Did You Know How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Skateboard?

How long does it take to learn how to skateboard. Isn’t it amazing to see someone rolling in the wind going against gravity? Yes, skateboarders can do amazing stuff while maintaining the balance of their body.

Don’t you feel like you can run and roll like those magicians as well? What if I say with great determination and patience, you can also become an amazing skateboarder! Learning skateboarding is not very hard if you have proper patience and a strict mindset to nail the game. 

However, you have to start knowing that a significant amount of time is essential to become a flexible skateboarder. In this article, we will mainly focus on how long does it takes to learn how to skateboard?

How Long Does It Take to Learn Skateboarding?

Learning the basic part of skateboarding can take up to 1 hour to 1-2 days depending on your skill set and flexibility.  For people with extreme mind-set and determination, it can take only 45 minutes to get a hold of basic skateboarding

There are some special skateboard tricks like Oliie, Boneless, Power Slide that can take up to 2-3 months of practice before being brought into the road. 

However, some other advanced tricks like kickflipping stairs or ledge tricks can take up to two or three years before you can actually put them as a stunt. 

Are you already worried? Don’t be. There is nothing you can’t achieve with proper practice and perseverance. Here are a few tricks on how you can master skateboarding without any prior knowledge. 

Tips & Tricks

There is no shortcut to success. With strong will power and determination, anyone can become a beautiful skateboarder. Here, we are offering some smart tricks and tips on your journey to becoming a pro skateboarder. 

  • Balance: The basic rule of skateboarding is to maintain the proper ratio of body weight and balance. Once you step on the skateboard, you have to get a hold of your body balance. This is a slow and gradual process.

When you are ready for carving, proper control from the gravity point of your body is a must-have practice with skateboarding. 

  • Patience and Determination: There are some people who can instantly get a knack of it. However, there are others like me for whom learning is a time consuming lesson. If you are a slow learner like me, never lose it. You can still become a good skateboarder if you fix your mind and determination on it and invest proper energy and time.

  • Practice, Practice and Practice: It doesn’t matter how strong you are or experience you have, a gap in practice can always result in poor performance. For rookie and regular beginners, skateboard practice is mandatory. You can fix a schedule and practice according to it. Over months of practice based on a regular follow up, it is bound to become useful for you. 

  • Gears: Even though you are new to skateboarding, never neglect having protective gears for safe and comfortable practice. Gears like a quality skateboard, wrist cap, knee pad and helmets can always come in handy from the beginning and bring effective results in the future. 


Is Skateboarding Hard to Learn?

With proper practice and effort, learning to skateboard can be quite easy. If you have a strong board and establish a stable physical balance, it will become even easier to practice and learn. Over a year, you can become a comfortable skateboarder with flexible control over your board and road. 

Is Skateboarding Harder than Riding a Bike?

No, riding a bike is actually easier than skateboarding. However, when it comes to riding on terrains and uphills, a bike is always a better choice for consistency. It is easier to control a bike on the toughest roads. In a nutshell, a bike wins it over skateboarding. Then again, skateboards are more flexible to control and maneuver. 

Can I Teach Myself to Skateboard?

Based on a survey, it is noticed that almost 99.9% of people are self-taught when it comes to skateboarding. There is no perfect age or gender for skateboarding. Once you decide to learn, you get aboard and hop in. Explore your neighborhood and lanes. You can always take help from youtube if needed.   

Are Bike Helmets OK for Skateboarding?

Yes, bike helmets are ‘good to go’ for skateboarding. Although there are specific models for specific purposes, we suggest getting a helmet that fulfills ASTM F1492 standards. ASTM F1492 helmets are more durable and offer more protection. They can cover both bikes and skateboarding.  

Final Words

Skateboarding is all fun and incredible until you start to learn the essentials of skateboarding. In our guide, we focused on how long does it take to learn how to. 

skateboard. We hope our article will help you get prepared for the estimated time and feel more determined about your practice.  

how long does it take to learn how to skateboard

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