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The newbie skaters are always worried about 2 facts. First, how to buy a quality skateboard, and second, how much does a skateboard cost? I have already discussed the topic in different posts, and now I will discuss the second topic.

A decent skateboard must cost a particular amount of money. But you can consider different facts to decrease the overall costs. Some prefer building the board, some prefer buying a blank board, and some prefer buying the used board. I will discuss every part with the estimated cost. So keep reading the article, “How much does a real skateboard cost?”

How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?

We are at the main point now; how much does a decent skateboard cost? There is not any fixed range of cost—the price ups and downs for different reasons. If you wait for a good deal, then you may get it at a low price. Again, if you hurry and choose the wrong shop, then you may have to cost higher.

A complete skateboard generally costs around $65-$175. If you want, you can get a cheaper or more expansive board. The price generally depends on the set-up, brand, and customization.

You can wait for the hot deals such as the black Friday offer or Christmas sale. Again, you can purchase a quality blank board to save your money. You can also build your own skateboard. But, “How much does a custom skateboard cost?” I will explain this part now.

Building Your Own Skateboard

Buying a skateboard can result in spending a huge amount of money. Whether you are a professional skateboarder or a beginner, you should know the tricks of building your own skateboard.

Building a skateboard by yourself needs some equipment and money, but surely the amount is less than buying one. Moreover, you can give it your desired and comfortable style, which will be unique. So let’s learn how much does it cost to build a skateboard.


The deck is the most important part of a skateboard as this is the platform where one stands for skateboarding. Some companies provide only decks, and to make your skateboard; you can buy from them.

The price of the deck depends on the material, thickness, design, length, etc. If you are incredible at crafting, then you can make a deck from cheaper blank boards. Overall, you can get a skateboard deck for between $20 to $50.


The truck is such a part that it should not be cheaper in rate because cheaper trucks tend to shatter very soon. Buy the best quality trucks within the range of $30 to $35 from a reliable brand for durable service. 


Wheels are of different ranges according to the plastic or polyurethane used in the construction. If you are a beginner, you can attach the cheaper ones whose price is around $20. These cheap-rated wheels last for approximately 6 months and then start to crack if you want durable wheels that can give you a better and more professional service, buy the ones for $50 or more.


The durability of bearings depends on their maintenance, so even if you buy the cheaper ones, you can get a durable service taking good care of them. The price range is $15 to $200 for bearings, and the cheapest bearings can last for years if you keep cleaned and maintain them well.

Always be aware of keeping them dry and away from moisture if you want a long-time service. The bearings don’t last more than five years, whether you buy the cheaper or expensive ones.

Other items

Till now, I have described the important parts you must need for making a skateboard. Along with these parts, you will need some items to connect all these parts. For example, bolts and grip tape is needed for connecting trucks to the deck. Further, you can attach spacers to protect the bearings from dirt, costing not more than $2.

Where Can I Buy a Good Skateboard?

The total cost of a skateboard depends on the marketplace you choose to look for a skateboard. Some people don’t even know where to find a quality skateboard. There are plenty of options for you. Here, I will discuss where to buy a quality skateboard.

Nearby Markets

If you live in a town area, then you must find some sports shops nearby your house. You can go to the shops and select any of your favorite boards.

If you are not an expert in choosing a skateboard, I suggest getting help from a professional skater. He can help you in purchasing the appropriate board for you.

The Manufacturer’s Factory

Sometimes, you may find skateboards in the factory of the manufacturer. Though it’s rare, there is a chance to get aboard from there. You will get plenty of skateboards there, and their price is slightly lower than the normal market.

E-commerce sites

There are lots of e-commerce shops where you can buy skateboards online. A present, the top-rated online marketplaces are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

You will get a huge collection of the best skateboard in these online shops. Personally, I suggest Amazon for buying skateboards online. Currently, Amazon is at the top and the most trusted online marketplace. Besides, the famous manufacturers have built up their online store on Amazon. Hopefully, you will find thousands of boards on Amazon.

Before buying a board online, you need to consider some facts. Sometimes, you may get duplicate and fake products online. So read this part carefully.


Customers’ Review: You will see the ratings and reviews of customers under the description of a skateboard. Readout them and consider whether the board is worth buying or not.

Delivery time: Before buying a skateboard, check out their estimated delivery time. If it takes very long days, then avoid the product.

Return Policy: Very often, we see people getting defective and wicked products. If there is no return policy and you get such type of skateboard, then that is a total waste of money. So, before buying one, make sure the product can be returned.

Delivery Charge: Before choosing a skateboard must checkout the delivery charge of the product. Sometimes the delivery charge is excessive, and people order it without noticing it. So, don’t be a fool.

Can I Buy a Used Skateboard?

Some people suggest it, and some don’t suggest it. Well, you can buy a used skateboard to save your money. If you are a beginner and learning how to ride a skateboard, then a second-hand skateboard is appropriate for you.

Besides, if you are learning new tricks, then using a used skateboard is better. You can get a new skateboard roughly at $80. If you want to get a used one, you have to cost $50 roughly.

 If you are professional and use skateboard heavily and I don’t suggest a used skateboard for you. I suggest getting a blank board and craft it like your wish. 

Characteristics of a Good Skateboard

I have already discussed several facts related to the cost of a skateboard. But before that, you have to consider the quality. Here I will discuss some facts you must consider before choosing a skateboard.

1. Durability

The first thing to consider is the durability of the skateboard. In the case of durability, the deck comes first. The deck of the skateboard comes first. Make sure the deck is made of high-quality bamboo or wood. I suggest buying one made of Canadian maple. Next, consider the overall construction. Check out every connects and make sure they are strong enough.

2. Load Capacity

Another important thing is the load capacity of the board. If you are a lightweight guy, you don’t need to think about it. But the heavyweight men have to consider it. Make sure that the board can carry a good load. An ideal skateboard comes with a load capacity of 250-350 pounds.

3. Wheels and Bearings

Talking about skateboards and there must come the wheels and bearings. The wheels and bearings have a good impact on a skateboard. Make sure your board is equipped with high-quality wheels and good rating bearings. Polyurethane wheels a DNA ABEC-7/9/11 bearings are good.

4. For Beginners or Professional

The last thing to consider is the type of board. If you are a beginner, then choose a lightweight, easy control beginner board. If you are a professional, then choose a speedy and trick-friendly skateboard.

There are also some other types such as best skateboard for cruising, downhill, etc. Also, consider them according to your need.


I think you have already got a good idea about the approximate cost of a skateboard. If you are an expert, you can follow another article on how to build a skateboard at home. For practicing, get a used board under $50. When you are confident, then buy a decent skateboard on a good budget. Amazon is a good place to buy skateboards. Hopefully, you will have no more thinking about the price of a skateboard.

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