How To Get Good at Skateboarding – The Complete Guide

Sometimes you may feel lethargic, fatigue from practicing, and wheeling around the skateboard. Plus, you see you aren’t improving any skill which makes you more frustrated. Moreover, when you see your surrounding people are improving and showing off new skills regularly, that’s the worst feeling.

Today, I’ll talk about this common problem and how we can handle this annoying problem. So, your question is, “How to get good at skateboarding fast?” Well, first if you want to be a pro in skateboarding, then you must learn the basic tricks and movements of skateboard very diligently.

Aim the basic rules first. Your muscles and brain may need a break after that to adapt to the whole new thing, so it’s not bad to take a break. Let’s see some techniques which can analyze your movements and make you a better skater.

How To Get Really Good At Skateboarding?

I’ll describe some tips and tricks to improve from inside and outside which will help you be a better skateboarder.

how to get good at skateboarding fast
how to get good at skateboarding fast

1. Learn The Basics

Let’s start with a small example. When you were in elementary school, you were taught what 2+2=4. If you didn’t learn this basic, then when you got into the upper classes, you wouldn’t be able to solve what 234+786=?

In this case, the scenario is similar. If you don’t know how to control your board, how to push it, how to roll it over, how to stop it instantly, how to ride it with balance, you will never be able to be a better and good skateboarder. So, don’t skip the baby steps as a rookie and jump into the eye-catching tricks. It’ll worsen your conditions, not do any better.

You need to feel and learn how your skateboard behaves when you ride it, lean or crave. Simply, get familiar with your board buddy. So, in short, without basic lessons in skateboarding, you won’t be able to progress further.

2. Keep Your Balance In Track

We all know that a rookie faces the most problems while keeping their balance on the wheel object. Learning to keep balance sure needs patience, practice, and dedication. But, once you can keep your balance properly on the skateboard, trust me you will be able to learn any tricks very easily.

Move your position on the board to keep your balance, move your feet in different directions to understand your balance movements. Try shifting your weight from one leg to another leg. With these tips, you can surely improve your balance on the moving board.

3. Slowly Improve The Movements

Some of us tend to try to learn anything super fast and when we can’t learn the thing faster as we expected, our hope goes down and we become frustrated. The very bad tendency of us. Any trick, you want to learn, try to improve and build up your stance slowly yet sharply.

For example, you want to learn front-flip. For the front flip, you need to keep your movement super fast and sharp. You need to practice it very carefully to get your movement in point and give a fantastic show. So, building up slowly and sharply is quite important.

how to get really good at skateboarding

4. Learn From Videos

Try to watch videos from YouTube, it’ll not only inspire you but also you’ll be able to learn many tips from experienced and professional skateboarders. By noticing the professional people doing different stances, you’ll understand your wrongdoings and improve yourself more.

5. Learn To Ride Fakie

I’ve seen maximum rookie learners skip this “fakie” lesson. You don’t know what “Fakie”? Well, fakie is away when you ride your skateboard in the backward direction. At first, many of you will think it’s a useless trick to learn, but NO!

By learning fakie, you can do tricks like fakie ollies, fakie big spins, fakie whatever comes in front of you. It’s tough to learn at first, but once you learn it, you level up! So, don’t skip it.

6. Practice With Your Pals

Practicing with friends is a great progress for anyone who does skate. You can learn many things from each other and show each other new tricks and help each other. If you feel jealousy and have a competitive mind, that’s a nightmare for you.

There are still some good humble people who will advise you if they notice you are a newbie even if they don’t know you. So, don’t be ashamed of getting advice and improve more and more.

how to get good at skateboard

7. Give Your Best

If you set an aim and practice hard with all your dedication and ambition, then you will eventually reach your goal. What you need is to be patient with yourself and practice whenever you get time. Don’t hurt yourself with this process, keep yourself healthy and practice with patience. You can do it!

8. Don’t Get Scared

We all get scared of the fact, “what will happen if I fall?” “I’ll hurt myself”, ” I don’t wanna get hurt”. You can lose your balance and fall on your bum, you can slam with something and fall on your knee, you can slip while doing any tricks, you should get back and try it again, harder this time, more focused. Every hurt you get while learning skating will make you a better and good skater.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up today’s topic with the most important tips which are whatever happens keep your goal right there and don’t lose your patience. The expert skaters you see on TV or YouTube, also fell, hurt themselves, lost their patience sometimes, and got up again with more energy.

I hope you will find these tips beneficial for you to improve yourself and get good at skateboarding. If you have any more further questions, feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to answer those. Goodbye for today!

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