Volador Longboard Review in 2023 : Complete User Guide

Skating is fun. Who doesn’t like seeing people making critical turns without injuries? I love it. If you are a skater, Voladorlongboard is suitable for everyone. This is the most known and popularly used by many skaters. With this longboard, you only need a little effort to ride it. Also, if you skate for passion, you can use this Volador freeride longboard to travel for both long and short distances to save your fare.

More so, from a glance picture, this Freeride Longboardlooks classy with an attractive super-naturalistic design. If you wish to take skating to another level, then this is the perfect package for you.

Using these freeride longboards is easy because what you need is to balance yourself. Due to this reason, it remains the best because it can also be used by beginners/amateurs.  I thought you should try to consider it.

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser (Drop through Deck – Camber concave)

As I have introduced above, freeride longboard is made from durable materials to extend its lifespan. The trucks of this freeride longboard are adjustable to up to 55 degrees to enable you to control your sharp turns at a critical condition.

It is affordable despite its super-class wheels. Due to this feature, the freeride longboard can tackle all surfaces.

 It has a strong board deck of 9 inches wide, providing enough space for larger feet too. Also, this wider surfaced deck board makes it suitable for both heavier and lighter riders to use it comfortably.

This longboard has a symmetrical design to enable you to be safe from wheel-bite. It is built from a hard ply rock maple that is of high quality containing epoxy glue. This ensures the reliability and durability of the skate.

The freeride longboard has a super-fix cambered deck that ensures more manoeuvrability and works as a shock absorber. This package has the ability to accommodate up to 250 lbs. weight with lots of ease.

Therefore, if you are a tall guy and little overweight looking for a freeride that will not disappoint you, then you should consider VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser.

Furthermore, the board is 42 inches wide spacious enough for all long and short kids, toddlers, men, and even women. In short, it has a large space for everyone. Therefore, you are sure of enough space.

Therefore, choosing this freeride longboard will be the best choice if you wish to start or continue smooth skating.

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Features of VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

  • Stiff 8-ply rock maple construction

As per its price, the material used to construct its deck is fantastic. It is built using a ply hard natural rock maple. More so, the deck is solid with epoxy glue, meaning that your freeride longboard will last long in service.

Without forgetting, the material used to make this package is eco-friendly.

  • Reverse trucks

It has a 7-inch reverse kingpin with a T-shaped metallic truck piece connecting the deck to the wheels. For our case, this freeride longboard has adjustable trucks up to 50 degrees. This is great when making critical turns.

  • Wide symmetrical deck

For those who love long decks, this freeride longboard remains your choice because it has a deck of 42 inches to provide enough space. This makes this model beginner’s choice.

This vast surface is suitable to accommodate heavier riders too. Don’t you see this is amazing? Get this model and enjoy this great feature.

  • Polyurethane wheels

It has excellent wheels made of 78A polyurethane. This is the total assurance of a smooth and relaxed ride. Therefore, amateurs can experience great with this model because it needs little effort.

They are durable, giving the wheels ability to remain in service for many years without replacing them. Also, the strong and smooth wheels ensure the rider’s safety because you can tackle all types of grounds.

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  • Bearings

Its wheel comes with superb precision ABEC 9 bearings that are very smooth. These bearings enable the longboard to do better even under heavyweight. This is a great assurance to even heavyweight people that they will have enough fun with this model.

  • Weight throughput

Despite not being the sturdiest model, it can still support up to 250 lbs. weight without any problems. This freeride longboard is designed to accommodate everyone, be it kids, men, women, and even toddlers.

Pros & Cons


Are you still holding doubts about the goodness of VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser? Below I have sampled the benefits of this model.

  • Stable– this 42 inch freeride longboard is popularly known for its long-lasting ability. This makes it suitable for beginners because it enables you to balance easily and use little effort.
  • Shock absorber– this is another impressive feature with VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser.  Shock is absorbed, making you enjoy the smooth and tireless ride. Despite its price, this is amazing!
  • Affordable– don’t worry about its price because it is accessible even to those people with fixed budgets. Its cost is equivalent to its high quality and performance.
  • Great design– turning with this model is easy and quick despite being long. After mastering all techniques, you will have smooth and sharp turns.
  • Fantastic design– this board remains your perfect choice because of aesthetics. The graphics and colors are perfectly mixed and fixed for you. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser is a great deal that you should consider.


Everyone/everything has dark sides. Even coins have two sides, i.e. the head and the tail. Therefore, as much as this product is beneficial, it has some weaknesses.

  • Improvement of the bearing quality is necessary. This may interfere with the overall functioning of the freeride longboard.
  • Inferior grip tape– this tape can quickly wear and wrinkle. Therefore replace it frequently to continue enjoying the ride.

Buyers guide on VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

I have seen many cases where people go to the market and return home without buying what they had planned. Due to this problem, below are some of the factors considered before purchasing a Freeride Longboard.


This is the outlook appearance of something. Design becomes attractive when perfected.

Freeride longboard has a large body of 42 inches constructed using a rigid chambered deck, making it flexible for manoeuvrability and giving the model ability to absorb shock.

Therefore, choosing this model will be a significant step because you will have enough space to enjoy comfortable rides. Due to this feature, the model becomes suitable to even amateurs.

Trucks and wheels

Everyone wishes to have smooth and chilly rides. Choose a skate that will arouse your spirits when riding.  Therefore, a freeride longboard is here to ensure that you enjoy the ride to the fullest.

The wheels of this model are excellent on all terrains. It has ABEC9 bearing precision that enables it to roll freely. What about the reverse Kingpin trucks? They can be adjusted up to 50 degrees to keep the deck safe from wheel bites.

Therefore if you are planning to buy a high quality freeride longboard, this is the best model in the market. Don’t fear to make decisions for yourself. Get in the market and have this model. You will attest to its greatness later.

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There might be many freeride longboards innovatively and creatively made in the market, but this model is beyond bars. The way the manufacturer mixed and fixed materials make it attractive.

Before deciding on which freeride longboard to purchase, look at the artwork. Even though it is quality and durability of nature, and this model will keep you safe from scratches while manoeuvring and sliding.

Why don’t you get this model and experience all its features?


Durability should enable you to know what material is used to make a particular product. No one feels good buying something that has a short lifespan.

Therefore, a freeride longboard is here for you. The material used to construct this model is a natural ply hard rock to enhance durability. Other parts like trucks are made of metals to improve safety and extending the model’s lifespan.

Also, its wheels come with precision ABEC 9bearings to enhance the longevity of the model. Therefore, all these are good reasons why you should buy this freeride longboard.


Price is another vital factor you should consider. Sometimes you may have an excellent plan to buy a particular product, but when you reach the market, you get confused about which one is relatively cheaper. I always say, “Don’t buy something that will leave your pocket dry”.

Therefore, without forgetting quality, choose a product that is pocket friendly. Due to this reason, Voladorfreerides longboard review is the most affordable and less priced model that is suitable for you. Don’t worry about the quality because it is the most top rated freeride longboard.


This is another factor that is very crucial because it determines how big or small the freeride longboard you need. Many consumers have different preferences when it comes to size.

Freeride longboard has a large deck to accommodate even longer feet. This makes the model suitable for both amateurs and experienced people.

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser is best for


As the name suggests, this longboard remains the best when it comes to cruising. Its bearings are not good enough for high speed and, therefore, not suitable for downhill sliding.

You can use this board to cover over 10-yard distances. If you are a new cruiser, this model makes you enjoy a smooth ride on the streets.

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Beginners are the most people who are associated with VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser. Using this board is very easy because of its spacious deck.

This board turns quickly, enabling you to manoeuvre around. Therefore, all these features make it best for beginners.

Frequently asked questions one VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

  • Are the trucks of VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser adjustable?

Of course, YES. The model’s trucks can be adjusted up to 50 degrees to keep them safe from wheel bite when you manoeuvre around.

  • Can freeride longboard be used by a downhill rider and a slider?

YES. It features a design for all people. However, its composition is not meant for such because it may break due to ice and rocks. I cannot recommend this to you.

  • Can I use VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser for carving?

Of course, YES. This is because of its ability to turn quickly. If you wish to make carves, this model will work better for you.

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  • What is an ideal board for beginners?

YES.  VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser equipped with a spacious deck providing enough space for a starter to gain stability and balance themself.

Stability in the broader surface is more accessible than the smaller surface. Its medium wheels make it better for beginners. You enjoy the smooth and relaxed ride.

  • What is the material used to manufacture VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser’s wheel bearings?

Its wheel comes with superb precision ABEC 9 bearings that are very smooth. These bearings enable the longboard to do better even under heavyweight.


After going through the above article, I hope by now you have the knowledge you have been looking for about VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser.

I have tried to provide enough information about this model by elaborating on its basic features, advantages, and disadvantages, and what you should consider before buying freeride longboards; the product is best for who and frequently asked questions.

From the above long discussion, you can acquiesce that despiteVOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser made for everyone, it is the best board for beginners.

This model is of high quality but affordable, meaning that even those people with fixed budgets can purchase this product. This freeride bade is excellent because of its ability to make sharp turns. Due to this reason, it can also be used for both cruising and sliding.

Therefore, up to this juncture, you have all the reasons to buy VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser after going through our Volador longboard review.

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