Intelligent Electric Skateboard Reviews For New Generation

“How does it feel to ride those electric boards? They must not be that fun.”

“What are you talking about? You get speed, flexibility, awesome brakes, good mileage, and so much more. And the best part is that you don’t get tired.”

“Alright, I believe you. I wonder how difficult will it be to find a good one, though.”

“Nah, it’s simple. Go through the online intelligent electric skateboard reviews. This way, you can find an extraordinary ride incredibly fast.”

And, here you are, searching for your desired ride. Now, let us introduce the most spectacular boards on the market. The features your friend mentioned will be available in all of these, with some other amazing ones. We welcome you to a world of brilliant rides.

Here are our top 3 picks

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II

The best one on the list offers great build, strength, and flexibility. It’s the bamboo and fiberglass combo that does the job of making it as such. And, for steadiness and comfort, the deck is perfectly shaped. An LED button keeps the speed constant while the energy efficiency delights you.

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Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Powerful motors, great range, and incredible speed – these are the benefits you will get from this one. While the weight capacity is amazing, the remote control provides convenience.

Moreover, the materials chosen for the construction are top-notch. But, the battery life may have issues at times. It reduces down to 5 miles then.

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Electron Board Mini

With this unit, the auto on/off feature takes convenience to the next level. And the outstanding lightness makes it portable. What’s more, the build quality is surprising considering the weight. The remote is ergonomic and convenient. And the battery life is okay at 5 miles with a considerable speed of 12 mph.

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Top 10 Intelligent Electric Skateboard Reviews

We weren’t going to settle for mediocre build or ordinary range. The skateboards needed to be spot-on at every single factor we were looking for. And these products met all the criteria in the end.

1. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Breeze II

Highlighted Features

  • Crazy build; bamboo-made deck combines with double-layer glass fiber
  • The shape of the desk provides coziness and steadiness
  • LED button; upon one press, you will enjoy a constant speed
  • The electric longboard automatically turns on by sliding
  • Upon brakes on downhill, the boardautomatically charges up

If a crazy build is something that cheers you up, you are in for a treat with this Skatebolt electric skateboard review. This thing comes with a bamboo-made deck. And to strengthen it, there’s a double layer of glass fiber in place. So, you are not getting the strength only; there will be awesome flexibility too.

I am also impressed with the shape of this board. It will provide the utmost coziness as well as steadiness. What’s also lovely is the LED button. Upon one press, you can enjoy a constant speed—moreover, the electric longboard springs to life when you turn it on by sliding.

The energy efficiency of this unit is remarkable. You have to braking on the downhill, and the device will get charged up automatically. There are dual 350W motors to provide all the power you need. And the 100mm wheels, along with the 90mm replacements, will see that the job is done with perfection.

Now, there might be a durability issue. Apart from that, you will love the 4-speed modes. On top of that, you can use a skateboarding ride for 15 miles with a full charge. So, the battery is mighty in this new generation of the intelligent electric skateboard.

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2. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful motors to back you up; 380W wattage in both
  • Offers awesome speed of 22 MPH
  • Rides up to 9 miles with one charge
  • Wireless remote control to direct the board, change, or reverse the speed
  • Use of classy materials; 10-ply Canadian Maple and 1-ply fiberglass

We are back to reviewing a unit with powerful motors. In thisTeamgee electric skateboard review, we are talking about 380W wattage. You can ride up to 9 miles with one charge. So, the battery is also awesome. What impresses me even more is the top speed of this model, at 22 MPH.

The next thing worth mentioning is the wireless remote control the ride comes with. This remote will be at your service when you want to direct the skateboard, reverse, or change the speed. Moreover, the board is enormous. And its weight carrying capacity is a good 220 pounds.

What’s also fantastic is the use of top-class materials in this unit. There’s a 10-ply Canadian Maple introduced in it that is known to deliver. And to reinforce it, you will get 1-ply fiberglass. So, you can look forward to medium flex.

However, there’s an issue with the battery life. The ride may not last for more than 5 miles at times. Also, the weight carrying capacity can be disappointing for some. And, the skateboard build could’ve been better.

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3. Electron Board Mini

Highlighted Features

  • Smart auto on/off feature
  • Highly portable at only 8 pounds
  • Great build quality with the 7 layers of Canadian Maple
  • Ergonomic remote for easy breaking and accelerating
  • With an LG lithium battery, the battery life is good at 5 miles
  • Excellent aesthetics with the brushless motor design

The next product on the list is all about crazy smartness. Yes, we are talking about the auto on/off feature. There’s no switch involved. All you have to do is start riding the board, and it’s on! And when you have enough riding fun, the board will automatically turn off in 5 minutes after you step down.

Another astonishing thing is the lightness of the board. At only 8 pounds, it’s amazingly portable. There’s no compromise with the build quality, though, thanks to the 7 layers of Canadian Maple. Moreover, you will find the remote ergonomic and convenient. So, breaking and accelerating will be fun.

The battery life is convincing at 5 miles with the LG lithium battery. Additionally, the aesthetic is excellent, thanks to the brushless design of the motor. It’s quiet and powerful enough to provide you with 12mph speed.

I am also impressed by the ease of use it offers. There’s no setup to go through. The remote pairs with the board automatically. You may have to adjust the tightness of some parts with the included tool.

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4. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

Highlighted Features

  • Climbs 25% steep hills with the powerful dual motors
  • Easy-to-replace PU wheels
  • Taillights for riding safely in dark
  • A screen display to show the speed, battery power, range and brake
  • Amazing weight capacity of 280 lbs.
  • Awesome width of the deck and wheels for smooth riding

Here’s another fun ride you must check out. It offers you incredible strength. You can climb 25% steep hills, thanks to the powerful dual motors. What’s also mind-blowing is the easy replacement of the PU wheel. There will be no need to change the whole board.

You will like the taillights of this unit too. With these in place, riding the board at night won’t be a dangerous idea. Every time you break, the red lights turn on. The best thing about this unit is the screen display. It shows the speed, range, battery power, and brake mode.

Another feature to appreciate is the outstanding weight capacity. At 280 lbs., it leaves other competitors behind. What’s also amazing is the extended width of the deck and wheels. They provide a smooth and easy riding experience.

Now, things would’ve been nicer if the waterproofness of the board was better. Also, it might be a bit heavy for some. And, the battery drains too fast when the battery is low. Moreover, due to the size of the battery, you may feel bumps.

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5. Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control by AZBO

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely powerful motor;  a 400W one
  • 19 MPH speed for fun riding
  • A perfect shape of the boardfor responsiveness and comfort
  • The remote controller shows the brake, speed, and acceleration
  • Fast charging battery; needs only 2 hours
  • The surface is waterproof as well as non-slip for the rider’s safety

The next product will surprise you with a mighty motor. It’s a 400W option we are dealing with in this Azbo electric skateboard review. Wait until I tell you about the speed! It’s a good 19 mph to blow you away.

Now, if you crave good balance, the shape of the board will delight you. You will appreciate the responsiveness as well as comfort.

What’s also brilliant is the surface of this model. It’s perfectly waterproof and non-slip for the rider’s safety. And the maple deck provides outrageous strength. So, the needed durability is present.

You will love the remote controller, too. It operates the brake, acceleration, speed, and battery indicator. So, the ride will be easy. Moreover, the battery doesn’t take long to get fully charged. Only 2 hours will do.

Now, there might be a durability issue with the board. And the battery may drain faster than usual. Also, the low-speed mode is loud and dodgy at times. Moreover, the speed may slow down after a while. Also, the spec related to the motor can be misleading.

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6. JKING Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard Skateboard

Highlighted Features

  • The sturdiest boardwith a great weight capacity of 330lbs.
  • Impressive motors of 450W boast amazing power
  • A20-degree climbing angle
  • The LED lights are excellent for the safety
  • Auto turn on/off mechanism

We are going to talk about the sturdiest board so far. Once you check out the weight capacity of 330lbs, you will know what I mean.  Thanks to the 8-ply maple deck, you will find it durable. I am also happy with the width of the deck and skate wheels for smooth rides.

Moreover, the unit comes with shock-absorbing wheels to offer great speed. On top of that, the surface is perfectly waterproof for you to enjoy rides in wet weather. The motors are no less impressive either. At 450W, they boast amazing power.

The board will offer a 20-degree climbing angle. So, if you are an adventurer, you two will make a good team. Among the other features, the LED lights are brilliant for safety purposes. Also, the auto-on/off mechanism is cool.

Furthermore, the remote works wonderfully with all the functions included. Acceleration, braking, and speed changing – it will serve all purposes. You will appreciate the range of this skateboard, too. It’s a 19.5-mile board. And the max speed of 26MPH is also something exciting.

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7. Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit DIY

Highlighted Features

  • With the included spare batteries, no concerns about the range should arise
  • Carbon baseplate with custom-designed motors for power
  • The wheels are superb for traction and smoothness
  • Good 26mph speed and vibration reduction
  • Travel-friendliness with the lithium battery

I like boards that come with an excellent range. That’s why you are seeing me review this unit. With the spare batteries, you won’t have to be concerned about range anymore. And the batteries are easy to replace. What’s also remarkable is the component selection for the board.

Firstly, there’s a carbon baseplate along with custom-designed motors. So, you are looking at a powerful ride. The wheels are also extraordinary, with the traction and smoothness they offer. Also, you will appreciate the speed and vibration reduction.

I’m also excited about the travel compatibility of the unit. The lithium battery makes it lightweight with an impressive 13-mile range. Moreover, you will love the 26mph max speed with the 20-degree uphill capability. However, the ride might not be the best for hills.

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8. MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard with Remote

Highlighted Features

  • A 38-inch deck made of 7 layers of Canadian Maple offers stability
  • All the needed accessories included
  • The surface is highly waterproof
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity for extreme strength
  • Impressive 30% grade hill riding ability

If you are looking for a highly durable and flexible board, check out ourMeepo electric skateboard review. The 38-inch deck made of 7 layers of Canadian Maple will rule the roads with incredible stability. I am also counting on the accessories included in the package.

No matter how long your skateboarding enthusiasm will last, they will suffice. There are tools, a charger, stickers, bushing, DC cable, and USB cable for the remote included. What’s also amazing is the weight capacity of this unit. At 300lbs, it will demonstrate extreme strength.

Moreover, you need to check out the range of 18km. And the 30% grade hill riding ability is wonderful, too. The brakes are awesomely predictable as well. And the surface cannot be more waterproof. Now, the best thing about it is the acceleration. The speed goes from 0-19 mph in about 5 seconds only.

However, there might be excessive flex in the board’s center, making it vulnerable when you are standing on the center part. And the sharp turns may cause discomfort when you are taking the sidewalks.

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9. Alouette Electric Skateboard

Highlighted Features

  • Great range at 12.4 miles
  • A goodspeed of16 mph
  • An LCD screen remote to show the speed, range, and battery capacity
  • The skid-proof deck for a stable riding experience
  • Awesome electric board build quality, thanks to the 7 layers of northeast maple

We are now reviewing a product for the awesome range it offers. Yes, the 12.4 miles range is excellent. And the speed is considerable, at 16 mph. What’s more, it climbs 15% hill. Moreover, there’s an LCD screen remote in place to inform you about the range, speed, and battery capacity.

I love the frosted deck too. It’s unique. The skid-proof deck will offer the most stable riding experience. We are talking about 7 layers of northeast maple. So, the build is satisfying too. And the weight capacity is wonderful at 265 lbs.

Another feature worth mentioning is cruise control. Once you select this setting, the speed will not fluctuate. And upon braking, the setting will change. Let me also mention that the ride is pretty handsome, with three lovely color options.

Now, there’s an issue with the way it deals with puddles. It might stop working then. And its performance on a wet terrain could’ve been better.

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10. AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

Highlighted Features

  • A great speed of25 mph with a powerful motor
  • The battery charges in only 3 hours
  • A protective set included
  • 11-ply maple deck construction; can carry a maximumweight of 290lbs.
  • Remote controller foraccelerating, braking, and speed changing

The last product on the list is all about furious speed. We are talking about 25 mph this time. So, the motor is quite powerful. And being backed by a strong motor has its benefits. You can choose any terrain to ride on with confidence. And when the battery gets charged in only 3 hours, things get exciting.

I am thrilled to mention that there’s a protective set included in the package. This is unique since I have noticed no other brands offering this feature so far. You should also check out the 11-ply maple deck. Thanks to such a build, you can weigh as much as 290lbs and still ride this smoothly.

The wireless remote controller is another feature to adore. It does all the hard work, be it accelerating, braking, or speed changing. Also, it contains a battery indicator to keep you informed about the status of battery life.

 And the best thing about this board is its wheels. Yes, they are rugged enough to take you off-road. Thanks to the excellent dimensions they come with, you can enjoy all the riding the rider in you yearns for on a Sunday afternoon.

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Before You Buy What to Look for

Check out some things before the purchase so that you can ride happy and assuredly.


Canadian maple is the best option in this aspect. Nothing makes the deck as strong as this one. Also, fiberglass has its fair share of glory. Now, what’s important to check is the type of maple deck the boards come with. Some of them are good 7-ply, while others can be as awesome as 11-ply.

Now, keep in mind that intelligent electric skateboard prices will depend on the type of material that has been used to build the product.

The Remote Controller

An electric skateboard is all about efficiency. If the remote controller isn’t convenient, it’s no good. Check if the remote contains important functions, such as speed, brake, acceleration, and battery indicator. Also, a screen display would be highly appreciable.


The surface needs to be as waterproof as it can be. Otherwise, humidity and moisture will damage the deck in no time. We’ve reviewed products that are non-slip mostly. That’s something you need to consider too. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maneuver the ride if you are a newbie.


This factor is important when you are into speed and cover a long distance with each ride. While some units will offer a mediocre speed of 10 mph, some models boast as high as 30 mph.

Battery Life

No one compromises with battery life. And so shouldn’t you. We’ve seen boards with 5-15 miles ranges. And if you are too lazy to charge the ride from time to time, you better steer clear of the low-ranging ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my electric skateboard to ride normally?

Yes, you can, if the particular product allows you. However, some brands discourage such uses.

How durable is an electric skateboard?

These boards usually last for a few years if you maintain them properly. And the battery will last for about 3 years if it’s a good one.

How safe an electric skateboard is for beginners?

You can do well with a ride like this as a newbie. However, you are more prone to injuries for obvious reasons if you aren’t careful.

Which one’s better as a material – bamboo or plastic?

Bamboo skateboards are more durable. And they offer extreme flexibility, which a plastic one doesn’t.

What size of electric skateboard should be taken?

​Before choosing a board sizing, you need to know the size of the skateboard. For this, you can read our skateboard size chart post.

How predictable are the brakes in electric skateboards?

They are quite predictable and responsive most of the time. And what’s fun is that you don’t have to pull a trigger. The remote controller will do the job for you.

What speed is considered as good with electric skateboards?

If the unit offers you anything between 15-25 mph, you are game. Some models can give you as much as 40 mph.

Final Words

We tried to keep our intelligent electric skateboard reviews as simple as we could. But, we still don’t expect you to come to a buying decision right now. For, all these rides are remarkable, with plenty of positive customer reviews.

However, if you go through the highlighted features once again, a few will catch your attention. After that, buying the dream board might be a few moments away.

Also, don’t forget to check the customer reviews online. The riders of the particular skateboard/longboard you choose will guide you toward your happiness. And they can warn you if there’s anything to watch out for.

Lastly, I would recommend any of the top 3 picks on our list. For, they stood out before our scrutinizing eyes.

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