How to Stand on a Skateboard – Learn in an hour with 6 easy Steps

Skateboarding is a passion. But learning skateboarding is not a very easy task. There are different steps and basics. Today, I am here with a very beginning step – How to stand on a skateboard?

If you are very new, then you will find different troubles while learning it without any guide. There are some easy steps such as placing the foot, bending, balancing, etc. If you don’t learn them, you will learn to stand up by falling several times. No worries, I will discuss this topic with every single detail. So, learn how you are supposed to stand on a skateboard?

How to Stand on a Skateboard?

1. Prepare yourself

Before starting, make sure you are prepared. Preparation means getting safety get up. You have to ensure safe clothing. Wear skate shoes, socks, pants, and take ankle protection.

Next, consider the grip tape. If your skateboard is old, you need to check it. If you feel the tape will not keep your feet in place, then you should replace it.

You must take a skateboarding helmet for protection. Some people don’t take helmets just because they don’t look awesome. Forget about it, because people don’t look at your get up. Do you know Tony Hawk – one of the most popular skaters of all time. He always wears a helmet.

2. Choose soft/grassy ground

The next thing to consider is the place where you will start. You must be a beginner. So, I never suggest starting on a hard surface like cement or concrete. The best suggestion for you is to start on a grassy field.

Most people fall while practicing skateboarding. While it is practicing “How to stand properly on a skateboard?” people fall more often. If it is a hard surface, then there is more risk. So, ensure your safety and start with a soft surface.

3. Rules of placing the foot

Never put both feet together on the board at a time. First, put one foot and give a short break. Secure your position and then put another foot.

What if you try putting both feet at a time?

Well, most probably, you will lose your balance fall from. the skateboard.

4. Spread your weight by placing your feet

Balancing the weight is crucial for learning “How to stand on a skateboard without falling?”

The main thing is you need to place your foot. If you can maintain your foot position, then you can maintain balance. Glace your feet on the 4 screws on each side. Try to, and hopefully, you will get a stable position and good balance.

What if I fail to maintain the weight balance?

If you fall, then you will never learn, “How to stand on a longboard?” Besides, you won’t get the board stable and feel uncomfortable and afraid. You may fall from the board and never be able to learn unique tricks.

5. Bend the Knee

Placing your foot helps more in balancing and bending the knee to take it to the next level.

It mainly helps to maintain stability. By mastering this step, you will get closer to the ground. Later on, you can get a good balance even if you misplace your foot a little.

This step may consume more time. Because you need to learn how much you should bend. It depends on your weight and your foot position. So keep practicing to tame it accurately.

6. Practice and get the feel

The main steps are complete. Now it’s your turn to keep practicing. Must keep your concentration while starting. Never be afraid of falling. Keep more concentration while placing your foot and bending.

You may fall few times or slip multiple times. But keep practicing, and sooner or later, you will learn “How to stand up the slide on a longboard?”

Some people require less than an hour, and some take hours after hours. Time doesn’t matter. Just keep practicing to learn how to stand on a longboard properly.

Tips for learning How to stand on a Skateboard for Beginners

I have already discussed the main topic. Here I will add some tips which must help you in learning it quickly and easily.

• Take help from a skilled friend

You must have any friend who is an intermediate or professional skater. I suggest taking help from the guy while learning to stand up on a skateboard.

He must help you with your weak point. And he will be a good support in your practicing session.

• Take your photo in every step

It seems like showing off, but it is a useful trick to learn to stand up quickly. Take your picture and watch out for your position. Seeing your photo, you can understand where you are doing wrong. So, use this technique to figure out your weakness.

• You can watch the tutorial

Many great skateboarders have published some videos on YouTube about different steps of skateboarding. Before starting, you can watch out for their videos and follow their tips in learning standing up on a skateboard.

• Get the proper skateboard

One of the most important things is to get the appropriate skateboard for you. If you choose any professional board, then you may face different problems. As a result, it will take more time and cause trouble.

So it is necessary to choose a beginner skateboard. You can check out an article on “Best skateboard for beginners.” Must have a look at the article before starting with the wrong skateboard.


Congratulations! You have learned an important step in skateboarding. Remember standing up is crucial and one of the most basic parts of learning skateboarding. Don’t lose your hope, and stay calm while learning how to stand on a skateboard.

Now it’s time to move to another part. We have posted the complete guidelines for learning skateboarding in your different articles. So, don’t forget to have a look at our other articles. Thanks for staying with us.

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