How To Stop On A Longboard: Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Easily

Riding a longboard is fun and for a beginner after choosing the right longboard and learning to ride on it, the most important thing to learn is how to stop on a longboard. Without learning to stop the longboard, you can’t wish to have a safe journey.

Moreover, the knowledge of stopping a longboard or slowing down a longboard enables you to have better control of the board. You can try out varied terrain and various tricks without the fear of falling and hurting yourself once you learn to stop on a longboard. 

In this article, I am going to show you all the tricks of stopping on a longboard to make your ride safer. So stay tuned with me till the last and learn this essential trick of longboarding.

How to Stop on a Longboard?

There are many ways of stopping the longboard according to your way of riding and speed. Let’s learn about all the methods in detail below.

By hopping off

If you want to know how to stop on a longboard cruiser this method is perfect for you. The easiest way of stopping while cruising on a flat surface at a quite slow speed is by hopping off your longboard. ​You can easily find the best longboard for cruising here.

The process depends on your exact speed of riding. For example, if you are riding at a walking speed then you can just step off and then grab your longboard immediately. But if you are riding at a speed of 10-15 mph you have to stop pushing the board by keeping enough space ahead so that the friction from the ground can gradually slow you down.

Riding Speed above 20 mph shouldn’t be stopped by following this method because it becomes quite risky.

By rolling on to the rough surface

Well, this is not the most ideal one to stop your longboard yet you can try this out if you often ride your board on the roads that have patches of grasses on the side. All you have to do is roll onto the rough surface while riding and it will slow down your speed.

This method can be risky if you don’t have all the safety gear with you. Again, never roll too fast on thick grasses as it can make you fall off and hurt yourself. Try to avoid this method if you are a beginner and keep your eyes on our next segments as there I am going to tell you about how to stop on a longboard for beginners.

By foot braking

From the name you might have understood that in this technique you need to use one of your feet as a brake. This is something that comes naturally when somebody wants to stop the board yet you need to follow the ideal rules and tricks. This process of stopping on a longboard is the answer to how to stop on a longboard without gloves.

You need to learn how to balance your board with one leg because you need to put your weight on your front foot and bend the knee to balance the board. On the other hand, your back foot will be on the ground to make frictions which will ultimately help you to stop.

Be aware of how much pressure you are putting on your back foot because applying too much pressure may stop the longboard but throw you ahead causing injury. So first learn the balancing well to try out this method for stopping.

By carving

Foot braking is the ideal process but it can not be applied when the speed is quite fast and if you are riding downhill. So the answer to how to stop on a longboard downhill or is by carving.

To do carving longboard you need to push the board with your back foot and then put all your weight on your heel or toe and make an S-like bending pattern. Now keep your heels pointing towards the ground and start carving and after a while do toe carving. In this case, you have to push your toes down and lift your heels. Then repeat heel and toe carving and when the speed becomes quite slow, stop by foot braking.

By sliding

Now come to the answer to the most asked question which is how to slide stop on a longboard. This method of stopping on a longboard is considered the most advanced and technical one which needs enough practice to apply on the roads.

Sliding is the best option when the query is about how to stop on a longboard at high speeds. Shutdown sliding and Coleman are sliding between them Coleman is the common and suitable one for beginners. You have to come to a moderate speed while doing sliding and carve a little before starting.

Keeping your both feet on the board Crouch down and bend your knees to shift the weight on the front truck and take preparations for sliding. Now place one of your hands at the edge of the board between the legs and another hand on the ground on the opposite side. Must wear your sliding gloves while doing this because they will make friction against the pavement to make the board stop.

Though before starting the sliding you need to keep a moderate speed after while sliding you have to gear up your speed to make a 180-degree slide.

6 Beneficial Tips for Stopping on a Longboard

Now that you know the processes of how to stop on a longboard you should gather some tips for a better experience. Here I am going to provide 6 beneficial tips that you should keep in mind before stopping a longboard.

  • Must wear all the safety gear including skate helmet, gloves, and other essential tools.
  • For doing a smooth foot brake always try to lower your sole and then bring your remaining parts of your foot down but never press the foot too hard.
  • Remember that carving can not be applied to fully stop the board, it will slow down your board and then you need to stop by foot braking.
  • While sliding be aware of going too far back with your hand because it may cause an accident.
  • Don’t forget to wear the sliding gloves before sliding as your hand will make the friction force.
  • Last but not least, decide the method according to your longboarding skill level.


How do you slow down or stop a longboard?

There are three main ideal types of slowing down or stop a longboard. They are foot braking, carving, and sliding and you will get detailed information about these processes in the above article.

Why does my longboard wobble at high speeds?

Speed wobble mainly happens in downhill areas if you go at a very high speed with your longboard. To prevent this problem you need to practice more and more and improve your actions.


Longboarding is always exciting and challenging and if you are a beginner it may seem quite hard for you. To become good at longboarding many factors play very important roles. For example, you need to choose an accurately sized board according to a longboard size chart.

How to stop on a longboard may be the most important factor that decides whether you can be a great longboarder or not. There are many ways of stopping the longboard and I have described some of them in the above article. Read them carefully and practice your preferable method again and again.

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