How to Clean Skateboard Wheels and Bearings Easily – Special Tricks

Make the most crucial part of a skateboard. They must move, and the movement should be swift and smooth.  At times, dirt and mud may build up in the bearing and this limit the ability of the wheels to spin. In such scenario, servicing your skateboard is the only option. As a regular skater, the greatest feeling is when the skateboard responds to your movements. It is very important for beginner skateboards. Learning how to clean skateboard wheels and bearings is very important for any skateboarder, as it is a matter of security too.

​How to clean skateboard wheels

To clean the wheels, unscrew the axle nuts using the socket wrench from either side of each of the wheels. Gently remove the wheels from the wheels. It’s important to keep the washers, bolts and nuts together to avoid losing them. Remove the bearings from the wheels.

First, use a piece of cloth or an old toothbrush scrub any mud and grime from the wheels. After removing dirt, place the wheels in a bucket of soapy water. Leave them to stand for ten minutes.

Remove your wheel and scrub them gently using a rag or the brush. Then dry them gently using paper towels.

How to clean skateboard bearings

It is good practices to use cleaners and lubricants that are specifically intended for cleaning skateboard bearings.  However, household items can be used to clean the bearings. Such substances include acetone based nailed removers, bicycle oil petroleum jelly or even silicon-based personal lubricants to grease them before reassembling the wheels.

Cleaning of the skateboard bearings can be scary as well as complicated.  However, learning how to clean skateboard bearings only takes few minutes. Bearings must be lubricated for proper functioning. Grease and oil are the best lubricants.  To remove the grease or the oil during cleaning, you will need something that dissolves the substances. Acetone, alcohol or isopropyl alcohols are among the best organic solvents used to clean the bearings.

To clean the bearings, first, wipe dirt and other materials. Use a paper towel or a piece of cloth dampened in water. Remove any visible debris.

Gently pop the shields from the skateboard bearings using a thin and a sharp object such as a screwdriver, paper clip or razor blade. If your bearing shields are made of rubber, you will need to be careful not to puncture them or bend the metal ring that helps them hold their shape. When the shields are made up of the metal, they are a C-shaped clip holding them in place. You should get your pin under this and gently remove the clip, and the shield should come a way.

Place your solvent in a bowl. The level of the solvent should be enough to cover the bearing. Then place the bearing with the ball part down in your bowl of solvent. Let them stand for about five minutes. Swirl them around in the jar to further loosen any debris in the bearing. This help to remove the remaining debris. Remove any embedded grit by gently tapping the bottom of the bowl. Lay all the clean bearings with the ball side down on a clean paper towel to dry. For complete drying use a hair dryer or fan to evaporate all the moisture. Swirl the shields around in the solutions well and wipe any dirt.

When everything is dry, re-grease your bearings before putting them back together. When using an oil lubricant, you will need only three drops to get all the bearing balls covered. place the shields back gently over the bearings and snap them into place using your finger. Do not use WD40 as this will dry out and crack the bearings.

Lastly, place your rubber guards back on and the clean bearings back in the wheels, and then re-attach them to the skateboard. Ensure that the wheels are spinning.

​How to take bearings out of skateboard wheels

​When you skateboarding the wheel is not spinning smoothly or are producing a grinding noise, it’s time to either replace or clean them. Either way, you will need to remove the tire first. To remove the tire, you require skateboard tools or a wrench. Then use a rag and an organic solvent such as acetone or cleaning solvent to clean the bearings, lubricate them then return.

First, unscrew the nuts that hold the wheel on the axle.  Set the nuts in a safe place. Pull the wheel toward the end of the axle. If you do not have the bearing puller, you will tell us the axle itself to pry the bearing out of the wheel. Therefore, do not slide the wheel all the way off the axle. Move the wheel towards the end of the axle so that only the bearing is on the wheel.

Remove the bearing from the wheel. To do this pry the wheel from the skateboard truck using the leverage when the axle rod tip is just inside the bearing. With the heel of your hand on the bottom edge of the outside of the wheel and your fingers on top of the wheel, use the leverage to pry the bearing out of the wheel. Care should be taken not to break the bearings especially if you are planning to clean and return them. If you are using a bearing puller, insert the tip into the bearing, so it hooks the bearings edges and simply pulls the bearing out of the wheel. Turn the wheel and insert the axle rod tip into the second bearing.

Set the bearing aside to be cleaned or throw them away if you are putting new bearings in the wheel. With these easy steps, you now know how to take bearings out of skateboard wheels.


To skate without hitches, you need a perfect skateboard. This simply translates to a skateboard with smoothly spinning tires. It is imperative for any skateboarder to be conversant with fixing tires and bearings as well as cleaning them. With the steps outlined above efficient skateboarding has become easier.

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