How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster? – 13 Steps to Do it

Skateboarding is one of the most interesting sports in the world. Moreover, who doesn’t adore riding it? If you are a skateboard lover and love riding it, then it can be a bet that you hate slow skateboard wheels. Because obviously, the slow wheels of skateboards ruin the whole experience.

On the off chance that your board wheels are moderate, we will make a few adjustments to make them faster and quicker without essentially changing the board. The tips clarified beneath will help on the most proficient method to make skateboard wheels turn faster or even the fastest. So, keep reading how to make skateboard wheels faster.

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Go Faster?

We are at the main point. Here I will discuss 13 steps to explain how to make the wheels on your skateboard faster.

1. Lose the wheels of the skateboard

Lose the tightness of your skateboard wheels. Extreme tightness in the axle nuts will make it harder for you to ride it even if you push with much energy. 

2. Never forget to use high-quality wheels        

Always use qualities wheels. Because wheels which are made of low-quality materials are kind of soft and make it slower. High-quality wheels are strong and roll very fast. 

3. Change your small wheels

Do not use small wheels for skateboarding. Small wheels are not speedy. The big wheels have a large circumference and radius, which helps them roll faster than small wheels. 

4. Buy hard wheels not the soft ones

Delicate wheels squash more against the street, retain more energy and hence turn gradually. Then again, harder wheels reflect more energy by making them turn at high speed. While purchasing a quicker plate, pick one with a higher durometer.

5. Change your pose while riding a skateboard

It will be better if you can pose aerodynamically. It’s a method of lessening the surface zone in contact with the air to limit obstruction while riding. All in all, you get more smoothed out and increment your speed. You can do it by bowing at the hip or squatting down.

6. Try to use smooth streets for riding

Try to ride your skateboard on smooth streets. Unpleasant street surfaces are furious to ride on. The potholes, knocks will lessen your force and moderate you down. The best surfaces to ride on are smooth and steep as they speed up. You additionally burn through less effort to push the board and let it quicken at the top rate.

7. Do not keep it dirty

Clean and lubricate the bearings. Dirty and unmaintained bearings roll very slow. Whereas the cleaned, maintained ones roll faster.

8. How to clean bearings

There are different ways of cleaning the bearings. We are here with the best tips. Separate the wheels at first. Then separate the bearings and shield. They sink the bearings in a liquid cleaner. Utilize explicit bearing cleaners or solvents that are not water-based like acetone.

9. What to do after drying?

Do not forget to completely dry the bearings. After drying them, lubricate them. Dry them spinning or using a dryer. Lubricating is an important part of speed. After lubricating, remember to clean and wipe away the excess lubes. Do not use tissue paper; use old clothes, as tissues leave small particles. 

10.Why use ceramic bearings 

Utilize quality bearings. It is best to use ceramic bearings. Because ceramic bearings have less friction, and it cools down quicker, has less chance of breaking, and has good durability. 

11. Detach the spacers 

Eliminate the spacers between the bearings in the focal point of the wheel to make them quicker. The spacer, for the most part, supports the bearing and keeps them from breaking. Be that as it may, in the event that you are utilizing a quality bearing, you can manage without it as it’s difficult for them to break.

12.No jerking or extreme movements

Abstain from jerking or moving side to side. For you to accomplish the most elevated speed, think about riding in a straightway. You will have a quicker ride than moving from one side to another.

13. Ride at full speed    

Keep an eye on the jump-out heading Bearings can be driven into the wheel or neglected to situate altogether, thus jumping out. It’s anything but a typical issue. However, it might occur, particularly in the wake of introducing bearing. These directions will make your speed decrease if not all-around fixed. You can push down on a haggle on all headings to guarantee the orientation gets into place.


Only an experienced and expert rider knows the importance of the fast wheels of the skateboard. And if you are one of them, whose wheels are slow now, no need to buy a new skateboard. Follow the above 13 steps perfectly and keep all of those in your mind; then, you can easily make your skateboard wheels faster and make them feel absolutely new. The steps are very simple and easy to follow. Hopefully, you will have no more questions on the topic “How to make your wheels faster on a skateboard?”

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