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Skateboarding is one of the most popular street activities in the world. No matter what country you will go, you will see groups or sub-groups of skateboard enthusiast making tricks in streets or parks. On the other hand, skateboarders cannot do a lot of tricks without the help of a skateboard ramp. A skateboard ramp is having a lot of design depending on the needs of the user. It can be customized or re-design, the different shape is intended for different tricks. So, whether you are already an expert or just a beginner, you need to consider having a personal one.

Meanwhile, you will see a lot of skateboard ramps on skatepark or “skate park” for others. This is intended not just for skateboards, but also for BMX, scooter, wheelchair, and another aggressive inline skating. In fact, there are regular tricks competitions being held on this kind of parks by different clubs or organizations.The good thing with this sport is that it has not a set of rules like other outdoor activities such as basketball, baseball or volleyball. You just need to show something that will amaze the crowd, although there are some techniques to enhance the performance, but individual is free to do whatever he or she wants. So, before you we tackle on how to build a best skateboard ramp, here are some things to consider before proceeding.

Things to consider before making a ramp

Consider Space

The space is very important. Before making a ramp, you need to make sure that you have a place that would enable you to do the tricks safely. If you are desiring to build a portable one, make sure that you have an ample storage to keep it, or your mom would scold you! Now, if you have a prospect location, you need to make sure that it is clean and safe to do some tricks. There must be no obstructions and would definitely not disturb your neighbors or community. The recommended locations are backyards, driveway or carports, just be cautious not to put strains on cars.

Know What You Want

Before learning how to make a skateboard ramps, you need to visualize what it would look like.Think about the possible innovations that you could act from those traditional ramps available in the market. You could browse on the internet some options or customizations made from other people. Consider adding versatility in the item, because you might not know what tricks you would want to learn in the future. Remember that different tricks need different ramps, so it must be open for further customizations. If you are new in skateboarding, you could start building a ramp that is used for jumping. This is the most basic trick that skateboarders need to learn. Once you are good at jumping, you could start adding small stairs and other items that your imagination would only be the limit for designing it.

Put it in a Paper 

No matter how good you’ve thought, you would not have the project done without putting it on a paper. This would determine the proper measurements that will serve as your guide on the process. The issues would also start to come out once you design the blueprint. Thus, would save you time and materials because of error prevention in the future. There is some software available online that you could check on. Unfortunately, most of them are expensive. The suggestion is just to look for a sample blueprint in the internet and just revise it.

Steps to Make a Ramp

Now that you have an ample space and a good design, let us now tackle how to materialize it.

Prepare The Tools 

Gather the tools that you would need. Put it on the list such as hammer, nails, saw, screws, and lumber. Some hardware would do the cutting of lumber for you, but what important is that it is organized. Next, do the measuring and put marks on the wood. Also, consider putting some sealant to increase its lifespan.

The Ramp 

Cut out the ramp in two sides according to your design. Place the frame on the board and make sure to nails it properly as it would serve as a foundation. Put the supports and attach the remaining plywood that would serve as the surface. Put the Masonite in the plywood. Finally, put the steel plate at the bottom of the ramp. Then screw it.


Use a sandpaper to make the wood smooth, put water resistant paint, so the liquid would not go inside the wood. When keeping the ramp, put some plastic cover so it would not get moist especially in the winter season. Actually, the skateboard wheel will be rolling very well.


Skateparks are a good place to learn some tricks and meet new friends. However, it is also a good option to have a personal ramp, so you could practice without moving far away from your home.

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