How to Ollie on a Penny Board Easily

How to do an ollie on a penny board. For skateboarders, the ollie is the most important skill to learn. The ollie is a move in which a skateboarder jumps up and lifts his or her board like she or he is pulling up on a stool. Skateboarders use it to get into higher positions, such as on top of an obstacle, to perform various stunts and tricks on ramps and rails.

When done correctly, this simple trick can look like magic and make you feel like you’re invincible. But it’s not always easy to learn how to do an ollie for beginners — it takes time and practice before you can really nail it.

What is an Ollie?

The ollie is a tricks in skateboarding that propels the rider and skateboard into the air outside the used of any sort of ramp. Skateboard tricks are one of the most fun aspects of skateboarding.

Ollie is an easy trick to perform on a snowboard because it doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need is enough snow to be able to push discontinuance the ground with your toes; this creates enough momentum for you to hop up in the air with your board in tow and then fall back onto it

How to Perform an Ollie on a Skateboard

An ollie is a move in skating that allows you to get from the ground onto a skateboard. It’s a fairly simple trick, but it does take some patience and practice.

In this guide, we’re going to show you what an ollie is and how to do one.

How to do an Ollie on a Penny Board for Beginners

There are many ways to do an Olli and one way to do it is by setting up the board.

Get on your skateboard and place your feet on the board with one foot in front of the other. Push off with both feet and you’ll be able to find a stable stance.

The ollie is a skateboarding trick where the rider (or skater) lifts up their front leg and pushes down on the tail of their board with their back foot to make it jump up in the air. The board’s nose will typically remain about vertical when it rises up discontinuance the ground.

This is what you need for an ollie: A skateboard, patience, and courage!


This article is all about how to do an Ollie or Kickflip on a Penny Board. It starts off with the history of the skateboard and then goes on to discuss what you need in order to get it done.

The action of standing up on the board, pushing with the back foot, and at the same time pulling up on your front foot (to get that air) is called an “Ollie.” The hardest part of this move is getting your back wheels over the edge of your skateboard. Once they’re up, you can do all kinds of tricks like kickflips and shove-its to get even more air.

We will be going through some helpful tips from professional skateboarders that will help you learn how to ollie.

how to do an ollie on a penny board

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