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Skateboarding is a passion, hobby, sports, and even transport medium nowadays. From kids to adults, everyone has a curiosity for this wheel object. But, choosing a skateboard that will be best for you is the trouble here. To be fair, we know how much confusing it can be. That’s why we are here today to get some knowledge about the best skateboards for pros.

We all want a skateboard that will be sturdy, give enough support, will last longer and you’ll be able to learn or enjoy skating on it. That’s what we’ll elaborate on today in this article. So, I hope you’ll manage some spare time to get on the ride with me and trust me, reading this article won’t disappoint you. So, let’s get into it now!

5 Best Skateboards for Pros

1. CCS Skateboard Complete Skateboard

[CCS] Blank Skateboard Complete - Maple Wood - Professional Grade - Fully Assembled with Skate Tool and Stickers - 8.00" x 32.00" (Natural Wood, 8.00")

Key Features

  • Construction: The board measures 7″ in width and 27.75″ gives enough space to riders. Made with 7-ply Canadian Maple wood with professional standards. It can hold up to 300lbs.
  • Wheels & Bearings: The trucks are made of Aluminum where the wheels are 52mm with ABEC-7 bearings. Enjoy the smooth ride.
  • Assemble A very excellent feature: The board comes fully assembled in the box by professional hands. So, you won’t have to waste time on it, just unbox it and you’re good to go.
  • Design: Kids or teenagers will love the cool design. A very decent yet cool color combination that will attract older too. Comes with extra stickers, so you can customize it.

Our first star of best pro skateboards is this 27.75″ long skateboard from CCS. Yes, the renowned CCS since 1985, so we don’t need to talk about this fantastic brand in detail. The deck is made of 7ply Canadian Maple Wood and is a professionally graded one.

For cruising or doing tricks, this classically shaped skateboard will be your buddy. It looks super cool with good color combinations and stickers. Also, you can ride on it very smoothly yet steadily.

  • Comes assembled by professional hands.
  • Professional grade product to do tricks or simply ride.
  • Has super durable construction with sturdy wheels.
  • The grip tape is average.

Why Should You Pick It?

Because it’s an excellent product with affordable price. The users & tasters of this board are highly satisfied with the board, so it worth choosing this one.

2. ARCADE Pro Skateboard

ARCADE Pro Skate Board 31" Standard Complete Skateboard Professional Complete Board w/Concave - Skateboards Great for Beginners, Adults, Teens, Youth & Kids (Kitty Karma)

Key Features

  • Construction: This 5lbs skateboard is made of Flexi 7-ply Maple wood. The measurement is 7.75″ x 31.25″. Max shoe size is 12. Extraordinarily large-sized skateboard for all ages.
  • Wheels & Bearings: It has 54mm and 32mm width injected PU wheels with a 95a durometer for better grip and smooth ride. Comes with ABEC-7 bearings which are industry standard.
  • Truck: The truck is built with Aluminum. T6 Aluminum trucks with Carbon Steel axes for smooth rides with safety.
  • Design: Fantastic design with super cool and adorable graphics. This one is called Kitty Karma. There is also available Neon, Lava, Ying Yang Cat, Ducky Tube & Mushroom Dude. All are done by professional graphic designers and look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Assemble: Comes in pre-assembled in the box. The whole body is assembled by professionals.

Look at this beautiful and cute piece of product and let me tell you this one is the best complete pro skateboard. This skateboard has all the splendid features which is a lot. The 7.75″ width board is suitable for kids, teens, adults, or professionals.

It has a concave design with both side kicktails, so it makes it easier for both newbies or professionals to do tricks or flips. This skateboard is pretty much longer and wider than most ordinary boards which make it stand out in the crowd.

  • Extra large size that is suitable for all ages.
  • Super cool and adorable graphic designs.
  • Sturdy wheels, smooth trucks, and strong construction.
  • Smaller people or young kids may find this board a bit heavy.

Why Should You Pick It?

You can see this skateboard is built by keeping one thing in mind- satisfying all aged, sized, or skilled people. Purchasing this amazing baby will be worth every penny of yours.

3. KPC Complete Skateboard

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Black and White Checker

Key Features

  • Wheels & Bearings: The wheels are high rebound urethane with 99a PU and 52mm measurement. Plus, precision ABEC-7 bearings for the smoothest ride for a bumpy or smooth surface.
  • Construction: Constructed with 7-ply maple wood with 7.75″ x 32″ body. It’s larger and wider than other rookie skateboards and it helps to improve the skills.
  • Truck: It has high-quality and heavy-duty Aluminum alloy trucks. The trucks track how or where to move the skateboard a little.
  • Grip Tape: Extremely good quality 80-grit level grip tape to create the standard friction between the shoes and the board surface. The grip tape helps to hold the balance and ensures safety.
  • Assemble: The board comes fully assembled in the box, so no need to tighten or loosen the screws. But, you can paint or customize the grip tape if you want.

Are you a newbie or does your baby want to try skating with you? Then, you should check out this one. This skateboard is specifically tailored for the newbie skaters with extra-large space on the board and high-quality materials.

Not only the construction, but the ride on this board is also super smooth yet steady. Either on a rough or smooth surface, you’ll get a good ride. The board gives a feeling in between flex and stiffness, so you can do commuting or street skating.

  • Suitable for any skilled or aged person.
  • Pre-assembled board by professionals.
  • Can handle weights up to 300lbs.
  • Some people may find the graphic boring.

Why Should You Pick It?

You can pick the best professional skateboard for any newbie or professional rider. It offers the user super comfortable and smooth-riding plus it’s safe to ride on it for the design.

4. Braille Pro-Complete Standard Skateboard

Best Beginner Complete Braille Skateboard Includes Skate Tool, Stickers & Poster (7.75)

Key Features

  • Construction: Made with 7-ply Canadian hard rock Maple wood which gives a feeling of flex with stiffness. It has a body of 7.75″ x 31.5″ which is enough for any size of the person.
  • Trucks: Black sleek trucks with 5″ measurement. The trucks are super responsive and slide very easily offering buttery-smooth rides.
  • Wheels & Bearings: The wheels are 54mm in size with 99a PU. It shows how flexible and solid the wheels are. These wheels prevent wheel bites and maneuvers very fastly.
  • Grip Tape: The excellent grip tape 0S780 is in black color. It saves the rider from injuries and secures the feet by creating the standard friction between the shoe and the board.
  • Assemble: Comes fully assembled in the box. So, just purchase, unbox and you will be ready to ride.

A very decent and classic-shaped skateboard is best for girls, boys, teens, kids, adults, or professionals. The board is made of Maple wood with other most reliable high-quality nuts and bolts.

This amazing skateboard gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skill on the extra-large board surface. The board comes with some other tools and stickers in the package with is a bonus.

  • Super strong & durable with high-quality materials.
  • Easier to move and do tricks.
  • Can move faster and smoother.
  • Not best for difficult rough tricks.

Why Should You Pick It?

These pro skateboards complete the practice sessions of professionals or rookies plus it lasts long even after rough practices. The ride on it was smooth and easy. Plus, it’s one of the best cheapest pro skateboards.

5. Aceshin Complete Pro Skateboard

Skateboard, 31" x 8" Complete PRO Skateboard, 9 Layer Canadian Maple Wood Double Kick Tricks Skate Board Concave Design for Beginner,Gift for Kids Boys Girls Youths (6 - Letter)

Key Features

  • Construction: It has the structure of 9-layered   Canadian Maple wood which is rock hard. A body of 31″ x 8″ that is certainly bigger than any other ordinary board. It can handle weights up to 220lbs.
  • Grip Tape: The top surface is full with the length of grip tape. The grip tape is graphic printed and offers irresistible flex.
  • Wheels & Bearings: Super smooth 85a PU wheels of 55mm with anti-shock and anti-abrasive feature that can roll easily on any bumpy road. ABEC-7 precision stainless alloy bearings that can move faster.
  • Trucks: Heavy-duty 5″ Seagull solid alloy trucks that are super responsive, reliable, and strong.
  • Design: The double kick concave design makes it safe and easier for beginners to perform stunts like 360° or other basic tricks.

Are you a rookie skateboarder? Then, you should choose a skateboard carefully. We know everyone has a dream to ride on the professional boards, that’s when our last-yet-not-least guest comes to light.

It’s a board best for beginners, kids, or teenagers, but it gives the same resembles of pro skateboards. This skateboard simply nails all the fantastic features. You can improve your skills, ride super fast and comfortably on it. Plus, it’s absolutely safe to ride on this board.

  • Super durable and stiff board.
  • It’s best for beginners.
  • Can show and improve basic tricks.
  • Water may damage it.

Why Should You Pick It?

With a decent price, full of all splendid features, constructed with the highest quality materials and industrial standard, this skateboard will win a place in the competition for sure.

Buying Guide for the Best Skateboards for Pros

Being confused in the market seeing so many products? Well, here we are with some knowledge to enlighten you. Here are some features are given below you need to check twice before choosing one-

1. Wheels

All wheels are made of Polyurethane as they are inexpensive yet strong and sturdy. Wheels are in between 50mm to 75mm measurement. 50mm-55mm are smaller in size and they are best for performing all difficult stunts. Rest are bigger in size and they need riser pads to offer swift and smooth-rolling.

2. Deck

Decks are made of fiber, wood, bamboo, aluminum, or titanium. They come in versatile colors, which you may choose as your taste. Now about the measurement and it depends on your size and weight. The ideal width is between 7.5-8 inches and the length is 28 to 32 inches. Find the size according to your own size otherwise wrong size skateboard may injure you while skating.

3. Trucks

The size and placement of the trucks are a crucial part of a skateboard. The length of the axel has to match with the height & width of the trucks, then you can get a proper alignment and smooth like butter ride.

4. Bearings

Bearings help to roll the wheels easily by reducing the wheel-bites and frictions. Steel bearings are super affordable, strong but they need maintenance like oiling or cleanup. Ceramic bearings are expensive but don’t require much maintenance.

The standard measurement of bearing is 7mm outside and the inner side is 8mm. You should choose ABEC bearings as they are the best at tolerance and durability.


What are the pro skateboard brands?

Here are several renowned skateboard brands-

1. Plan B Skateboards

2. CCS Skateboard Complete Skateboards

3. Santa Cruz Skateboards

4. Girl Skateboards

5. KPC Complete Skateboard

What are the best 5 pro skateboards?

The list of top-5 pro skateboards is given below-

1. Baker Brand Logo

2. CCS Skateboard Complete

3. Real Renewal Doves

4. Aceshin Complete Pro Skateboard

5. Real Eclipsing White

What type of skateboards do professionals use?

Many pro riders prefer to use wider decks or gigantic decks, some prefer the normal simple size. It depends on their own taste, skill and preference. Most of them prefer classic shapes with gigantic shape boards.

Final Words

Time to wrap up today! Skateboarding is just a sport where you can freely choose your own style, you have the freedom to risk or create your own style. You must invest your patience and time in the tricks.

This 1950s babe was called “Sidewalk Surfing” at first, later it gradually changed its name. I hope, this article today helped you a bit to choose your skateboard. Thank you for coming now and patiently reading. Have fun buying the best skateboards for pros!

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