Tremendous Two Retrospec Skateboard Review of All Time

Skateboarding has always been a fun hobby for the youngsters out there. The cold breeze cutting through while you skate through the busy roads is the heavenly feeling we all crave for. Retrospec skateboards have always been on top feeding the enthusiasm of millions. Our Retrospec skateboard review can help you get the right one for your next skating joyride. Let’s hop in! 

Top 2 Retrospec Skateboard Review 

1. Retrospec Quip Skateboard Classic Retro 

Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5" and 27" Classic Retro Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard with ABEC 7 Bearings and PU Wheels

Key Features

  • Injection Molded: Built with perfection, this injection molded 27 inches Retro street cruiser is all you can ask for. It is made with the fashion of the ’70s in mind. 
  • Polyurethane Cast: It offers extremely smooth gliding when you ride on it. The wheels are solidified with a highly flexible PU cast, increasing durability and stability. 
  • Soft Wheels: The wheels are soft yet durable in configuration. It can soak up even the dampest weather of the season yet help you nail the road. 
  • Carbon Bearings: Built with premium quality ABEC-7 carbon speed. These lightweight bearings are all for high-speed rotation. 
  • Narrow Ride: This 1.7 kg classic skateboard can fit through any lane, even any 5 inches truck is suitable to ride on this board. 

Wherever you go, take the Classic Retrospective Quip Skateboard with you. It can alter the fun on your way. This small but powerful skateboard can be your next dream ride. 

Classic Retrospective Quip Skateboard is an equally balanced, sufficiently charmful, and proportional joyride even for the most cynical skaters. It is easy to hold and comes in a size that is feasible for anyone. 

This feasible quip skateboard is capable of a full day-long ride just the day you bring it in. Its ergonomic structure will rock the roadside bangs and walk-away bumps as if nothing can get in your way.  

There is an endless combination you can choose from. You can synchronize them with your outfit, weather, and mostly with your personality. A colorful and high-performance skateboard below $100 is all you can ask for in your next summer trip.  Let’s learn a bit more about retrospec quip skateboard 27 review.

  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Fits in your backpack and is suitable for transportation.
  • Durable plastic configuration.
  • Suitable for any narrow lane.
  • Well balanced, better control and maneuverability.
  • Weight limit is 220lbs only

Final Thought 

After analyzing the retrospec quip skateboard review, it can be said the Classic Retrospec Quip is fun and free to ride on. It gives you the ultimate freedom to glide by the roadways of California with style, performance, and a good value for money. 

2. Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete 

Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete | Canadian Maple Wood Deck w/ 5.5 Inch Aluminum Alloy Trucks for Commuting, Cruising, Carving & Downhill Riding | 31” x 7.5”, Modern Terracota

Key Features

  • Polyurethane Wheels: This ideal Canadian maple skateboard is featured with premium quality polyurethane wheels. There remains a significant amount of hollow area to provide users with awesome tricks and stunts. 
  • Sturdy Configuration: It is a 31*7.5″ skateboard featured with a 5.5 inches aluminum compound truck. There are carbon steel kingpins in the configuration. Overall, this skateboard is extremely durable and suitable for any rough use. 
  • Quality Bearing: Durable rubber dust covers are guarding the wheels which ensures protection against dust and dirt. The ABEC-7 precision bearings are of quality level to enhance the stability of your ride. 
  • Comfortable Grip and Roll: With the highest features offered in this skateboard, it makes sure you get an ultimate hold of grip and swift rollings all the way. 

People who have a special liking for wooden skateboards must check out the new Retrospec Alameda Skateboard. It expresses the beauty of Canadian maple wood at its best. 

The gentle touch of the wooden layout and the aesthetic structure of the beautiful maple pattern is all you can get for your next Christmas gift. 

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first time with a skateboard or you are a professional skater, Alameda skateboard will completely crush and smash the rough road for you. 

For skaters who just want a smooth stroll around their neighborhood, Alameda is all there for you as well. It is built to elevate users’ confidence under any circumstances and hasty surroundings. 

It comes all handy and is assembled in full shape when you open the package. Hence, there is no need to go through additional lifting spending your time and energy. Rather, invest them in riding the skateboard with fun and quality. 

  • Classic wooden design with maple wood construction.
  • Durable and waterproof.
  • Suitable for rough use under different circumstances.
  • Easy to control and learn for beginners.
  • Holds the stability for you.
  • Tightened trucks.

Final Thought

It is a classic skateboard for beautiful minds out there. The sophisticated design with gentle wooden design is all the enthusiastic skaters can ask for. It is also heavily durable and fit for the road. 

What Is Retrospec Skateboard?

Restrospec Skateboard is a trustworthy company where you can afford both expensive, cheap, and high-quality skateboards. There are different types of highways, some inaccessible and some flat roads. But retrospec is technically built so it can fit on any type of road. Also, they set the wheels in a way that helps to avoid accidents.

The special feature of retrospec skateboard is it offers different types and the best quality boards for riders. This company’s product is very convenient for beginners. Moreover, its durability, attractiveness, and graphics decks satisfy the customer enough. Thus Retrospec Skateboard has a 50-day return policy. Different types, sizes, and colors will surely impress the customer.

Retrospec Skateboard Decks

The long portion of the retrospec skateboard decks is made of 7-8 layers of bamboo. Besides the original skateboard is made of 100% Canadian maple wood and tries to provide its durability at the highest level.

The most interesting thing is it is made firmly and on the other hand, it is possible to run by swift due to its lightweight. Even if you use it regularly for a long time, your deck will remain durable for a long period. Along with that, you will find retrospec boards in different colors and sizes.

If you want you can change the deck of the board and other components such as wheels, truck, etc. All of them are separately available in Retrospec. It gained popularity due to its own style.

Retrospec Skateboard Trucks

Retrospec boards are made of high-quality trucks that are strongly built up with steel. These trucks can be driven for a long time even with a lot of pressure. As a result, people of any weight can use it.

In addition, the truck has an inverted Kingpin so that the corners of the board are sharpened. As a result, sharp places or beaks can be run easily. This board is easy to use for the rider, experienced or new user and its price is affordable.

Retrospec Skateboard Wheels

The quality of the board depends on the quality of the wheels. When the wheel is fast and stable, the rider can move easily. There is a big difference between the wheel diameter of a Retrospec skateboard and the normal wheel diameter. Its diameter is about 52 mm

The diameter of the Retrospec skateboard is different from the diameter of the normal board made with a normal 75 (A) durometer. But this company has used a 95 (A) durometer which is suitable for controlling, rotating, driving in hilly areas. Plus, they also use a soft grip on wheels which makes it easy to run on the pitch and long-lasting.

Retrospec Skateboard Bearings

Bearing is an important component for a skateboard because it is the metal part inside the wheel that helps to speed up and can control. It is mainly made of steel or ceramic. But Retrospec boards are made of titanium and ceramics so it is improved and more tolerant. Moreover, they can run at a push-free speed. As a result, it has a higher customer rating which is 8-9.

In addition, these bearings are suitable for all types of riders. But keep them clean regularly to get durable and long-lasting service.

Retrospec Skateboard FaQ

Are Retrospec boards good?

Yes, Retrospec boards are great among different brands. The boards are made of premium-quality materials and are suitable for all levels of riders. 

Where is Retrospec skateboards made?

Retrospec skateboards are both build and designed in California, USA.

Generally, the the boards are made of 7-8 layers of bamboo. However, you’ll find some boards made of molded plastic and wood.

Is Retrospec a good penny board brand?

Retrospec is a renowned skateboard and longboard brand. I would suggest some other brands for choosing penny boards. Plus, you won’t find professional retrospec penny board review. But if you require a longboard or skateboard we would suggest Retrospec.

The Verdict

The main purpose of this content is to suggest the best Retrospec Skateboard. Well, we couldn’t find lots of the best collection of Retrospec. So, we didn’t make the content overwhelming for our visitors. We recommend the 2 best Retrospec Skateboard review of all time.

In addition, we have discussed a few facts about the Retrospec skateboard. A quick read-through of the topics will help you understand which one of our recommended products is the best for you.

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