How to Build a Skateboard Easily – Skateboard Paint idea Professionally

A skateboard is a sports equipment that consists of a specially designed wood board that is combined with a coating of polyurethane. The polyurethane coating is used to make the slides smother as well as increase the durability of the skateboard. The board is used for skateboarding. It moved by pushing with one foot while the other remains on the board. On a downward slope, you only need to stand on the board and let gravity propel the board and yourself. You can either ride goofy, i.e. right leading leg or ride regular, i.e. left leading foot.

It is easy to learn how to build a skateboard, as it requires few tools as well as materials. Most commonly required materials are skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, bearings, hardware, i.e. nuts and bolts, skateboard grip tapes and riser pads.

How to build a skateboard

The first step is to assemble all the tools, materials and equipment required for the task. All these should be assembled at a suitable working place. The place should be large and flat. This will make it easier to lay down all parts and tools. Always keep your hardware in their original packaging until when you need them to prevent losing them.

How to Build a Skateboard EasilyHow to Build a Skateboard EasilyHow to Build a Skateboard Easily

Tools that you commonly require are a screwdriver, socket wrench, ratchet system, and Allen wrench. Razor blades are necessary to for cutting the grip tape. Also, metal file and sandpapers are essential pieces of equipment.

Select the deck/board that suits your skating needs. This is paramount in learning how to build a skateboard. If you are tall a longer skating board will suffice.

It is easy to decide on the type of trucks you will uses. The rule of thumb is to get trucks that fit the size of your decks. For street skating, you will need smaller harder wheels as they allow easy sliding while cruising escapades will require the biggest and the softest wheels. Wheel sizes range between 49mm and 75 mm and inside each wheel is a groove where the bearings are located.

Using screws attach the trucks to the board. Screws come with trucks mostly, but at times you may be required to purchase yours. Make sure that the wheels are aligned properly before screwing the nuts. Tighten the nuts with your hands first before using the socket wrench. Once the trucks are attached, hold the wrench in place over the bolt with one hand and tighten the crew further with a screwdriver from the other side. Ensure that both trucks are facing outwards. The flat part of the hanger is the front of the truck. The flat side should be facing away from each other with the bushing facing towards each other.

Insert bearings on the wheels. To do so, remove the washer and the nuts from the truck axle. Place the bearing on the axle with the flat side facing up. Take your wheel and press it down over the bearing until it slides into the center of the wheel. Remove the wheel and slide the second bearing on. When putting the second bearing face the wheel out.

 Place the washer on top of the bearing and add the nut. Screw the nut down as far as you can with your hands before engaging the wrench. Tighten the nuts far down as you can this will secure the bearing in place. Then loosen your wheels a few turns and spin the wheel. Make sure it is spinning sufficiently.

How to Make a Skateboard Video

We have tried to highlight this content on how to make a skateboard. Not only this, this video below shows how a skateboard creates simple ways.

How to paint a skateboard

For a painted skateboard, it is recommended that you start with you blank decks or a skateboard that has no graphic. In our case let us begin with a black deck. It is straightforward to know how to paint a skateboard. First, usesandpaper to sand off the entire surface properly to the level that ensures that the primer will stick to the skateboard. Sanding is followed by taping the edges of the board with thin masking tape. This makes cleaning up easier in the end.

How to paint a skateboardHow to paint a skateboardHow to paint a skateboard

Apply the primer evenly to the board. A good primer seeps into the pores of the Maplewood, binding with wood thus creating a strong bond. This ensures that the image does not scrap off on your first venture.

Then lay down your first layer of paint in long and thin strokes. This gives you the base coating that you will build upon while painting your skateboard. Ensure that the layer of paint is thin enough for proportionality.

After the first layer, then paint whatever image you like on the skateboard. Move to a well-ventilated room and spray the gloss spray on the board. Spray an even coat. To do so, hold the cans approximately 8 inches away from the surface. There are a variety of gloss sprays among them the clear coat enamels.

Pull off your tape carefully once the enamel is dry, then using a razor blade, clean up the edges of the skateboard. Punch out any extra paint from the holes where the trucks will go. This marks the end of painting.


Having a well-designed skateboard is very easy. Following the above steps will give you a well decorated and build a skateboard.

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