How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels – The A to Z Guide

Maintaining your lovely skateboard is quite easy. In all maintaining issues, one is very common, and that is adjusting your skateboard wheels. Adjusting means loosening or tightening the wheels from time to time. If you want to enjoy your ride every day with your cool skateboard, then taking care of this thing is a must.

Don’t get worried! Loosening screws from wheels is a very easy task. Just read the whole article, and you will be able to fix this problem by yourself. The process – “How to loosen skateboard wheels?” is given below.

How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels?

When you have a new skateboard, and a new skater,netighteningd skateboard wheels is beneficial and comfortable for them. However, when the learner gets used to the tight wheels, it needs to loosen up bit by bit to ride easily.

Wheels play a very important role while turning or playing any trick with the skateboard. The tighter the wheel, it will be difficult to turn or play tricks. That’s why players tend to loosen wheels a bit to ride and turn skateboards in a more comfortable and cool way!

Some basic tools are necessary to loosen screws from the skateboard. If you have a tool package that comes with a skateboard, then you can chill. If you don’t have a tool package, then you just need-

  • Wrenches
  • Screwdriver

Now let’s jump into the main process, “How to loosen up the wheels on a skateboard?”

  1. Flip your skateboard upside down so your wheels will face you. You will notice a large-sized at the end of the kingpin bolt.

  • Now with the help of a wrench turn the kingpin so it can loosen from the joints. At first, try to loosen just a half or quarter turn to test the board.

  • After loosening the wheels, check the flexibility by turning the skateboarder on the left and right sides. Give a ride to understand well.

  • For more vigilant checking, place your skateboard on a plain and smooth surface. Position your feet on the board and try to move it left or right. Then, you will properly understand that you need to tighten or loosen the wheels more.

  • Don’t over loosen the wheels so that there is a risk that the wheels may fall out from the kingpin. After each time riding or during riding, check that if the nut is attaching with the kingpin.

How to Tighten Skateboard Wheels?

Tightening or loosening your skateboard wheels is your personal preference. Too loose wheels can be felt unstable for you, so you may need to tighten the wheels.

Don’t worry; it is also easy as loosening wheels. About tools, you will need to same tools you need for loosening wheels. Let’s see what we have to do-

  1. Flip your skateboard and find the big nut that sits at the center of the wheels. Turn that nut in a clockwise motion to tighten the wheels. (For loosening you have to turn anticlockwise)

  • Turn the bolt in one or quarter turn at a time to tighten the wheels. After one try, give a ride.

  • Try some basic tricks, different speed ride tests and understand if you are comfortable with the speed and tightness. Always remember there is no standard tightening measure, you have to find your comfort zone by riding and testing.


I hope this article did some teaching to you about how to loosen wheels on a skateboard. At last, I would love to remind two very important tips for you, my lovely readers. Those are- while testing the tightness or loosen by riding, carry the necessary tools with you and always check the bolt with a kingpin that it won’t fall out. So, that’s all for today. Happy riding! See you in another article!

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