How to Flip in Skate 3 – Best Guide to Expert Learn

Skate 3 is a video game released in 2010 by EA Games. This game is suitable for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One X Enhanced. You will find almost the real experience of riding a skateboard because of this game’s best skateboard graphic design and updates.

This game will lead you to an extremely competitive world of skateboard riding. You can use your game console remote to control different tricks or flips in this game. To impress and shock your friends, you must need some impressive guidelines for this game.

In this article, I will describe different easy and impressive flips and tricks of Skate 3. Keep reading to find more interesting tips on the topic “How to flip in Skate 3?”

Skate 3 Trick Guide

Skate 3 how to flip is a very random question for gamers. Here I have discussed some easy and basic flip tricks. I hope this guide will be helpful in enhancing your game experience.

1. Front Flip

This is one of the most basic flips of all. Timing is very important in this part. While needed, make your game character jump as usual and hold one trigger button so that the character can snatch his skateboard then swiftly pull the left directional stick.

As I said, you must practice this to maintain the quick movement of your fingers to make an enchanting performance. Who doesn’t love cool flips, right?

2. Back Flip

Same as front flip, make your character jump, then use your left stick to move forward. Now, hold down the left trigger button on your controller to make your character backflip.

Like the front flip, timing is too sensitive here. Gamers have very quick reflexes to make their move quickly. Yet, you need to practice a lot to master up.

3. Body Flip

In my opinion, this is the coolest flip of all. While doing this flip, you will find the main differences between skate 2 and skate 3. The new update mechanics of Skate 3 are fabulous.

Anyway, you need to snatch your board first to do a body flip. After snatching the board, you will be able to do a body flip. Move your character as usual and then rotate your left direction stick to place your body flip where you want to do. Easy, right? Yet, tactful.

Like the above two flips, you must need the practice to perform this flip. The handy and updated mechanism made this game more enjoyable.

4. Superdude Body Flip

Here comes another coolest flip named Superdude Body Flip. You can also call this flip Miracle Whip. Even pro gamers find this one complex to perform. I love this flip too much though it is quite difficult. Let’s see how you will do this.

In this flip, you will perform body flip and super dude together. Now focus on the procedure. You have to press both of the trigger buttons as well as B. The B button is the one that is on the right side far.

You have to follow a tricky trick here, and until you reach into the air, don’t press the left stick. When you reach in the air, immediately press both of the triggers. Then hit down or up and follow your character movement for better results.

Like I told you before, this one is the trickiest, but not impossible. Timing is very crucial in this flip. Practice and practice!

5. Finger Flip

This finger flip is a tough kookie. You have to concentrate while doing this flip because it’s pretty difficult to handle. First to do a finger flip, pull off an Ollie, then the character will be about to up.

When the character is on her way to flip up, then hold R2. Don’t release the R2 and quickly pull off a kickflip. All gamers find it difficult to pull off quickly, but practice makes everything perfect. You will be beyond satisfied when you perform finger flip coolly.

Skate 3 Trick List

Now we will see some Skate 3 secret tricks. There are enormous tricks to play Skate 3 impressively. Let’s see the basic trick list here, and then you will learn many more creative ways to perform.

1. Hardflip

Imagine doing kickflip and frontside pop shove-it together. This combination is hardflip. Combine different tricks in one game make the game more enjoyable.

2. 360 Flip

This flip is a combination of a kickflip and 360 shove-it tricks. First, do a kickflip by kicking your board, then perform a backside 360 shove-it.

3. 360 Hardflip

Do a kickflip and 360 frontside shove-it done together. That is called 360 Hardflip.

4. 360 Inward Heelflip

This one is a mixture of heelflip and backside 360 shove-it—a pretty easy one.

5. Nollie

You can perform, Ollie? I guess you can. Then it’s easy for you. Nollie is performing ollie in backward. Done!

6. Noelle 360 Flip

This flip trick is similar to 360 flips. Do what you will do in 360 flips, but the board will pop from the nose, not from the tail.

7. Noelle 360 Inward Heelflip

Same to 360 Inward Heelflip. The difference is while performing Noelle 360 Inward Heelflip; the nose will replace the tail.

8. Noelle 360 Hardflip

This trick is identical to 360 Hardflip. The main distinction is the nose will work instead of the tail.

9. Laser Flip

This trick is a combination of frontside 360 pop-shove it and varial heelflip. Master up these two tricks if you want to do laser flip.

10. Double Heelflip

You can use ollie tricks on this flip. When the board leaves the ground, flip it 360°. Now, pop your board and flick the board’s nose. The board will move in a circle and land on the ground.

Skate 3 Cheat Codes

Cheat codes spice up the game Skate 3. You need to check the Extra Menu to activate Cheat codes. Find the enter cheat code option and then type them in. If you input everything in the correct method, then you will receive a notification.

Before I start, it’s mentionable that these cheat codes will work only in free skate mode. Those cheat codes are:

1. Zombie

In this mode, all pedestrians will attack you like zombies, and they will move like zombies. There will be a zombie light effect too.

2. Miniskaters

It will look hilarious because everyone will have to be tiny with a big head, legs, and hands.

3. Deadspacetoo

For this option, you have to unlock Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space series. Then, it will be a playable avatar.

4. Streetsweeper

It will reset all the movable objects in the game to their original places.

5. dontbesomayo

This option will unlock the clothing and objects sponsored by Miracle Whip.

6. Mcfly

This option will work like trucks, and wheels will be removed from boards. Then, the trucks and wheels will float in the air.

Skate 3 Characters

You can unlock Isaac Clarke by the cheating code as a playable avatar. Many interesting characters can be unlocked. You have to complete Hall of Meat challenges and break bones if you want to unlock the other avatars.

Meat Man: If you want to unlock the meat man character, then beat all the challenges of Hall of meat.

Dem Bones: To unlock this character, you have to beat over half of the challenges of Hall of Meat.


​However, now you know all the tricks, flips, tips of playing Skate 3. I hope this skate 3 trick guide ps3 will be quite helpful to improve your playing. Use the cheat codes to spice up the game more. But of course, wear your skate helmet.

The more character will be unlocked, the more fun you will get to play the game. Always practice making your flips more impressive and flawless. Thank you for reading this article on how to flip in skate 3.

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