Best Longboard Brushings Reviews In 2023 – For Best Cheap Budget

Skateboard bushings are a mandatory part of a complete skateboard. Bushings are rubber rings in small sizes. These rings are made of polyurethane most of the time. They are attached to the kingpin of a skateboard and enhance the stability and flexibility of the board.

These small rubber rings help your board to turn swiftly and take smooth angles. Choosing the best bushings skateboard is not easy, so we have gathered the best skateboard bushing in today’s topic. We arranged our products according to the customers’ responses and ratings. We will explain every feature of the product in complete detail.

Our 4 Top Pick

Bones(TM) Wheels Hardcore Bushings

Best skateboard bushings for tight trucks

Cheap Price

Shappy 20 Pieces Brushing Longboard

Best skateboard bushings for loose

Cheap Price

Bones Hardcore Hard Black Bushings

Best fo freestyle riders

Cheap Price

Shorty’s Black Doh-Doh

Best brushings for replacement

Cheap Price

1. Dime Bag Hardware Skateboard Truck

Specialty: Best for Heavy Riders.

Dime Bag Hardware Skateboard Truck Rebuild Kit Bushings Washers Pivot Cups for 2 Trucks (88A Blue)


  • Made in the USA.
  • The bushings are made of supreme quality materials.
  • In this kit there are 2 trucks, 2pivot cups, and 4 washers.
  • Riders who are lightweight and choose loose trucks, 88a-94a soft bushings are for them.
  • Heavy riders and if they love tight trucks, 95a-99a tight bushings are for them.

Dime Bag Hardware is one of the most famous skateboard accessories producing companies. If your skateboard has worn out and you want to rebuild it, then these hardware tools can help you as you want.

This kit can give your skateboard flexibility and strength like a new one. Don’t worry about fitting these bushings with your board because these bushings fit with all kinds of boards. Riders can choose between two types of bushings here- soft and hard.

According to riders’ weight, they should choose the hardness of the bushings. Like for a lighter rider, bushings between 88a to 94a are ideal, and bushings between 95a to 99a are perfect for a heavy rider. So, unfortunately, the brushings will service great to take your riding to the next level.

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2. Bones(TM) Wheels Hardcore Bushings

Specialty: For the Long-term Use.

Bones Wheels Hardcore Bushings Hard Black


  • The bushings are made of amazing quality urethanes.
  • The Hardcore insert of these bushings do all the magic.
  • Despite super heavyweight, the trucks don’t make squeaky noise or creates any wheel bites.
  • If you are a lighter rider or average rider, these bushings won’t be comfortable for you.
  • Allowing you to be confident, by using these bushings you can also improve your performance.

To improve your performance and make your trucks more responsive, Bones(TM) Wheels Hardcore Bushings are one of the best options. If you are finding any bushings for long-term effectiveness, then this one should be your option.

Plus, this one is quite affordable to all. For the heavy riders, which need hard bushings to slay their performance, these bushings are ideal. These bushings stiff up your trucks and hold the extra weight perfectly.

All thanks go to the insert of these bushings as they are stiff enough. Don’t worry; the bushings are not too stiff to make you uncomfortable while performing any tricks.

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3. Bones Wheels Medium Bushings

Specialty: Performance Maker

Bones Wheels Medium Bushings (2 Set), Black


  • Made with superior quality materials.
  • In all kinds of surfaces or roads, these bushings give extremely good performance.
  • The hardness of these bushings is 91A.
  • No hassle of break-in-period, just put the bushings, adjust and go on.
  • Made in the USA.

For those riders who have significant control over their skateboards, these bushings are for them. The bushings will enhance the flexibility and make your board more responsive in each turn and trick.

All you have is just to put the bushings, adjust and ride! The Hardcore insert of these bushings connects each side of a bushing by adjusting them with the hardcore.

It comes with two sets of bushings, and they are white and yellow. With these bushings, you can feel more control of your trucks and get super smoother turns. So, place your order and boost up your performance.

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4. Bones Hardcore Hard Black Bushings

Specialty: Free-Style Riders’ Brushings.

Bones Hardcore 4pc Hard Black Black Bushings Skateboard Bushings


  • Four pieces of hard black bushings in one package.
  • The hardness of these bushings is 96A.
  • Shape of these bushings is like a double cone.
  • The design of these bushings is more conical to other brand’s bushings.
  • These bushings can prevent wheel bites and don’t make squeaky sounds.
  • Makes your board more responsive and creates amazing bounces.

BONES is a dominant brand for the accessories of skateboards. So, here are other special bushings from the Bones. These bushings are made of high-quality urethane. In any skateboard, these bushings fit and gain super control.

For the premium quality urethane, the skateboard can make perfect bounces each time. Plus, these bushings are recommended by all professional skaters as well as pros.

These bushings will give your trucks a tight joint like the other Bones bushings. With these bushings, you can make progress in your skating, and they also prevent wheel bites.

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5. Bones Wheels Hard Bushings

Specialty: Tight Truck Lovers Option.

BONES WHEELS Hard Bushings (2 Set), White


  • Made of high-quality urethane.
  • The hardcore insert of these bushings make the bond between two sides.
  • These bushings are suitable for any kind of skateboard.
  • For heavy riders who need tighter trucks, these bushings are ideal them.
  • Hardness of these bushings is 95A.

With 35 years of experience, the Bones is one of the famous and influential brands worldwide. Any bushings you want, soft, medium, or hard you can get here. Not only hardness but also the versatility of the color of these bushings are excellent.

Unlike other brands, this brand occupied the crown of the best bushings across the market. In online or market, you will get many bushings at a low price, and they say they produce suitable bushings, but after some days, those bushings are worn out or can’t serve anymore.

These are hard bushings that will be fitted for any board. Even as a heavy skater, these bushings will hold you and give you the smoothest performance ever. You can understand your flaws and improve your performance day by day with these bushings.

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Specialty: Appropriate for Heavy Riders.

INDEPENDENT TRUCK BUSHINGS Standard Cylinder Cushions Medium Hard 92a Skateboard


  • The hardness of these bushings is 92A.
  • Made with premium quality urethane.
  • Riders over 200 pounds can also happily ride with these bushings.
  • The kit includes both top and bottom washers.
  • These bushings meet the standards and requirements of Traditional Kingpin Trucks.

Besides the Bones, another company is similarly famous in the market for their special bushings. Over 40 years, the INDEPENDENT has been improving their bushings day by day and satisfying their customers.

Sometimes heavy or lighter, any weighted riders can’t pick the proper hardness for their skateboards. Like, they want not too rigid, not too soft bushings, and to make them worry less, the INDEPENDENT is here with the rescue product.

These bushings are medium-hard bushings that are soft enough to turn around comfortably. The shape of these bushings is a cylindrical barrel that makes the board speedy and more responsive.

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7. Shorty’s Black Doh-Doh

Specialty: Replacement Choice

Shorty's Black Doh-Doh Bushings 100a Rock Hard For Skateboards & Longboards


  • These bushings are suitable for all kinds of skateboards.
  • The hardness of this item is 100A.
  • For freestyle skaters, these bushings work pretty well.
  • Only riders over 200 pounds and experts should purchase these bushings.
  • Provides the maximum tightness than any other bushings.

Finding for bushings that are super stiff and tight? Well, here they are. These bushings from the Shorty’s are 100A hardness, the highest rock hard bushings on my list.

I recommend these bushings for those who are enough experienced with their boards and can control their boards. Don’t buy these bushings for kids. This product is specially made for over 200 weighted skaters.

These bushings will keep your trucks so tight that they won’t move under any compression. Sometimes skaters tighten their bushings with their life, but these bushings barely need any tightening.

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8. Bones Hardcore Medium Bushings

Specialty: Giant Durability

Bones Wheels Hardcore 4Pc Med White/Yellow Bushings


  • Made with premium quality Urethane.
  • The color varies from the hardness of the bushings.
  • The bushings are highly durable and don’t wear out.
  • It gives ideal stiffness to the heavier skaters.
  • With great stability, it also ensures high speed.

Again I am back to the Bones with another magnificent bushing. To give you the best rider experience and perform extraordinary performance, these bushings can be helpful. Bones Hardcore Medium Bushings will meet their needs for riders who want a bit of stiffness with good stability.

These bushings are made of high-quality Urethane, which is super durable. The customer’s review that this item gives the most satisfactory ride for them and doesn’t wear out quickly.

With stiffness and good stability, these bushings can improve your skills and make you more confident. The Hardcore insert of these bushings is different than the other bushings.

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9. Shappy 20 Pieces Skateboard Brushing Longboard Truck

Specialty: Lose truck Brushing

Shappy 20 Pieces Skateboard Bushings Longboard Truck Bushings Skateboard Cup Washers for 7 Inch Skateboard Trucks (Black)


  • Used material: 88A hardness materials
  • Comes with an easy installation system.
  • The product includes 20 brushings.
  • Available bottom and top brushings.
  • Easily portable.

You are going to love this standard skateboard brushing appropriate for 7-inch trucks. Made of 88A hardness material, the brushing will last very long. Keep in mind; they are appropriate for a ride who prefer loose truck and durable performance.

You will get the brushing packed in an easy-to-carry box. They are also easy to store. Plus, you can install them easily. If you are learning balance for the first time, they will be helpful for you.

This package will get 4 bottom brushings, 3 top brushings, 8 cup washers, and 4 pivot cups. So, for long-term use, these are the perfect choice for you.

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10. Shorty’s Blue Doh-Doh Brushings

Specialty: Replace-friendly Brushings

Shorty's Blue Doh-Doh Bushings 88a soft for Skateboards & Longboards


  • In every pack you will get 4 brushings.
  • Can be used for longboards and skateboards.
  • Both bottom and top brushings available.
  • You can also use them as a replacement for old brushings.

We are here at the 10th product of the list, and this one is from Shorties. We are gladly informing you that these bushings are made of maximum-quality urethanes. For each truck, you will need one-pack brushings.

You can also replace worn or broken brushings using these brushings. You will also get a custom feel by having the brushings. Also, molded with round edges, they have become more durable and appropriate for long-lasting use. So, considering all the features, you will love the brushings.

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Buying Guide for the Best Skateboard Brushings

Finding what type of skateboard bushing you need is a challenging task. There are some factors you need to consider before making a thought of purchasing. The features are given below-

1. Tight or Loose

It’s a never-ending debate about which one is better. But, choosing the tightness depends on skaters. Loose trucks tend to have less stability, but you can have fun turns with the loose truck. It’s fun to skate with loose trucks.

Tight trucks have more stiff and rigid control over the skateboard, with limited turns and moves. Plus, the point is, with tight trucks, you won’t face wheel bites.

2. Soft or Hard Bushings

There are three types- soft, medium, and complex. Soft bushings are actually for the lighter skater with loose trucks. These bushings offer little stability and are best for freestyle skaters.

On the other hand, hard bushings are for heavy riders with tighter trucks. These make your skateboard stiff and more stable.

3. Shape

Like the types, the shape of bushings is also three kinds- conical, barrel, and eliminator. In these conical and barrel are the most used and handy. Conical-shaped bushings help to perform tricks with the board, and barrel-shaped bushings are for speed and stability.


Should I get hard or soft bushings?

It depends on you. There are different advantages. The hanger can Compress them easily and Turn on them without facing any problem. On the other hand, hard brushings help in stiffer turns.

When should I replace brushings?

If you see any side or both sides of the brushings are broken or worn out, replace it. Also, check the trucks. If you feel them unstable or floppy, then you should change them.

Do Bones bushings need washers?

No, you don’t need a washer for them as there is a hard plastic part that usually stands at the top. It works as a washer.

Bottom Line

I hope you are now familiar with the best skateboard brushings. The longboard brushings are made of high-quality materials. If you as again, what are the best skateboard bushings? Then I will suggest a TRUCK INDEPENDENT BUSHINGS review and Shorty’s Blue Doh-Doh Brushings.

We have also discussed a buying guide for best longboards brushings and best brushings FAQs. You can judge the best product by reading the guide. So, now it’s your time to analyze the data and find the appropriate one for you.

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