How to Jump on a Skateboard for Beginners [Expert Page]

Skateboarding is a sport of learning. The beginners at first to ride a skateboard properly. Then they try to learn different tricks. Jump on a skateboard is a very popular trick.

There are few easy steps to jump on a skateboard. I have been teaching people about different skateboarding tricks for the last few years. I generally teach 7 steps to perform it. Here, I will discuss them properly. So keep reading the article and learn how to jump on a skateboard.

How to Jump on a Skateboard for Beginners?

Step 1: Place Your Feet

Start with the front foot. Place it in the middle of the skateboard decks. (2 inches from the bolt) Place the back foot on the tail of your skateboard.

The heel of the back foot should be off the board’s surface. Remember, both feet should be faced straight ahead. Avoid creating an angle between the legs.

Step 2: Bend the Knee

We all know how to bend the knee. The process is the same as the general process. Make sure your feet don’t get misplaced. Actually, it is the first step to pop up the tail.

Step 3: Pop up the Tail

Apply downward force using your back foot and rapidly push down hard on the tail of the skateboard. Then the tail will touch the ground and gain upward momentum. It is the pop-up process.

You have to be careful about pushing. It depends on your weight. The lightweight person will push harder. Healthy people won’t push so hard.

Step 4: Immediately Jump up

As soon as you pop up the tail, jump up in the air. Make sure to straighten your legs. If you can’t do it, there will be a collision between your feet and the board. You may understand, it is a crucial moment of the process.

Step 5: Swipe the Front Foot

While jumping, swipe up your front foot smoothly, along with the board. Don’t try to give pressure. Just slide the side of the foot. Stop reaching the end of the board. Don’t cross the line.

Step 6: Level the Feet and Shoulder

When you reach the highest point, underneath with your feet, make sure that you level the feet and shoulder. Spread hands wider pulling up your knees slightly.

Step 7: Landing

Landing is important. If you miss the landing, you may face a knee injury. Expand your knees toward the ground. Keep bending your knees slightly and imbibe the shock of landing. Make sure you don’t lose control of the board.

Tips to Master Jump on a Skateboard

I have already described the ways to jump on a skateboard. Now you need to learn about some tips to master it. Let’s get them.

  • Focus on step 3 more than other steps. If you can pop up better then you will be able to get a perfect jump.
  • Try to swipe in late. If you can do it, you will be able to jump higher. Don’t try it at the beginning.
  • Choose a safe place to perform this skateboard trick.
  • Master position your feet and leveling your body. It will help to perform a jump like a professional.

Special note:You must wear a helmet and safety gear before you can start skateboarding. Since you are a beginner’s skater, don’t jump on the electric skateboard.

Final Words

It is not so tough to tame this easy trick. If you are very new at skateboarding, then I suggest learning how to ride first. The beginners can go forward to learning this.

I am saying again; it’s not a matter of just 1 day. You have to practice it for at least a week to master this. So, keep practicing and never forget to take protection.

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