How to be a Skater Girl Aesthetic – Skater Girl Aesthetic & Smart Ideas

Skating itself is an aesthetic thing to do. When it comes to women skating, then some skater girls slay with their aesthetic look with cool charisma in skating. Skater girl aesthetic may be an effortless or carefree look, but if you want to master this look, you need some directions. Here I am to give some handy useful directions to make you a super aesthetic and cool skater girl.

What Is the Skater Aesthetic?

Well, skater aesthetic is skater style or skatecore, which was very popular in the ’90s time. This look is pretty casual and cool without any formal restrictions. You will see some loose tee-shirt, comfy-cozy hoodies, baggy sweaters, sweatpants, or shorts. Yet, these clothes were enough protection to prevent any injury or scratches on your knee or elbow points.

Those were cheap clothes. They used to wear masks and beanies because they skated in those places where they shouldn’t. So, they needed a disguise! These skaters were very much professional than normal-level skaters.

How Do You Become a Skater Girl Aesthetic?

Skater girls are undoubtedly aesthetic by themselves. They have their lifestyle and clothing style—girls skates for fun, leisure-time, fascination, or hobby. Generally, girls wear very loose, comfortable, and baggy shirts or hoodies. They wear sweatpants or shorts as pants. As newbie or pro skater girls, knee pads or elbow pads are vital.

Let me summarize what average all girls wear as cool or aesthetic skaters-

  • Oversized sweater/shirts
  • Baggy/lose pants
  • Shorts/ loose jeans
  • Flat shoes/sneakers
  • Baseball cap
  • Knee/elbow pads

As much as you are comfortable with your dress and feel lightweight, you can play those skateboard tricks more easily and precisely. For aesthetic fashion, don’t overdo your dress, keep normal and casual. For color selection, you can choose any color you want. However, an aesthetic or elegant look requires deep colors like black, brown, ash, blue, or green.

There is a cute aesthetic style for girls who love the soft style. These girls are quite feminine, and they love soft colors rather than cool dark colors. This cute style is also can be categorized as a soft aesthetic look. They prefer-

  • Short jeans
  • Short skirts
  • Tight or loose long jeans
  • Tall knee-length socks
  • Sneakers/converse
  • Cute side bag
  • Tank tops

For colors, they prefer very light and charming colors like pink, baby blue, off-white, white, or purple.

Best Skateboards for Girls

For being a skater girl aesthetic, you must have to choose the best skateboards for girls. So, I am suggesting 3 top-class skateboards in short.

Only your look or dress-up is not enough for the skater girl aesthetic. ‘How do you get a skater girl aesthetic’ for this question at first, you need to choose a very cool or cute-looking aesthetic skateboard with quality features. Here I gathered 5 different skateboard styles for girls, which are cute, cool, and good for pros & beginners. Let’s see the items-

Our Best 3 Pick

Geelife Maple Wood Longboard

this is a very simple, cute, and cool-looking skateboard that is medium-sized. The skateboard deck is 8,” and it has ABEC-7 sturdy precision bearings. The skateboard ends with two very tiny kicktails. The graphic design of this skateboard is awe-inspiring, cool, and cute at the same time.

 The surface of this skateboard is very sturdy, that you will be able to keep your balance well. Don’t worry about cleaning because it is straightforward to wipe out the dust, stains, or mud. Please tighten the screws while assembling the item.

BELEEV Skateboard 

It is seriously the coolest skateboard of all. For aesthetic cool girls who love dark themes and colors, this skateboard is a masterpiece. You will be satisfied to know that this skateboard comes fully assembled. So, you don’t have to suppress your wish to ride on it immediately after buying! This skateboard comes in six different versatile colors.

 However, the graphic prints are very quality full, and customers gave very positive feedback about its service. The manufacturers used some very advanced technology to make sure the rider’s safe on the skateboard. I want to mention that this one item is very best for beginners. Though the price is a bit high, why not try a cool aesthetic quality product?

WIISHAM Pro 31″ Skateboard 

The color and design of this skateboard are quite charming and attractive. This skateboard has a maple wood deck, aluminum trucks, and Wiisham polyurethane wheels. Don’t worry because it has a wooden deck, but you can ride on this skateboard on water. The design is simply cute yet aesthetic.


So, I hope you got a vast idea about how you can get an aesthetic skate girl look. Always remember, for fashion, don’t force yourself to wear uncomfortable clothes. For safety, wear knee and elbow pads. And, most of all, get a quality and classy skateboard for you. Hopefully, you have got all types of ideas about the skater girl aesthetic. I wish you happy riding, baby!

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