Top 4 Atom Longboard Review For Cheap Budget

Whether you use longboards as a mode of communication or just for fun, quality and durability are a must. With the rising popularity of longboards in the youth nowadays, more and more companies are coming into the market with new longboards. But which brand to trust?

One of these popular brands that make longboards for all kinds of use is Atom. They have a lot of options to choose from with a variety of designs and price ranges.

So today, in this Atom longboard review, we will find out whether or not this brand is worth your money.

We’ve selected the best 4 options from the brand and dissected them for you. So if there are any articles you need to read to be sure about buying from this brand, this one’s it.

Top 4 Atom Longboard Review

Can’t seem to decide which Atom longboard to get? Check out our reviews to find out which one suits your needs the best.

1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 39 Inch

Longboards without a good grip can be too hard to ride for beginners. Sometimes, professionals also don’t prefer them because they are hard to balance on.

This 39-inch longboard from Atom comes with a silicon carbide of 80 grit. You could wear shoes of any kind and still stand perfectly still on the longboard. This is a great feature if you’re a beginner as it helps build your longboard skills. The board itself is constructed of high-quality maple wood.

And this kind of wood is amazing if you’re looking for durability. It can take on a lot of weight without cracking or bending. Therefore, carving and freestyling are safer and easier.

Worried, the cool blue design on the board will fade? No way! This graphic design is a photo-heat transfer-made. You can wash the longboard as much as you want, leave it under the scorching heat, and nothing will happen. Even the friction of your shoe can do no damage to this board.

Wheels on this Atom longboard measure 51mm wide and 62m in diameter. These are also high rebound wheels. So you can ride over small pebbles and rocks without damaging the wheels. They are not affected by collision or high-impact landings.

 Now let’s get to the tucks portion of this Atom Drop Deck Longboard review. The longboard with a basic 35-degree base comes with quite typical kingpin trucks. They will get you through the day but are not the best for sliding.

  • Made with maple plywood
  • High rebound wheels that are great for any kind of terrain
  • Photo-heat transfer graphics design
  • Silicone carbide of 80 grit for better balance
  • Not good for sliding

2. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

Pintail longboards are great for a lot of tasks. They can be used on sandy terrains so you can take them to the beach. You can also take these out and use them as a method of transportation. They can also be used to perform and build skills and tricks.

The multi-colored pintail atom longboard is quite the looker! And the classic surfer style print on this longboard will surely turn some heads. We don’t think you’ll want to add more customization to the board with this much detail and attention to the design.

This amazing design is also here for the long run. Even if it comes in contact with water, the design won’t fade. Hours under the sun will also not affect it. The grip tape top protects it from all kinds of scratches and stains. You can completely rely on a deck that is maple laminated such as this one.

Moreover, the durability of this longboard is remarkable. It’s great for both learners and professionals. With ABEC 5 bearings, you get a lot of control over this longboard. You can ride smoothly and break without effort. In a way, this feature helps make this longboard a lot safer.

Something we must mention in the Euratom Pintail Longboard review is that it is a bit large. You can use the board for activities that need more balance. But a lot of users have had issues fitting this thing into a bag.

  • Pintail-shaped and large
  • Makes turning easier for beginners
  • ABEC 5 bearings for better control
  • Maple laminated construction
  • Can carry heavy weight without breaking or bending
  • Not travel-friendly

3. Atom Electric B10 Skateboard 

If you’re willing to go a bit over budget, we would highly recommend you get an electric longboard. Not only are these great for students, but they’re great for adults as well. You can use them for your commute easily. They are just like bikes, compact and fun to ride, but safer!

The Atom Electric B10 is an exceptional one. It comes with a mighty 1000W motor. So it can take you places quite fast. Once you get the hang of it, you can reach places about 10 to 15 minutes faster than usual. This 36-volt battery will last you up to 2 hours. The Li-ion battery also does not take that much time to charge completely.

A small little controller is all you need to ride this thing safely around town. It’s quite user-friendly and allows you to ride smoothly. The brakes are not sudden, either. Don’t worry; you won’t go flying off of this thing! When you’re parked or braking, the battery regenerates. This is so you can go the extra mile.

Are you worried about how to carry this thing around with you? Well, the whole construction weighs just 11 pounds! You can easily put this in your bag and carry it around with you. The longboard won’t weigh you down.

This Atom Electric Longboard review will surely make you want to buy this product! Trust us; it’s worth the hype.

  • Mega 1000W battery
  • Charges fast and quick and last up to 2 hours non-stop
  • Regenerates battery when parked or braked
  • Weighs just 11 pounds, easy to travel with
  • The controller gives you softer brakes and a higher speed
  • Kind of expensive
  • Needs a lot of practice to get used to the speed

4. ATOM 21″ Mini Retroh Molded Skateboard

If you’re looking for a good-quality longboard that you can use for multiple occasions, you’ve found one. Check out this Atom all-terrain longboard review to know why.

For better control and grip, this longboard comes with a high-grade 80S grip tape. This tape holds you in place and keeps you there. A feature like this is great to have in all-terrain longboards. You won’t slip and fall when riding over pebbles or rocks.

ABEC 9 bearings help you get better control as well. Brake smoothly and safely. Bearings like this also keep your longboard protected from damage when you’re riding a bit too rough.

The wheels that you get with this longboard have a high rebound, perfect for all-terrain use. Made with urethane, these wheels will also last you a long time—no need to replace them as often.

You can ride the longboard over rough roads without getting any dents or holes in the wheels. This is because the material has a lot of giving. For a longer lifetime, the deck itself is made of polycarbonate.

This helps make the longboard lighter and easier to carry around. Polycarbonate responds better to shock and impact. So you can drop this thing a couple of times before getting cracks on it.

  • Multi-functional all-terrain longboard
  • 80S grip for better control and balance
  • ABEC 9 bearings give you safer rides and protect the longboard
  • Urethane wheels that are high rebound
  • Polycarbonate deck is lighter and more durable
  • Cannot take much weight

What to Look for before Buying

Before you go ahead and buy a longboard for yourself, there are some features and functions that you need to keep an eye out for. Such as:

Type of Longboard

It would take us a whole new article to note down the kinds of longboards available in the market now. We’ve mentioned a few of the most popular kinds on our Atom Drop Deck Longboard review. There’s a kind for everyone. Some of the main ones and their functionalities are:


This is one of the most basic kinds of longboards. It is great for beginners. The main feature of cruiser longboards is that it is top-mounted.

You can see our selected best top mount longboard if you want.


If you like riding for fun, carving, and cruising, you will love this one. It is less flexible but great for riding with speed.


As the name suggests, these are made for carving. The wheels on these are cut into them, similar to a car’s construction.


Known best for being stiff and rigid, these boards are great for people who love speed. They have more details and are built with more care for your safety. 


Dance boards are enormous. Longboard dancing is wildly popular in Europe. The boards are made to help you with balance and posture.


This feature plays a great role in curve and taking turns—the wider and larger the longboard, the better the balance.

But wide and large longboards are not practical. So you will have to determine what size longboard you need depending on how you plan on using it. It would help if you mainly kept an eye on the width and the length of the base of the longboard.


No matter what style of longboard you buy, durability is something that we all need. Also, no one wants to keep on buying longboards every other month. Check out what material the board is made out of before you purchase it. How much weight the board can carry will also determine how durable the longboard is.


Round lip, square longboard, and rubber are only a few kinds of wheels available on longboards nowadays. It would help if you chose longboards with wheels that can ride over pebbles without getting punctured.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Still, got questions about longboards? Check out our frequently asked questions to clear out any existing confusion.

What are push longboards?

Push longboards are mainly used for commuting. Their structure makes them easier to push and, therefore, easier to ride.

What is the difference between longboards and skateboards?

Longboards are generally longer than skateboards, and they feel different when riding. Other than that, the general shape and design are quite similar.

What kind of longboard is best for beginners?

An all-terrain longboard will be the best option for beginners. This is because the longboard gives you more balance and is steadier than other ones. And this helps you learn with confidence as you feel safer.

Can longboarding be considered as exercise?

If you ride long enough to get your heart going, you could burn a few calories. But longboarding alone can never be considered an exercise. Keep track of how many calories you burn with a Fitbit. You can lose weight if you can burn your desired calories using a longboard.

 Do you need to wear a helmet when longboarding?

Yes, you do. There can be no compromise with safety. Whether you use the longboard for fun and entertainment or as a commute, you need a helmet nonetheless.

Final Words

You’ll find all you need to know about this brand and its products in this Atom longboard review. We’ve ensured to add all the details that are necessary to make a smart choice.

Riding can be so much fun if you have the right longboard by your side. We’re sure you’ll find your perfect longboard with our guidance.

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