Expert Advice What Size Longboard Should i Get Or Longboard Size Chart

Excited about buying a new longboard? Did u consider all the facts before buying one? Before getting a proper longboard, you must consider several facts, including the proper longboard size. Recently, people started to think about it, and I frequently saw the question, “What size longboard should I buy?”

As a professional skater, I have passed all the states of longboarding. So, I can give you a clear idea about the topic “How long should my longboard be?” Today, I will discuss several facts and the right longboard size with table and chart. So, don’t miss this article “What size skateboard longboard should I get?”

What is a Longboard?

Before learning “What size longboard should I buy?”, you should know what a longboard is. The longboard is a variety of skateboards extended in length than the normal skateboards and comes in different shapes. Travelling, cruising, and downhill racing can be more fun if you choose a longboard as your companion. Day by day, people are becoming fond of this form of skateboard for performing stunts as beginners.

Longboards are easier to ride and offer a faster speed as they are longer and wider in size, and other parts help increase the speed as well. You can enjoy a smoother and comfortable ride because the construction materials facilitate a comfortable journey.

Size of Parts of a Longboard

Generally, every part of a longboard comes in a bigger size than skateboards. You should have an idea about the size of parts of a longboard as this knowledge will help you much while buying a longboard. So now let’s learn about the sizes of each part in the below section.


Longboard decks come in various shapes and sizes, but there is an average size range from which you can select your desired one. The length of an ideal longboard deck should be between 35-40,” and the wide should be between 8-10″.


Trucks’ size should match the width of your longboard deck, so if you buy trucks separately, you need to match them with the deck size. 150-184 mm hanger or 9-10″ axle is considered the ideal range of trucks for most longboards.


Longboard wheels are usually larger than the usual skateboard wheels to provide a faster, smoother, and stable ride. The diameter should be between 64 and 80 mm, and contact patches should be between 38 and 70 mm.


The speed of your longboard vastly depends on the quality and size of the bearings. So you should be aware of if the bearings are of the industry-standard size, which is 8 mm 608.

Longboard Size According to Riding Style

Cruising: If you are planning to cruise, the perfect size goes between 28 and 46 inches. Remember, the boards with shorter sizes are easy to turn and have sharp angles. If the board is for kids, then the appropriate size is 28 to 32 inches.

Downhill: The downhill longboards are generally longer. Any board from 36 inches and above is perfect for downhill. If you are a beginner at downhill, then choose a board between 40-42 inches.

Freeride: Looking for a longboard for freeriding? You have to go for a longer board but not much longer. The appropriate longboard size for freeriding is between 38 and 42 inches.

Choosing Freestyle: If you are choosing one for freestyle, then there is no particular size. It mainly depends on your skill and how you tame it. You have to consider the shape and type, not the size. So, choose any longboard you feel comfortable with for freestyle.

Longboard Deck Size Chart According to Riding Styles

Riding Style

Deck Size

Shorter Cruiser Longboards

23 – 32 inches

Mid-Size Cruiser Longboards

32 – 42 inches

Longer Cruiser Longboards

42 – 46 inches

Downhill Longboards

40 – 42 inches

Freeride Longboards

34 – 42 inches

Longboard Size Chart According to Weight and Height

The proper longboard size chart mainly depends on the weight and your height. Here, I will give you a proper chart according to different heights and weights. Follow this chart to get your answer to the question “What length longboard should I get?”

Weight (Pound)

5’0” – 5’6”

5’7” – 6’0”

6’1” – 6’4”

6’6” +

100 – 140

8 feet – 8 feet 6 inch

8 feet 6 inch – 9 feet

8 feet 6 inch – 9 feet

9 feet – 9 feet 6 inch

140 – 170

8 feet – 8 feet 6 inch

8 feet 6 inch – 9 feet

9 feet – 9 feet 6 inch

9 feet – 9 feet 6 inch

170 – 200

8 feet 6 inch – 9 feet

9 feet – 9 feet 6 inch

9 feet – 9 feet 6 inch

9 feet 6 inch – 10 feet

200 – 230

9 feet 6 inch – 10 feet

9 feet 6 inch – 10 feet

9 feet 6 inch – 10 feet

10 feet

230 +

9 feet 6 inch – 10 feet

9 feet 6 inch – 10 feet

10 feet

10 feet

Board Wheel Size Chart 

Wheel size is also important for maintaining a balancing and speedy ride. The wheels size need to be considered according to speed and acceleration. Now, get some ideas about the proper wheel size.

Speed & Acceleration

Wheel Size

Less Speed and Quick Acceleration

60 – 65 mm

Medium speed and Medium Acceleration

65 – 75 mm

High Speed and Low Acceleration

75 – 107 mm

How to Pick a Longboard?


The first thing to consider is the construction of the board. The construction mainly depends on the material types.

1. Maple

The most common construction type is maple wood material construction. They are very common and comes with a thick setup. Maple wood is a sturdy material and lasts very long.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is also a popular material, and they are more flexible than maple wood construction. If you are looking for a board for cruising and carving, then I recommend a bamboo board.


Wheels are another important factor. Longboard wheels are slightly larger than skateboard wheels. Also, consider the wheel shapes. Different shapes come for different riding styles. Before getting one, make sure you are choosing the right shaped wheels.

Another thing is the material of the wheels. I recommend the wheels of polyurethane. They ensure proper speed and good grip.


Skateboard bearings are generally measured with ABEC ratings. There are mainly ABEC 3, 5, 7, 9, and11 ratings. All of the bearings have different benefits and laggings. I suggest ABEC 7, 9, and 11 for a speedy and balanced ride.

Beginner or Professional

Another thing to consider is experience. There are different types of longboards with different features. Some boards are easy to control and especially for the beginning. The beginner skaters will choose such types of boards.

The other types of boards are for the professional. The board is speedy and easy to play tricks on. The intermediate and professional must checkout the board types before getting one.


You must consider the overall price of the longboard. The board will not be a highly expensive one again. It won’t be a cheap one. Make sure it will be in a certain price range. Don’t buy any used longboard if you are a professional. It can save you money, but the overall quality may not meet a complete quality. Nevertheless, you can find out the best cheap ​longboard from here.

Longboard Safety Tips

Whatever be the size and shape of your longboard, always be careful about taking safety precautions to avoid any accident on the road. To make your longboard ride safer, I am going to give you some tips in this segment.

Take proper gears

Before starting your ride, do not forget to wear a skate helmet or take other safety kits with you. These gears cannot prevent falling or an accident, but they can surely prevent any injury from happening.

Check the board well

Check your longboard well if there is any deformity that can make your journey into the worst one. Checking the board before riding onto it is a must for safety.

Always stay alert

It can be said the most important safety tip you should always follow. We all know that riding a longboard is not that easy, especially when trying any tough tricks. There is always a chance to face any sudden accident if you do not remain alert all the time.

Be careful about the speed

No matter how expert you are in longboarding, never gear up your speed too much as it can be dangerous. Always try to maintain the average speed while longboarding.

Skateboard vs Longboard

There has always been a debate on whether the skateboard is better or the longboard, so I will give a view on this point so that you can decide on your own.


Many years ago, skateboards were invented to give the surfing vibe on the roads, and longboards came way later. But longboards are the ones that can fully recreate the surfing style on the roads.

Shape and size

You already know that longboards are longer and wider in shape and size, so longboards are great options for beginners. But the size and shape of skateboards have facilities that are better for performing different tricks.


Being longer in size, longboards serve a faster and speedy service on roads. Though skateboards are not that speedy, they provide a safe environment for doing all the tricks.

Trucks and wheels

Skateboards have narrower trucks and smaller wheels, making these boards ideal for performing tricks and maintaining balance. On the other hand, having larger trucks and wheels longboards provide a faster travelling experience.

Considering all these factors, it can be said that both the longboards and skateboards provide quite different yet similar services. You need to understand your level and choose the right one for you.


I have already shown different sizes of longboards with proper tables and descriptions. If you follow my suggestions, then you must get a good result. Also, check out the other parts’ sizes for the best performance. Hopefully, you have got your answer to the question, “What size longboard should I get for my height?”

I have discussed another article about the “Skateboard size chart.” Have a look at that article too if you have set a mind to buy a skateboard.


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