Why does a moving skateboard have energy

does a moving skateboard have energy

Skateboards are self-propelled vehicles, so it depends on how you define energy. The answer to this question is not straightforward. The answer to this question is that it does not take any energy when the skateboard moves. When the skater pushes down on the board, it converts their potential energy into kinetic energy. What is … Read more

How To Get Good at Skateboarding – The Complete Guide

how to get good at skateboarding

Sometimes you may feel lethargic, fatigue from practicing, and wheeling around the skateboard. Plus, you see you aren’t improving any skill which makes you more frustrated. Moreover, when you see your surrounding people are improving and showing off new skills regularly, that’s the worst feeling. Today, I’ll talk about this common problem and how we … Read more

The Best Way to Master Easy Longboard Tricks

easy longboard tricks

Ever seen video clips on the internet, or in movie scenes, where a person is riding skateboards down a steep hill, snaking masterfully along the road curves? Well, hate to break it to you, but those are actually longboards. Think of longboards as the skateboards of the 21st century. Made popular in the streets and … Read more

The Best Longboard Brands in 2021 – Top 12 Brand with Specialty

Best Longboard Brands

Longboarding brings a thrilling feel that is beyond explanation. The kids, adults, elders, everyone loves to feel a longboard under their feet. However, as a professional or a newbie, everyone’s skating experience depends on few factors. It includes their performance, the board, the brand, and others. Some of you may be thinking about how the … Read more

Penny Board Vs Skateboard – That Has Never Been Revealed

penny board vs skateboard

Skating is a popular and stylish way to travel especially when going to college or school. Recently, we have seen and meet various types of boards. We are also getting different comparisons between nickel board vs skateboard, longboard vs skateboard vs penny board, longboards vs penny boards, etc. Among them, differing penny board and skateboard … Read more