Best Skateboard Helmet: Cool Helmets Reviews and Buying Guide

One of the most thrilling and entertaining outdoor activities is skateboarding. Nonetheless, you will need a skateboard of your own and also other specific gear if you want to catch this thrilling experience.

It’s essential to wear helmets for the beginners’ skateboard to run. Once you get your top-rated skateboard, the next thing is to get a helmet. In this post, we look at some of the best skateboard helmets reviews that you can go for.

Why Use this Guide

Choosing the best skating helmets isn’t easy because of the many brands that we have today. This guide has compared several helmet designs from various brands and rounded up the best in terms of design, price, features, ratings, feedback, and bestsellers.

We spent over 76 hours doing this, so you won’t have to do it. We, therefore, recommend that you read it through to get all your facts right and pick the very best helmet now. Additionally, we have also included a buying guide to help you in making other choices too.

Read along.

#1. JBM CPSC ASTM Certified Impact Resistance Skateboard Helmet

Designed for multi-outdoor use, JBM CPSC ASTM Certified Impact Resistance Skateboard Helmet is one of the best skating helmets to buy for yourself or gift a loved one anytime you choose to.

The helmet can be found in multiple colors and is designed for high-level impact resistance. Thanks to the durable, tough shell that the design adopts.

On top of that is a soft liner that’s specifically added to provide the best cushioning and to absorb any form of external pressure that may have been caused by any resultant crash while skating too.

Because of its cool design, wearing this scooter/skating helmet will really feel pretty safe and much more confident.

For better air circulation, this helmet also enjoys multiple vents and special aerodynamic technology that gives it the needed breathability.

Therefore, it will help you reduce sweating and leave you feeling really calm during intense body movements.

Nonetheless, the helmet’s multiple strap design gives it a perfect fit on the wearer’s head that many adults love.

 Adopt this lightweight helmet and find no additional pressure on your head. Indeed this is one of the cool skateboard helmets to buy!

  • Multiple colors
  • High level impact resistance
  • Soft liner
  • Best longboarding helmet
  • Best cushioning and to absorb any form of external pressure
  • Multiple vents, and special aerodynamic technology
  • Lightweight helmet
  • No Anti-Fogging

#2. Flybar Dual Kids & Adult Certified CPSC Multi Sport and Skateboard Helmet

Like the other best longboard helmet before it, the Flybar Dual Kids & Adult Certified CPSC Multi-Sport and cheap skateboard helmets also come in a variety of nine colors to choose from or wear.

The helmet has been approved by the CPSC & ASTM Safety Certification body. It can therefore be used so much comfortably for longboarding, bicycling, roller, skateboarding, and also in-line skating.

For the perfect fit, you should measure the main circumference of your head start in the middle forehead to make sure that you attain the correct size) before you get back and do the same for your helmet.

And in case you don’t want to do that, you can use the helmet’s adjustable spin dial on its back to make sure that you get exactly that type of fit.

Even so, this best skate helmet also enjoys strong abs on its outer shell and foam lining on the inside to protect your head upon impact.

  • Approved by the CPSC & ASTM Safety Certification
  • Adjustable spin dial
  • Strong abs on its outer shell
  • Best longboarding helmet
  • Foam lining in the inside
  • Less aerodynamic

#3. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Helmet for Skating

Next in line comes from the highly recognized protect skateboard helmets. It is one of the top designs that will cushion your head against any form of skateboard-related collision in case of an accident.

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Helmet for Skating is made out of high-impact abs shell for any high-end collision, fall, or accident with a certified EPS liner in case you will require multiple impact protection.

The compression liner pads will also provide you with maximum comfort when you choose to wear this helmet.

And to keep your head in the cool zone, this helmet also comes with 11 breathable vents for the same purpose too.

It has an adjustable length strap for a snug fit design that comes with a buckle along the strap for safe and secure locking.

  • Certified EPS liner
  • High-impact abs shell
  • Compression liner pads
  • 11 breathable vents
  • Adjustable length strap for a snug fit design
  • No ear slots
  • No hand laid fiber glass shell

#4. Pro-Tec Classic Helmet for Skating

Another one of the top protect helmets is the Pro-Tec Classic Helmet for Skating. This helmet is a performer and will leave you with so many super cool features.

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

For starters, this helmet enjoys a variety of colors that you can easily make your choice from depending on the color you prefer or what blends in well with your personal skating gear.

In addition to that, it also enjoys a high-impact ABS shell construction with an upgraded 2-stage foam liner for an added edge when it comes to top durability.

The shell is also wrapped in the Dri-Lex from the inside for maximum riding comfort whenever you use these rather stylish protective cheap Longboard helmets.

Its classic design and styling also come with 11 vents for quick air circulation and maximum cooling effect even under the most demanding conditions.

And thanks to its snug fit design, you can easily use the included adjustable strap with a buckle any time.

  • Variety of colors
  • High-impact abs shell construction
  • Upgraded 2-stage foam liner
  • Wrapped in the dri-lex from the inside
  • 11 vents for a quick air circulation
  • Adjustable strap with a buckle
  • No extra fit pad

#5. Triple 8 Downhill Skateboard Racing Helmet

After the protec skate helmets, the next design is the Triple 8 Downhill Skateboard Racing Helmet.

And like the high-end protect helmets that we have seen, this stylish and unique helmet actually meets the CPSC 1203 bike and the ASTM F1952 downhill racing standards.

It enjoys a rugged look that gives it the fierce touch and design of a speedo, and more importantly, its hand-laid fiberglass shell is of high quality with a touch of an exclusively unique shatter-resistant flip-up visor.

For most riders, though, the helmet’s aerodynamic design is pretty cool as it limits the high wind resistance that you will come across along the way.

Inside the helmet is an added EPS foam liner with a unique velvet lining for maximum comfort.

Each Triple 8 Downhill helmet is customized to fit and comes with an extra fit pad insert and an adjustable strap with a buckle to prevent wobbling along with rides.

  • ASTM F1952 downhill racing standards
  • Shatter resistant flip-up visor
  • Hand-laid fiberglass shell
  • Aerodynamic design
  • High wind resistance
  • Eps foam liner
  • Extra fit pad insert
  • Adjustable strap with a buckle
  • Lower number of vents
  • Limited (Single) color

#6. TSG Pass Best Longboard Helmet

With its multi-layered glass fiber shell, TSG Pass Best Longboard Helmet is one of the cool skateboard helmets that you can buy today.

Its unique design gives it a high precision for the high ratio of surface area to weight. This results in one of the strongest but also a light full-face helmet.

Thanks to its wide viewing angle, it offers maximum visibility, which won’t also cut off the rider’s peripheral vision.

Engineered with high anti-fogging technology and a combination of ventilation for easy breathability, this helmet is undoubtedly the best longboard helmet.

And unlike the other designs that we have seen, this one also comes with ear slots that will allow you to enjoy a clear perception of all the ambient noises.

Cheek pads are also adjustable and well customized to fit the many different heads comfortably. The inner liner is also removable and washable.

And if you are worried about the perfect fit, it will do you justice to know that the shell is actually designed around the shape of the human head and comes with a shorter front than the other helmets.

  • Light full-face helmet
  • Maximum visibility
  • Wide viewing angle
  • High anti-fogging technology
  • Ventilation for easy breathability
  • Cheek pads are also adjustable
  • Pricey compared to the rest

#7. TSG Pass Pro Skateboard Helmet with Carbon Graphic Design

Certified with the International Downhill Federation and in-lined with the epic EPS Impact foam for maximum penetration resistance and even energy distribution, TSG Pass Pro Skateboard Helmet with Carbon Graphic Design is a performer.

TSG - Pass Full-face Helmet with Two Visors Included | for Downhill Skateboarding, E-Skating, E-Onewheeling, Longboarding | MOlive, Small

It enjoys using two spherical lens geometry that will support a distortion-free vision across the visor and through to the periphery.

Once you buy the helmet, you will also get two visors, typically a mirrored visor and a tinted and clear visor.

These are best for several lighting conditions and come with an anti-fog coating on the inside while on the outside an anti-scratch treatment that will protect the helmet from the wear and tear that is often initiated with the sun’s UV and UVB rays.

You can also add foam wedges around the cheeks pads to easily adjust the thickness and give your helmet a perfect fit to all faces.

It is durable with carbon-reinforced fiber and enjoys top window sealing on the visor to prevent inward airflow.

  • Two spherical lens geometry
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-scratch treatment
  • Easily adjust the thickness
  • Durable with carbon reinforced fiber
  • Top window sealing on the visor
  • Inner liner not removable

#8. Wipeout Dry Erase Kids’ Skate, Bike, Longboard, and Scooter Helmet

The Wipeout Dry Erase Kids’ Skate, Bike, Longboard, and Scooter Helmet pack includes five non-toxic markers.

The markers are dry erase and have an included pencil kit that will help you and your kids design personalized, customized fit helmet designs.

It is a fun way of doing things, and you will have a sturdy and extremely stylish helmet that your kids can enjoy using every other day.

Here is the best part. Your kids can even draw and stencil their own designs on the shell of the helmet and later erase to start over for another fresh look top look and personalized design.

More importantly, it is dual certified for bik, and skates use, so you don’t have to spend double. It complies with the U.S. CPSC and ASTM safety standards for skateboarding and even tricks roller skating.

  • Customized fit helmet designs
  • Included pencil kit
  • Best longboarding helmet
  • Sturdy and extremely stylish helmet
  • Complies with the U.S. CPSC and ASTM safety standards
  • Dual certified for bike and also skate use
  • No Velvet lining

#9. GIORO Skateboard High Impact Resistance Safe Helmet

To wrap up our safest skateboard helmet reviews is the GIORO Skateboard High Impact Resistance Safe Helmet.

This helmet enjoys a precise adjustment touch from its adjustable nylon straps that will allow you to easily personalize the helmet for a snug fit design around your head easily.

It also has a quick-release buckle for an easy to take off and to take on design. The design is amped with a dial on the helmet’s back section so you can achieve a safe fit.

Nonetheless, this helmet also enjoys high durability and top-level impact resistance. Thanks to its strong ABS outer shell cover with an additional 2CM EPS foam lining from the inside that allows for an even spread of impact energy.

It can therefore absorb external pressure easily in case of a crash along with your skating activities. The helmet also enjoys a breathable design because of its special aerodynamic design.

This design includes breathable foam that will keep sweating on the lowest levels and 11 vents to easily help you to cool your head along with the summer’s intense heat activities.

The multi-sports helmet is light in weight and also certified by the CPSC & ASTM safety standards.

  • Precise adjustment
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Snug fit design around your head
  • Dial on the helmet’s back section
  • Strong ABS outer shell cover
  • 2CM EPS foam lining
  • 11 vents to easily help you to cool
  • Certified by the CPSC & ASTM safety
  • Allows for Inward airflow

Best Skateboard Helmet Buying Guide

If you want to buy the best skateboard helmet for your loved ones, here is a simple buying guide that will help you round up the very best design.


Helmets main job is to keep you safe. Look for safe and durable construction material. This will mean going with high-end materials. The best materials for dual-purpose helmets are usually high-impact ABS for the shell.

The EPS liner is also an added advantage in case you require protection from multiple impact accidents and falls. Look for tested and proven EPS liners that will give you an even distribution of impact energy to minimize damage.

The Design

This will depend on your taste and preferences and the amount of money you are willing to pay for your helmet. Helmets with visors will cost much, unlike the plain mountain biking helmets.

Typically, visor helmets also require anti-fogging touch to maximize clarity and visibility. This is unlike the normal helmets that are open and have no viewing window except for your facial surface.

The Weight

You don’t want to race downhill on your longboard or take the best chop with tons of weight above your head – that isn’t cool, really. That’s why we insist on going with a lightweight helmet.

This should be the basic fundamental thought when you go online to find your next top-rated cool skateboard helmets.

Perfect Fit

A perfect fit helmet is good in many ways. It reduces wobbling, discomfort and allows you to concentrate on enjoying your rides. To get a perfect fit helmet, it is important to know the size of your head.

Measure the circumference of your head and that of the helmet to find out if they match. Additionally, you can also go for snug fit designs and other cool designs that will allow you to add in more foam pads.

The Price

Price plays a crucial role in buying your helmet. For the best skating helmets, it is important that you first determine what you are willing to spend, create a budget of your own, and finally shop around for the best skating helmets.

Just remember the following:-

  • Don’t buy on impulse
  • Shop and compare prices
  • Take your time (be patient)
  • Pricey doesn’t mean ideal

Note: The best longboard helmet should address your needs. Going with your needs as the main pointer to what you buy is therefore very important.


A breathable design will allow you to keep sweat levels on the low. To get high style breathability from your skating board helmet, you can always look out for additional vents or two-stage foam liners.


Color or hue only adds to the style of the helmet. Well, this is really simple, and all you need to do is either find the best color for your needs or one that blends with your design. We recommend going with your favorite color.


Here are some additional questions that will shed more light on how to find the best skateboard helmet for your use.

How Do I Measure the Circumference of My Head?

To measure the circumference of your head, you will need a string. Strings are flexible and will easily assume the shape of your head. With your string do the following:-

  • Hold one end of the string on the middle of your forehead
  • Take the extended part of the string all around your head
  • Bring it until it rests on the same place as the end which you started from.
  • Hold that place tightly and cut it off.
  • That should be the circumference of your head

You will use the string to stretch along the frame of the helmet to see if it is the perfect fit design for your own needs.

What Does Airflow Mean When Talking about Helmets?

As you ride your skateboard, you will be riding in one direction while the air/ wind brush in the opposite direction. In short, you will be going against the wind. The wind that hits on your face is what is referred to as airflow.

To minimize the effects of airflow and, in turn, maximize your visibility, it is often advisable that you buy helmets with visors. The TSG Pass Pro Skateboard Helmet reviews with Carbon Graphic Design is a good example.

What Other Considerations Can I Make When Buying?

When buying the safest skateboard helmet for your personal use, apart from what we have seen above, you can also consider the following:-

  • Anti-fog coating for additional clarity
  • Anti-scratch treatment for protection against wear and tear
  • Distortion-free vision for visor helmets
  • Adjustable straps with buckle for snug fit design
  • Carbon reinforced fiber for added durability
  • Additional accessories such as non-toxic markers

Does My Style of Riding Play Any Part in My Choice?

Well, yes. If you are going to choose the best skateboard helmet for downhill riding, you will need a design that matches up the levels of speed that you will encounter. Remember, downhill riding needs maximum visibility.

Therefore, it is essential that you go for a design that can eliminate the effects of airflow and leave you with the best visibility.

Why Should I Buy My Best Skateboard Helmet Online?

You will get a variety of helmet designs to choose from. You can shop, pick your design, and buy without having to leave the comfort of your home. Online prices are also very affordable, and more importantly, your helmet will be delivered to your doorstep.

Now That I am Buying Online: How Do I Measure My Circumference?

Helmets have dimensions listed in the safest skateboard helmet reviews and product descriptions that you will look at before buying online. They might look like this.

  • Small: 18.1’’-19.3”
  • Medium: 19.7’’-21.7”
  • Large: 20.9’’-23.2”

Please measure the circumference of your head and find out which parameters it lies within. This will give you a clear pointer on what to order.


So, what next? Pick your best protect safest skateboard helmets and get down the streets for a fun-filled skateboarding day with pals. We hope that our top reviews have helped you to make the very best pick.

Just remember, Before riding a skateboard, the helmet should be worn. That when picking your best skating helmets, it is important that you buy a design that will last longer because you are making an investment. Long-term investments require a top-rated product that will be able to give you value for your money.

Share our reviews with your pals so you can all have an awesome skateboarding experience with your new helmets.

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