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While riding on skateboards, it’s essential to stop it in time. Otherwise, you may get injured. It’s more necessary for a beginner to learn how to stop skateboards. It can help you to improve your skills as well as save you from injuries.

There are many tricks you can try to stop your board in the beginning step. As a beginner, you should choose the easiest tricks. When you are getting professional, you can try different tricks.

Here I gathered some easy ways to stop your skateboard. But, you have to practice this plenty of times to get a better result. So, let’s begin at the min point, how to stop on a skateboard!

How to Stop on A Skateboard for Beginners?

1. Run off

This is the easiest way to stop your board. When you are riding slowly on your board, put your back foot forward in the air.

Then step your leg down when you are ready to jump off. Now leave the board and for keeping balance, run or take some steps forward with the motion. Done! Easy, right?

2. Roll into any surface 

If you feel that you are losing your balance and possibly injure badly, find any friction zone. The friction zone means grass area, sand, or any cushiony area.

Just jump and roll onto the soft areas. It will prevent serious injuries. But, don’t jump into rock hard rough place; you will injure your fleshy areas then.

3. Foot braking 

You have to use your back foot as a brake here. Throw your front foot forward in point and put your whole weight to your front foot.

Now, keep your back foot down parallel with the ground. Don’t step promptly on the ground; it will stick your leg with the ground, and you will fall. Slowly stretch out your back leg with the ground with motion.

4. Pop up the board in air

This is one of the amazing skills to stop skateboard and longboard. For beginners, it may be a little tricky. But, who doesn’t want to look cool with skillful moves!

The things you have to do are first slow down the board, keeping balance and motion. Then jump off the board and kick at the tail of your board to bounce it. When it bounces, you will catch it with your hands. Cool, huh?

5. Power Sliding 

This one trick is very much popular among beginners. It takes a little bit of time to learn this, and you have to put your full effort into this cool trick. Also, not to mention again, you will fall many times to practice this trick.

Firstly, keep balance with the board and stand straight. Secondly, transfer your weight and grab your foot tightly. Now, while the board will move forward, switch your board’s nose aside. Then, depending on the side wheels, lean the board on one side.

Finally, let the board slide and jump off safely. Jump in a cushiony area for safety. A bit tricky, but practice will make it easy eventually.

Power sliding can wear out your skateboard wheels. Just check it regularly before practice and if you feel it, then replace it. Be careful about wheels.

How Do You Stop A Skateboard Going Fast?

While riding on a skateboard, beginners may face this problem. The board may run so fast that you will lose control over the board. It will cause your injuries.

Therefore, each beginner should learn how to stop a fast-going skateboard. Here are some top tips to stop your fast-going skateboard.

1. Jump off

For slowing down your board, you will get a couple of ideas. The first one is, jumping off the board. Narrow your body and try to jump safely. I know it’s almost impossible to jump safely from a fast-running board. But, be careful with your face and fleshy areas.

Well, to be honest, it’s not a better idea. But, to prevent more hazardous injury, you have to do this. Always make sure to wear your helmet, gloves, and pads if you are a newbie. Those will save you enough.


2. Foot or Heel Brake


I described the foot brake already. The classic foot brake can slow down the speedy board. You just need to push your back foot off the board and slowly drag your foot against the ground with balance.

This will make friction in your skate shoes and ground. This friction will make slow the board. Actually, this one is a very effective way to slow down your skateboard at any speed. Everyone should learn this one.

Heel braking is not very different than foot braking. Apply pressure on your heel as a brake and lift the board’s nose. As your back foot will be on the board’s tail, then slowly pull your heels to slow the speed.

Actually, heel braking is a bit difficult but effective. It needs practice to learn it properly.

3. Carving 

The last and most effective one is carving around your skateboard. When you feel that your board is running so fast, then is the best way to stop. Here you have to lean back & forth and turn your wheels like they will lose traction and start sliding.

Board carving needs a lot of practice to transfer your body weight, leaning continuously, giving pressure on heels or toes. After you slow down the speed, use jumps off/ foot brake or pop up the board methods to stop completely.

How to Stop on A Skateboard Going Downhill?

Riding downhill is not easy. First, you need to practice this on the flat surface, then go on the top hill to ride down. Expert skateboard riders find it very enjoyable to ride down. But, you need to fall many times and practice.

One important piece of information to mention specifically, don’t skate on the open road. Each year many skateboarders get killed or injured by moving vehicles.

If you are a newbie, always wear gloves, helmets, and pads to avoid getting bruised. So, here are the ways to stop a skateboard from going downhill.

1. Sliding

When you are running downhill fast, sliding can save your precious body from injury.

Apply all your body weight in the front foot and put your front foot on the board’s nose. Now, turn your body at a 90° angle and try to keep balance while turning. Put your hands on the roads if you need to keep balance. Remember to wear gloves.

2. Foot brake 

Like I said before, this method works to stop a skateboard at any speed. Put your back foot off the board and drag it to the ground. The friction in-ground and shoes will work, and the board will be slower gradually.

3. Power Slide 

I explained this technique previously. This method can also help to make a perfect pause of your skateboard from going downhill.

Ultimately, if you see, there is no way, jump off. Yes, I know I might sound crazy. But, seriously, this is a simple and safe way to save your butt.

Final Words

Learning how to stop on a skateboard is essential for all. How to stop on a skateboard for beginners is more important. You need to learn different tactics to stoop in a different situation.

In this article, I have discussed different ways to stop in different conditions, such as downhill, and follow the same rules for electric skateboards.

It is not an easy task to master it in a day. Remember, practice makes a man perfect. This line is best for learning to stop a skateboard. Follow my instructions and keep practicing. Hopefully, you will stop your board like a pro in a week.

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