Skateboard Size Chart – Pick Your Right Skateboard Size

We love skateboards, but sometimes we get annoyed with our board. One of the main reasons is for getting poor performance after being a skilled person. Well, one of the main reasons behind this problem is the wrong skateboard size. You have to maintain a proper skateboard size chart to get rid of this problem.

The complete skateboard size chart means the size chart of the deck, truck, wheel, length, deck, etc. Apart from this, your shoe size also has a big impact on your performance. I am here with a complete size guide for you. I will discuss several points and complete skateboard size for getting the right skateboard size. So, further wasting any more time, let’s go in-depth to the main point.

Types of Skateboard

Skateboards come in different shapes and sizes from which you can select your desired one. Before finding out the perfect one for you, you need to know about all the types of skateboards. Skateboards can be divided into several types according to shape and deck size, and below, here I will describe these types.

According to Shape

You will find skateboards of various shapes, and these shapes are constructed to change the styles. There are mainly four common shapes available and now let’s learn about them.


These boards are short in size but best for doing tricks and remaining more time in the air while performing tricks.


Cruisers are skateboards with kicktails, and these are very flexible and speedy. So if you want to wander around on your board cruiser can be a nice option.

Old School

These boards are famous for their asymmetrical shape and wider noses. While performing at the ramps or in skating pools, the old school can be a perfect choice.


Longboards have enough space, and that’s why these are considered the best options for beginners. Besides, normal transportation and downhill racing are easier with longboards.

According to Deck Size

Considering your age, height, weight, and shoe size, you should decide which deck size can be perfect for you. According to deck size, skateboards can be divided into micro, mini, medium, and full.


Micro boars are suitable for children up to five years old as these boards come with a width range of 6.5 to 7.5 inches.


Mini boards are a little larger than micro boards, and that’s why these allow six to eight-year-old children.


These boards are suitable for kids whose shoe size is 7 to 8, which means kids of nine to twelve years old.


Full boards offer a deck width of 7.5 to 8.25 inches, so these boards are a good fit for people above 12 years.

Picking Out the Right Board Size

As you know the types of skateboards in detail, it will be very easy for you to pick the right sized board for you. Many people got puzzled seeing the different sizes of skateboards, but you don’t need to worry as I am here to help you regarding this problem.

As a beginner, most skateboarders focus on choosing the coolest skateboard but choosing the right sized board is more important. You have to keep some factors in mind if you want to select the perfect-sized skateboard.

Width of Deck

You have already come to know that there are four types of skateboards available according to the width of the deck. First, you need to know your height, shoe size, and age to choose the right deck width.

If your shoe size is between 0 to 3, then the micro-sized deck will be perfect for you. Mini boards are good for kids with 4 to 6 shoe sizes. Medium boards are a good fit for kids with 7 to 8 shoe sizes. Then lastly, if your shoe size is 9 or above full boards are best for you.

Length of Board

Length is also important when you talk about choosing the right-sized skateboard. Well, the style of a skateboard defines its length of. Shortboards, cruisers, old schools, and longboards come in different lengths and styles. You need to decide for which purpose you are buying the skateboard.

If you are quite an expert in skateboarding and want to do many tricks, then choose the shortboard. Shortboards are smaller in size but greater for performing amazing stunts and tricks.

Then there are cruisers which come in mid-length and will be best for roaming around for a long period. These boards are great in flexibility and provide a very fast speed.

You might have heard the name of the old-school variety of skateboards. Though these seem classic when you hear the name, these are actually great for performers who perform at the ramps or in the skating pools. That means old-school variety is also more suitable for professionals.

Last but not least, longboards are the skateboards with greater length and space. Longboards have different types as well, and these boards are mainly designed for beginners. Beginners will find longboards easier to balance and move with.


The wheelbase is the distance between the front and back wheels, and it is an important factor while choosing the right sized board. Look for the skateboards whose deck comes with multiple wheelbase options so that you can fix the size on your own. The range of wheelbase varies between 13 inches to 5 inches.

Wheel Size

You should focus on the wheel size after deciding the purpose of your skateboarding. 49 mm to 52 mm wheels are perfect if you love street skating, but if you want to do transition skateboarding, you will need 54 mm to 60 mm range wheels.

Skateboard Size Chart

Now, I will show you different charts of different components of a skateboard. Compare them according to the components I will show along with the main part. Have a look at the tables and charts.

Skateboard Deck Size Chart

The deck is one of the most important parts of a skateboard. The deck size will be different for people of different ages and heights. I have created a chart for the perfect size according to your age and height.

Skateboard Deck Size ChartBesides deck size, you need to learn which type of board is appropriate for you. So, I will also mention the type of board along with deck size. So, take a look at the skateboard size chart for the deck and understand which size goes perfectly with you.




Deck Size

5 years or below



6.5”- 6.75”

6-7 years old

3’5” – 4’4”



8-12 years old

4’5” – 5’2”



13-14 years old

5’3” – 5’6”



15 years old and elder

5’7” +

Full size

7.7” or wider

Skateboard Size Chart Shoe Size

Now time for the chart of shoe size along with your height and age. Some people never consider the shoe size but maintaining shoe size is necessary for skating properly.

skateboard shoe size chart

Wrong shoe size can lead you to face accidents. You will misplace your leg very often, getting the wrong size shoe. So, have a look at the shoe size skateboard size chart.



Shoe size

5 years or below



6-7 years old

3’5” – 4’4”


8-12 years old

4’5” – 5’2”


13-14 years old

5’3” – 5’6”


15 years old and elder

5’7” +

9 and up

The Skateboard Length and Stance Width

Some people mean skateboard size as the skateboard length. The length of the board is important for choosing an appropriate skateboard. Along with length, you need to know the stance width of the board.

 So, I am here with another part where I will discuss the skateboard length and stance width. I will show the size according to your height. So, have a look at the proper skateboard size chart.


Board Length

Stance width

5’6” or below

29.5 inch / 75 cm

20 inch

5’6” – 5’8”

30.3 inch / 77 cm

20.8 inch

5’8” – 5’10”

31.5 inch / 80 cm

22.0 inch

5’11” – 6’1”

32.7 inch / 83 cm

23.2 inch

6’0 +

33.5 inch / 85 cm

24.0 inch

Skateboard Truck Size Chart

Truck size should be chosen according to the deck width. Many of us are not aware of the proper truck size chart. Worry not; I have also created a proper independent skateboard truck size chart.

Skateboard Truck Size Chart ​The truck size is chosen considering the axle width and hanger width. I will show the chart of them according to deck size. So follow the chart for choosing the best skateboard truck for you.

Deck SIze

Axle Width

Hanger Width

8 – 8.5 inch

203 mm / 8 inch

139 mm / 5.25 inch

8.5 – 9 inch

216 mm / 8.5 inch

149 mm / 5.75 inch

9 – 10 inch

229 mm / 9 inch

169 mm / 6.5 inch

10 inch +

254 mm / 10 inch

215 mm / 8.5 inch

Skateboard Wheel Size Chart

Wheel size is really important. I have already discussed this part, but now I will give you a long wheel size chart according to deck width.

Skateboard Wheel Size Chart We all know polyurethane wheels are the most popular. But you have maintained the proper wheel size for getting the best performance. So, take a look at the wheel size chart skateboard.

Deck Width

Wheel Size

7 inch

48-52 mm

7.25 inch

48-52 mm

7.5 inch

48-54 mm

7.63 inch

50-54 mm

7.75 inch

52-56 mm

7.88 inch

52-56 mm

8 inch

52-58 mm

8.25 inch

54-60 mm

8.5 inch

54-60 mm

8.75 inch

56-60 mm

9 inch

56-60 mm

Why do you Need a Proper Size Skateboard?

I have already discussed different size charts of different parts of the skateboard. But some people don’t know why it is so important. Here I will discuss some problems you may face if you choose the wrong size skateboard. So keep reading.

Problem in training

If you are very new at skating, you will never tame it without getting a proper skateboard. The beginnings face the problems more than the intermediate players. You will lose balance so easily, and turning will be tough for you. So, the beginnings must get a proper size skateboard.


Getting comfortable with the skateboard is one of the first conditions for skating. If the board size or the deck size is inappropriate, then you will always lack comfort.

Speed Decreases

The wrong size board decreases your speed. The wrong size board can’t match a proper body and board combination. As a result, your board may be heavy on one side. For such problems, you will never be able to gain the maximum speed.

Misplaced foot

If the deck size and shoe size are not compatible, you must miss your steps on the board continuously. It is such an annoying incident. So maintain bother the shoe size and board size is important.

Problem in Learning Tricks

Another thing is learning tricks requires the perfect size skateboard. There you have to ensure the proper body and board alignment. A little unbalanced board can create different problems. Just a little short or longboard can affect your positioning. So, to learn tricks properly, you have to choose the right size skateboard.


If you can figure out the proper size of your board, then there is a good chance to get the appropriate board for you. Check out the tables of skateboard size charts and note the proper size components for your skateboard. Hopefully, you will have no more questions on this topic now. Happy Skating…

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