Best Maple Skateboards Review – Suggested by Professional

Maple is a very good material for a skateboard. If you want a durable yet good finished board then maple would be a great choice. So you can depend on the Best Maple Skateboards for safe riding without any doubt.

In this article, we will be reviewing three of their best maple skateboards. If you have any queries about the boards, you can simply go through the information at a glance in the maple skateboards review article. All of these are within your affordable reach. Decks are made of maple wood Trucks, wheels, precision bearings, grip tape, and other equipment are great.

Now let’s get into the main talk.

3 Best Maple Skateboards Review

So in this segment, you are going to learn about the top 3 skateboards made of Maple. Well, we have explained every review explaining the features of the board, pros, and drawbacks. Also, short description for every board is also provided. Let’s explore them.

1. Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard

MINORITY 33inch Maple Skateboard|Trick Skateboard for Beginners, Intermediate and Pros (Berry)

Key Features

  • Decks of this skateboard are made of hundred percent pure maple wood. Seven-layer is cold-pressed together to make it solid and sturdy.
  • Strong original aluminium alloy 5 inches trucks are used in the skateboard. Each of them has a carbon steel kingpin.
  • Dimension of the deck is about 32 inches in length and almost 8 inches in width. Plus, the size of the wheels is approximately 52 millimetres.
  • The 102A polyurethane wheels help to speed up any tricks. These go well with ABEC-9 precision bearings.
  • High rebound 78A PU bushing provides smooth support when you pass through tight corners.

A style sensible teenager would love this trendy Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard. Whether you are just starting your journey to skateboarding or already at an intermediate level, you can easily get along with the balance on this board. Even if you are an expert at tricks, this board is a great choice for convenient control.

Minority has received a lot of positive maple skateboard brand reviews since its release for maintaining the best quality. So you can put your trust in the brand without thinking twice. There are a bunch of different graphics available. You can select from the latest to classical design range. Moreover, this premium skateboard could be a perfect gift for friends and family members.

  • Up to 220 pounds of rider load-bearing support.
  • Epoxy glued ply for long-lasting resistance without any damage.
  • Mediate concave design to stand behind any tricks.
  • Not for an extra heavy rider.

2. Jaoul Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners Complete Maple Skateboard 31 Inch for Girls Boys Youth Adults Kids Double Kick Standard Skateboard

Key Features

  • Long-lasting, hardrock seven-ply Canadian maple is put together for a perfect skateboard. This can support high-pressure capacity.
  • It comes with 2 in 1 adjust toolset so that you can fix the minor adjustments on your own. Plus, a portable carrying bag for your convenience. All of these are totally free of charge with the skateboard.
  • Length of the deck is around 31 inches and the width is about 8 inches with an approximate height of 3.85 inches.
  • A variety of graphical color options include blue fire, seaside, checkerboard, skull, spindrift, and many more.
  • High-quality ABEC-11 bearings, 95A PU wheels, 5 inches alloy trucks all together offer swift speed while ensuring that you are riding safely.

No matter what age group you belong to, Jaoul Cruiser Skateboards can become the best companion. It suits both boys and girls or teens, youths, adults. The size is best for beginners but pro riders can do tricks on it too. This maple masters 31 skateboard review is helpful for those who pick quality over brand.

The skateboard is almost 5 pounds empty weight which is very light for any user to ride on it. It has waterproof printing and anti-skid top grip tape. Furthermore, you can modify the wheel speed as per your requirement. The personalized emery sandpaper provides essential friction between your feet and the board.

  • More than 320 pounds rider load-bearing capacity.
  • 22-degree tail supports quick and easy turns while doing tricks.
  • Professional double kick concave design.
  • Some users complained about receiving broken packaging.

3. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard | 40-inch Drop Trough Deck | Made for Cruising Ride (Brownbear)

Key Features

  • The deck consists of 8 layers of hardrock maple put together in a drop-through mounting design deck that offers high stability and better push efficiency.
  • Various color ranges include brown bear, Leo, forest, galaxy, tropical, solitude, and so on for anyone to ride with style.
  • Around 40 inches deck length with a width of approximately 9 inches. The height is about 5.1 inches from the surface.
  • Trucks are made of aluminum and the dimensions of each reverse kingpin are 7 inches which are solid and durable.
  • Wheels are 78A polyurethane 70x51mm diameter along with smooth ABEC-9 precision bearings. In complex turnings, they can provide maximum control with sufficient traction.

  • Kick efficiency and shock absorbent material.
  • Easily moveable trucks to about 50 or 45 degrees angle.
  • Great for cruising ride on any type of road.
  • Some users suggested adding two riser pads separately.

Buying Guide On Maple Skateboards 

While you want to score best for buying the Best Maple Skateboards, then pause here. There are certain features you must keep in your mind before choosing one. So, here’s the list you must check-

1. Design

Find your favorable design with the most functionality. With various graphic designs and shapes, maple skateboards are available for kids to adults. So, choose your design. 

2. Deck

Measure your deck size before buying one for yourself. The length should be measured from nose to tail. The width of the board depends on its length of it. Check for the deck shape because the deck shape strengthens the durability and stability of the board. 

3. Wheels

Wheels are the main thing that rolls the skateboard. Most of the wheels come in 54mm to 60mm thickness. These measure wheels are extremely lightweight, and easy to flip and do tricks. They also cover the large area without screeching from the ground. 

4. Trucks

Truck size depends on the wheels and also deck size. Trucks allow the skateboard to turn smoothly providing enough space for wheels. Naturally, trucks of 149mm size are suitable and ideal. 

5. Price

Lastly, look at the price with all facilities you want. Our Best Maple Skateboards reviews are all at affordable prices with the best quality and bonus features. The price of a skateboard depends on the functionality and quality of the board. 

FAQs on Maple Skateboards 

Are maple skateboards good?

Skateboards made with Canadian maple woods are extremely durable, stable, and good to use. As maple woods take years to mature and then be used in using skateboards, so for sure Maple skateboards are outstandingly strong. 

Is maple or bamboo better for skateboarding?

Well, now we’ve to pick bamboo. Bamboo has much stronger and longer fiber than maple woods. That’s why a bamboo skateboard is much more durable than a maple skateboard. Plus, unlike maple wood, bamboo can hold moisture and water, so it can withstand wet weather too. 

Why Maple wood is used for making skateboards?

The reason maple wood is used for making skateboards is its durability, sturdiness, and hard-to-break feature. Maple woods are extremely sturdy as well as they’re flexible at the same time. 

Which skateboard is good for beginners?

As for beginners, maple wood skateboards will be the best choice. Because maple woods are sturdy and stronger, while performing new tricks, they’ll be able to withstand all the flipping and falling. So, maple skateboards will be perfect for beginners.

Final Words

I hope you’ve found our Best Maple Skateboard review helpful. All the products on our list are tested and researched from the customers’ feedback. So, you can blindly rely on us.

To help you, I would recommend go through every boards again and try to understand which board is going to meet most of your needs and must check out the designs. Make sure your friend is going to say wow just having a glance. Fortunately any of the 3 must meet your needs.

So, choose one from our list and get that! Happy rolling! 

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