Golden, 1)

Key Features

  • The multi-color designed nuts and bolts matches any kind of board.
  • You can customize your board with this hardware.
  • Can be used on longboards or skateboards.
  • It comes with 9 different nuts and bolts plus a free hex key.
  • The hardware is waterproof and rustproof.

Well if you are a person of the skateboard world and want to buy all branded stuff, then you may not hear this brand name. Because the Ever brand produces only nuts, bolts, and versatile kinds of hardware products. And, it’s a bolt skateboard review.

However, their products are so authentic and effective that once you use them, you will be their fan. You will get 9 pieces of bolts and nuts in this package which is an advantage. Paying less, you are getting extra items with superior quality.

The hardware is made of stainless steel which is undoubtedly durable and sturdy. In the package, you will also get a free hex key to set up the nuts and bolts with your board.

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7. Parking Block Skateboard Storage

Core Function: Works as Skateboard Storage

Parking Block Skateboard Storage, Display, Organizer - Portable Stand

Key Features

  • Made in California.
  • The holder is made of durable plastic material.
  • Both street and vert boards can be kept on this holder.
  • Prevents scratching or leaving any marks on your wall.
  • Has extra storage to keep skateboard accessories.

A small cute designed but effective skateboard holder from the Parking Block. It holds your skateboard in place vertically or horizontally. If you don’t want to make your wall dirty with the wheel marks, then choose this one.

The holder is made of sturdy plastic and can hold one skateboard at one time. It has storage to keep skateboard accessories. Plus, you don’t have to install it before using it. It comes installed.

Just unpack the holder, place it in any corner of your room, and put your board on it horizontally or vertically. Done! It is one of the best holder items on our list at an affordable price.

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8. Arcade Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Hanger 2 Pack

Core Function: Allow you to hang your skateboard horizontally or vertically.

ARCADE Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Hanger 2 Pack Horizontal or Vertical Display (Clear)

Key Features

  • Appropriate for truck holes of 1.5″ – 1.66″
  • Compatible with floating design and get almost invisible after hanging the board.
  • Package includes 2 mounts, wall anchors, and screws.
  • Durable and budget-friendly product.
  • Appropriate for almost all types of long and shortboards.

A skateboard is precious sports equipment and we love to display it in the best way possible. The solution to your desire is this product. It’s a skateboard wall mount with great durability and the solid hanger wall mount ensures stability. The best thing about the tool is it doesn’t require any holes in your skateboard. It fits easily in the existing truck holes.

You can hang your longboard, popsicle, shortboards, cruiser, and normal board using this wall mount. When most of the board comes with a single wall mount, this product consists of 2 wall mounts. You can hang 1 board horizontally or 2 boards vertically.

No worries about the setup process. It takes only 5 minutes to set up the product. Besides, you will get all the necessary equipment within the packet. So, considering everything this product is a very good storage option for your skateboard.

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9. WANLIAN Skateboard Wall Mount Display Rack

Core Function: Skateboard storage solution and display rack.

WANLIAN Skateboard Wall Mount Display Rack Skateboard Wall Rack Display Rack Hanger Rack Skateboard Wall Mount Bracket Deck Rack (Transparent 1 Pair)

Key Features

  • Made of 4mm transparent acrylic.
  • The manufacturer has used a milky white protective film on the inner side to keep the rack protected.
  • Product dimension: 15cm L x 12cm W.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • The mounts are adjustable (width)

Now it’s another wall mount who wanted a slightly different type of wall mount. It’s a display rack appropriate for snowboards, skateboards, and longboards. You can easily store your skateboard and display it at its best using this wall mount.

First of all, I want to talk about durability. The product is made of transparent acrylic material that is capable of holding a long weight. So, there is no chance of facing an accident or getting it to be damaged easily. However, the sturdiness is, it is only 220 grams.

Another fascinating thing is the adjustment width feature. You can easily change the width for storing boards of different sizes. In the packet, you will get 2 brackets, 4 screws, and 4 expansion tubes.

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10. IWONDER V3.0 Skateboard Lights

Core Function: Light up your board and give it an attractive look.

IWONDER V3.0 Skateboard Lights Longboard USB Rechargeable Lights Super Bright Led Electric Skateboard Light Outdoor Waterproof Flashing Safety Skateboard Rear Lights

Key Features

  • You can set the light in different positions.
  • They are bright and visible up to 110 meters.
  • Available in 6 modes and 3 colors lighting.
  • Waterproof lights.
  • One charge lasts up to 4 hours.

Give your board a wonderful look at night using these super bright catchy lights. I WONDER has come with this awesome product with color lights (blue, red, and white). There are 6 lighting modes available that is a greatly advantageous feature.

The lights are equipped with rechargeable batteries. Another plus point is they support a USB charging system. It also provides a very long-lasting service. However, for the first time, users make the battery full and use it for the best performance.

The lights are waterproof and come with extra energy-saving modes. Mounting the light is also super easy. Make sure you mount it well otherwise it may crash. However, it’s hard to find any other negative of this product. So you can purchase it by choosing your eyes.

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Buying Guide of the Best Skateboard Hardware

I have already discussed the main part, now it’s time for the guide part. As I don’t know what type of skateboard you are using. You must have to read this part and compare the following hardware and choose the right one. So I am discussing this part to help you get the cheap skateboard hardware.

Appropriate Size

First of all, you need to ensure the size matching. To do so, make sure the size of the nuts, bolts, screws, bearings, others match properly with your skateboard. Some products are different in size and come from some particular brands. So you must notice it and choose the appropriate one for your skateboard.


Whatever you buy make sure the product is durable and long-lasting. Many people say you can never find a perfect hardware replacement. They are wrong. If you search properly and choose the perfect hardware then it will perform just like a new one of a fresh board.

No Rusty Hardware

Very often we see the new hardware become rusty in a few days. Make sure you are choosing rustproof hardware. The rusty hardware spoils the attractive look of your board and sometimes, a reason for some wounds or injuries.

Don’t Make the Board Heavy

We are fond of getting decorative hardware. But most of them increase the total weight of the skateboard. A little increment is not any fact but more than enough weight can be a reason for different problems. So before choosing one make sure the hard is not too heavy.

Affordable Price

Remember it’s not your skateboard. It’s skateboard hardware. So before costing any penny consider the price of the product. Make sure, the product is not ultra-expensive. I suggest getting the cheap skateboard hardware.


What is the best skateboard hardware brands?

It’s hard to figure the separate the best skate hardware brand. But I will show you some of the well-known hardware brands.

  • Bones Wheels
  • Fireball
  • Independent Hardware
  • BCP Fasteners
  • Diamond Supply.

Does hardware size matter?

Yes, hardware size always matters. If you choose the wrong size hardware then the worst thing can happen it will come in no use. It won’t even fix your board. Even if you fix it to your board you won’t get smooth riding.

What size hardware for skateboards is appropriate?

It depends on the type of skateboard you are using. Suppose for a cruiser 1 1/8″ in the standard size. But when you are using a riser then you have to adjust it.

  • For no riser – 7/8″ to 1″ hardware
  • For the 1/8″ riser – 1″ to 1 1/8″ hardware 
  • When 1/4″ riser – 1 1/4″ hardware
  • And for 1/2″ riser – 1 1/2″ hardware

Do most skaters use risers?

Skateboard decks having wheels under 55mm don’t require a riser. But you can use a 1/8″ riser to keep the hardware in a particular position. It depends on the users.


We are a long way from the starting, and sure you have already understood a lot about ht best skateboard hardware. I am a skater, and I have listed the described hardware list considering their price use and other features. It took few days to make make sure all the high-quality products. However, you have to understand your need first and select products according to your need. Hopefully, you will find the best skateboard hardware following this list.

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