How to Make a Longboard for Beginners to Step By Step Easily

Building any DIY tool is always fun and cost-effective. When it is about a passionate thing, then it is more fun. Today, I am going to discuss the topic, how to make a longboard at home.

I will discuss nine easy steps with proper instructions. Recently, I have made a longboard and noted all the steps. It’s time to share my experience to help you with building your longboard.

How to Make a Longboard at Home?

Ingredients you Need

First of all, you have to gather the required ingredients. Here I am giving the list of ingredients.

  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Wrench
  • Wood glue
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Grip tape
  • Knife
  • Wheels, bearings, and trucks
  • Scissor
  • Drill
  • 1 thick birch plywood
  • Polyurethane
  • Clamps, Paper, Paintbrush, Paint

Now let’s jump into the main steps.

Step 1: Cut the plywood

At first, you need to give a shape with proper measurement. Here I am making a 41″ x 10″ deck. You can cut it using a saw and measuring tape. If you are not an expert, then take help from a word mechanic.

I bought the wood piece from a shop using a free cutting service. I suggest buying wood from such a type of shop.

Step 2: Laminating the wood

Gather an old paintbrush and wooden glue. Spread the glue across the whole bottom layer. Laminate it properly and leave it for 8-10 hours.

Step3: Choose the design

Now it’s time for designing. If you have any past longboards, then you can follow in their footsteps. If you want to make another type, then you have to find one. Notice the longboard’s design and make a good structure. At first, draw it to paper and then set the mark on your deck.

Step4: Cutting the deck

For cutting the Deck, you need different power tools. Most of us don’t have power tools and experience. So, it is better to go to any nearby hardware. They will make the proper shape of the design of your desire. It costs only $1-2 per cut.

Step5: Sanding the edges

This part is optional. If you see any sharp or rough spots on the board’s edges, you should sand the edges. Also, give sand once on the flat surface a smoother deck.

Step6: Sealing the wood

It is a necessary step to protect the wood. I used water-based polyurethane in semi-gloss to sea the wood. One coat of polyurethane is enough if you have any plans to design the deck.

Step7: Add the design

It’s fun to add a custom design to your board. You can also keep it blank, but that won’t be attractive. While making my longboard, I was confused about the Yin-yang symbol and union jack design. Finally, I added the Yin-yang symbol in the middle of the deck.

Step 8: Apply the grip tape

Grip tape is a long sticker available in every color. You can cover the whole board using grip tape, or you can cover some particular surface. I decided to cover the whole deck. At first, you have to cut the board. Keep in mind, cutting grip tape is just like cutting through sandpaper. So be careful while cutting it. Then apply it to the board.

Step 9: Set the trucks and wheels

This is the last part of the process of how to build a longboard. I don’t suggest building your longboard kits like trucks and wheels. You better order it online, costing only $30-40.

Now make the place where the trucks will be placed. Drill the marking point and set the truck using a screwdriver. Tighten it correctly but don’t overdo it.

Now Enjoy! Your skateboard is ready to ride.

How Much does it Cost to Build a Longboard?

I have already discussed how to make a longboard out of plywood. Here I am showing the total cost of the building.

  • Deck – $40-50
  • Trucks – $30-40
  • Hardware – $5
  • Wheels and Bearings – $30
  • Grip tape – $5

So, you have to cost almost $100 to build your skateboard.

How to make your Longboard Last?

To make your longboard last for a prolonged period, you need to take care of every part of your longboard adequately. Now time to see how you should take care of the parts of your longboard to have a durable service.


Keep the deck dry

Decks are most commonly made with wood, and being wet all the time; woods can get damaged after some time. So you have to make sure that your longboard deck always remains away from any kind of water, whether the raindrop or water appearing from any other source.

Clean it regularly

To clean up the deck, you don’t need any chemical or expensive cleaning materials. Just use a damp rag and wipe your deck with it and then dry the board well. Follow this process every time after riding the longboard.

Store it carefully

Be careful about where you are storing your longboard when it is not in use. Make sure that there is no heavy stuff beside it that can smash it by falling onto it. Keep it in a stable position if you carry it anywhere with you in a car or other vehicle.

Another thing that should be taken care of is protecting your longboard deck from high temperature, as severe heat can weaken the epoxy that holds the deck parts together.


Clean regularly and keep them dry

The deck, bearings, and other parts of a longboard should be kept dry and clean. Avoid longboarding in rainy weather and wet places to keep the bearings dry. Clean the bearings, especially the gaps between the shield and the inner and outer races.

Lubricate the bearings

Often lubricate the bearings of your longboard to make them last longer, and try to use a lubricant that is made explicitly for the bearings of skateboards or longboards. You can also use sewing machine oils or gun oils if you can’t manage the specific ones.

Rotate the bearings

Whenever you are cleaning the bearings, bring them off from the longboard to clear perfectly. After ending a cleaning, session put them back on the wheels but don’t set them in the previous setup. Rotate their places because this will keep the bearings long-lasting.


Tighten regularly

Several rides can loosen the bolts that attach the trucks to your longboard, and you may feel that your longboard has lost the solidness. So regularly tighten the truck bolts with a wrench and screwdriver to keep the longboard strong.

Rotate the trucks

Like the bearings, you should change the positions of the trucks on your longboard from time to time. Keeping the trucks in the same positions for a long time can put extra pressure on some trucks.


Rotate their positions

Occasionally shift the front wheels to the back and back wheels to the front to avoid the wheels of one side decaying sooner.

Try to avoid debris

Being softer longboard wheels can be stuck by debris very easily and after some time the wheels may not give you the best service. So often try to avoid any debris on the road to keep the wheels in better condition.


Should you build your own longboard?

If you are confident and want to have a new experience, you can make it at home. Follow my article on how to make a longboard faster.

What kind of wood do you use to make a longboard?

8-ply maple wood is great for building a longboard.

Is it cheaper to build my own longboard?

Yes, building your own board costs less than buying a new one.


​Following my discussed steps, you can easily make the best cheap longboard at home. Besides learning it, you need to learn the overall cost and list of supplies you need. I have also discussed them. Before finishing the article, I am giving 2 more tips. Please don’t be harsh and take time while building it. Good luck with making your own board.

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