How to Draw a Skateboard Step by Step Easy

When it comes to skateboard designs, getting the most comfortable is the most logical thing to do. Skateboard designers are improving the designs in the bid to provide high performing skateboards. This article focuses on some of the most prominent designs of skateboards that we have and their designs. Besides, we focus on some familiar graphics found on the skateboards. Skateboarders always try to find decks that are comfortable and easy to use. Here, they keep in mind the effect of their height and weight.

What must you have in order to deliver the best design?

 Some skateboard designs already exist. However, you can create your designs out of your creativity. I bet you have seen many skateboards around with graphics. What does it take to deliver such creative pieces?

  • Creativity: anything that catches your attention is a product of creativity.Creativity stems from innovative as well as original ideas.
  • The need to communicate: every graphic design on a skateboard expresses a particular idea. The graphics are so vivid and intentional, right from the colors to real drawings.
  • Natural talent: this talent is artistic. The designer can create numerous skateboard designs using a different type of techniques, and they all look amazing.
  • Target audience: every designer understands the audience. That is why they create graphics for different audiences, i.e. meeting their expectations.
  • Problem-solving: a great skateboard designer has excellent problem-solving skills. Every design brought to the market is meant to solve an existing problem. You have seen different shapes and sizes of skateboards in the market, right? Each one is intended for a particular size of the person or specific role.

What shapes of the skateboard decks do we haveWhat shapes of the skateboard decks do we have

What are the features to put in mind while designing a skateboard?

If you are an ardent skateboarder, you understand different styles of skateboards that exist. The very first step in creating a skateboard is drawing it down. It is straightforward for you to learn how to draw a skateboard. To draw a skateboard, you must know all the parts, how they appear and what material they are made of. Then, sketch your skateboard before perfecting on it. This way you will be able to deliver the best designs. The most conspicuous part of a skateboard is the deck.

A skateboard deck has three parts, i.e., the front part called the nose, the hind part called the tail, and the middle section called the wheelbase. The nose differs from the tail by its wideness and being slightly steeper. Both of them form the rounded ends. For some decks, the tail is similar to the nose. On the other hand, the wheelbase forms the middle portion of your skateboard between the two sets of trucks’ mounting holes. While drawing a deck, consider the overall length, the length of the wheelbase and the type of nose and tail.

What shapes of the skateboard decks do we have?

The shape determines the style. So, it is essential to understand what styles exist. The most common shapes are;

  • Shortboard: in this board, the tail and the nose are of similar size. It is shorter in size making it excellent for performing tricks
  • Old school: the nose and the tail is being flat, but the nose is wider than the tail. They form the best skateboard for carving.
  • Longboard: this type is asymmetrical, and they have a low profile. They are excellent for downhill racing.
  • Cruiser: their tails cruise the ground. This forms one of the most versatile designs. They offer greater maneuverability. If you want to cruise around the streets, this is your deck.

What are the different sizes of skateboard decks?

Deck type

Length (inches)

Width (inches)

Micro deck

27.2 – 27.6

6.5 – 6.75

Mini Deck



Mid-size Deck



Full Size Deck



Are concave shapes necessary for stability?

When comparing a flat skateboard to a concave one, you’ll realize that a concave deck gives more foothold. With this, you can have improved steering as well as complete giving you the ability to flip the skateboard more easily. The most common shapes are radial, progressive, W-concave, tub, asymmetrical convex and the flat. Any skateboard drawing designs must feature all the shapes.

Skateboard Drawing DesignsSkateboard Drawing Designs

Are graphics necessary in a skateboard?

Graphics are meant to make your skateboard appear beautiful. Besides, skateboarding is a culture; therefore, the graphics are meant to communicate a particular message. To a more significant extent, they identify a specific culture within the skateboarding community.


It is essential to understand all parts of a skateboard. With this knowledge, you can easily differentiate the different types of skateboards and the various places they can perform better. Skateboard designs are specific as we have seen. This is majorly influenced by the shape and the size of the deck. For any buyer looking for a skateboard, it is essential to consider these numerous factors. Remember, the size determines the types of wheels a skateboard will have. Most Shorter boards usuallyhave small wheels while larger boards have larger wheels.

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