How to Hold a Skateboard? – Learn the Easiest Ways

Do you have any idea about the way to hold a skateboard? If you have no idea, then you must be curious to know how to hold a skateboard. However, there are several ways to carry or hold a skateboard.

But whichever way is proper for you may prevent you from getting hurt. And it can make your skating more enjoyable. So to assist you, during this blog, I am going to discuss few ways to hold a skateboard.

But if you’ve got a backup of the skateboard, you do not need to worry about the other way. All you’ve got to try and do is put your board in it, and you’re able to go. But as a beginner, this is often what I prefer. But if you do not have it, you’ll skate safely by following the steps below.

How to hold a skateboard properly?

Here are four other ways to hold a skateboard.

  1. Mall Grab method
  2. Griptapein Method
  3. Pinching Method

Mall Grab Method

how to hold a skateboard while walking

Grab is alleged to be the primary and most well-liked method to skate basics. Holding this style, one hand reaches through the holes within the back of the truck. And therefore, the other one is inside, counting on your board’s height at the bottom.

  • Place your fingers at the bottom of the board.
  • Then wrap them around the truck.
  • Then rest your thumb on the hanger.
  • Your fist should get on top of the board.

Although you’ll be able to hold the board to your liking, Mall Grab is the cleanest and easiest skating method and is ideal for beginners.

Griptape in method

how to hold a skateboard properly

This is an excellent explanatory way. For this, you would like to hold the board with the grip tape against your body and the board also facing the graphic. This can be the right one way to the grip of your skateboard.

Extend your turn in the graphic and place your fingers around the side of your skateboard.

But it requires your balance. However, you’ll be able to hold the board quickly and not take an excessive amount of time.

There is another similar method Griptape Out method, but I don’t recommend it.

Pinching Method

how to hold skateboard at a skatepark

First, hold the board in a bit pinch and place the grip on any face. If you retain the grip out, everyone will see it.

So, place your board on one side right within the center and pinch along with your whole hand.

Place your thumb under the skateboard with the remainder of your finger next to the grip.

However, you will encounter some errors after you put your skateboard in a pinch. Once you hold the skateboard, you’ll get a hand barrier. Secondly, after you hold the board this way, it’ll repeatedly drop out of your hands.

How to carry a Skateboard?

You have already learned how to hold a skateboard the best way. But now you should also learn how to carry it. I am mentioning only one single way.

Take a skateboard backpack

how to hold a skateboard best way

If you’re a beginner and need to stop injury, then work smartly. You can easily hold your skateboard without carrying or holding it in any respect. If you’ve got a skateboard backpack, you’ll be able to grab it quickly, and you will not need anyone else.

You can hold the skateboard through the straps of the skateboard backpack. And you should slide your hands. However, there are two issues. Ride up to your shirt more if your board is at the rear. And you will get some grip rash. If the graphic is behind you, your elbows will vibrate against the truck and wheels.

Final Words

I have already discussed the topic of how to hold a skateboard while walking. I have already discussed three different ways to hold it. These methods are pretty standard and experienced. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced person, use these methods to hold the skateboard. Besides describing how to hold a skateboard at a skatepark, I have also discussed how to carry it.

I hope you enjoy your skateboard journey by following the way of the way to hold a skateboard. Good luck to you.

(Special Note: Since you have to choose a good skateboard for beginners, we have shared the best beginner skateboards here so you can see them.)

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