Smith Grind Vs Feeble: Which Is Best In 2023?

Are you curious about the difference between a smith grind and a feeble? Well, you’re in the right place! Here, we’ll dive into the exciting world of skateboarding and explore the contrasting styles of these two tricks.

Skateboarding is all about creativity and self-expression. Each trick has its own unique flair, and the smith grind and feeble are no exceptions. Both tricks involve grinding on a rail or ledge, but they have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

So, whether you’re a beginner skater looking to learn new tricks or a passionate fan of skateboarding, join us as we break down the smith grind and feeble, uncover their differences, and discover the thrill of these impressive moves. Let’s get rolling!

smith grind vs feeble

Key Takeaways: Smith Grind vs. Feeble

  • Both the smith grind and feeble are skateboarding tricks performed on rails.
  • A smith grind involves grinding on the rail with the back truck and the front truck hooked or “locked” onto the rail.
  • In a feeble grind, only the back truck is grinding on the rail while the front truck is lifted off.
  • The smith grind is generally considered more difficult and requires more balance and control.
  • The feeble grind is often seen as a good starting point for beginners to learn rail tricks.

Comparing Smith Grind vs. Feeble: Which is better?

Welcome to the ultimate showdown between two popular skateboarding tricks: the Smith Grind and the Feeble. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of skateboarding and explore the differences between these two tricks. Whether you’re a seasoned skateboarder or just getting started, understanding the nuances of these tricks can take your skating to the next level. So let’s jump right in and compare the Smith Grind and the Feeble!

Overview of the Smith Grind

The Smith Grind is a classic skateboarding trick that involves grinding on a ledge or rail with the back truck of the skateboard, while the front truck is lifted off the surface. This trick was popularized by professional skateboarder Mike Smith in the 1980s, hence the name “Smith Grind.” It requires balance, precision, and a good sense of timing.

The Smith Grind is often considered more technical than other grinding tricks due to the specific foot placement required. Skaters typically approach the ledge or rail at an angle, placing their front foot in the middle of the board and their back foot on or slightly ahead of the back bolts. The key to a successful Smith Grind is finding the right balance between the pressure on the back truck and the lift of the front foot.

Skaters can perform Smith Grinds on various obstacles, such as curb edges, handrails, or ledges. It’s a versatile trick that can be incorporated into different skateboarding styles, from street skating to park skating. The Smith Grind offers a satisfying slide and can be a stylish addition to any skater’s repertoire.

Overview of the Feeble

The Feeble is another popular grinding trick in skateboarding. It involves grinding on a ledge or rail with the front truck of the skateboard, while the back truck is lifted off the surface. The name “Feeble” originates from the term “feeble grind” used in the early days of skateboarding to describe tricks where the back truck wasn’t used.

The Feeble requires a similar level of balance and precision as the Smith Grind. Skaters approach the obstacle at an angle, with their front foot positioned slightly over the front bolts and their back foot lifted off the board. The front truck of the skateboard should be locked onto the ledge or rail, providing the necessary friction for the grind.

The Feeble is often seen as a smoother and more fluid trick compared to the Smith Grind. Skaters can execute long Feeble grinds, maintaining stability and control as they slide along the obstacle. This trick is particularly popular among skaters who enjoy technical street skating and adding a touch of finesse to their runs.

Key Features Compared

Now that we have a good understanding of the Smith Grind and the Feeble, let’s examine their key features to see how they compare.

Slide Length

The Smith Grind and the Feeble differ in the length of the grind they offer. The Smith Grind tends to provide a shorter slide compared to the Feeble. This can be attributed to the back truck being used for the grind in the Smith Grind, as it has less surface area in contact with the rail or ledge. On the other hand, the Feeble allows for longer and smoother grinds due to the front truck’s extended length.

Difficulty Level

Both the Smith Grind and the Feeble require a certain level of skill and practice to master. However, many skaters consider the Smith Grind to be slightly more challenging due to its specific foot placement and the balancing act required to execute it successfully. The Feeble, while still demanding precision, is often viewed as more accessible to skaters of varying skill levels.

Visual Appeal

When it comes to visual appeal, personal preference plays a significant role. Some skaters find the Smith Grind’s back truck grinding action visually appealing, while others are drawn to the smooth and graceful aesthetics of the Feeble. Both tricks can add style and flair to a skater’s repertoire, so it ultimately comes down to individual taste.

User Experience

The user experience of performing the Smith Grind and the Feeble can differ based on individual preferences and skill levels. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Smith Grind:

  • Requires precise foot placement and balance
  • Offers a satisfying slide and sound
  • May feel more technical and challenging


  • Allows for longer and smoother grinds
  • Requires finesse and control
  • Can be a visually pleasing trick

Ultimately, the user experience depends on the skater’s preferences, skill level, and the type of obstacle they’re grinding on. Each trick offers its unique thrill and satisfaction.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each trick:

Smith Grind:

  • Pros:
    • Technical and challenging
    • Satisfying sound and slide
  • Cons:
    • Requires precise foot placement
    • Shorter slides compared to the Feeble


  • Pros:
    • Longer and smoother grinds
    • Visually appealing
  • Cons:
    • Requires finesse and control
    • May not be as challenging as the Smith Grind

Price Comparison

The beauty of skateboarding is that it doesn’t require a significant financial investment to get started. The cost of performing Smith Grinds or Feebles is the same, as both tricks can be executed using a standard skateboard setup. Skaters will need a good quality skateboard, appropriate footwear, and safety gear such as a helmet and knee pads. The price range for these items can vary depending on the brands and quality chosen, but there is no specific cost difference between the Smith Grind and the Feeble.

Comparison Table

Below is a comprehensive comparison table highlighting the key features of the Smith Grind and the Feeble:

Feature Smith Grind Feeble
Slide Length Shorter Longer
Difficulty Level Challenging Accessible
Visual Appeal Subjective Subjective

Which is better? Smith Grind vs. Feeble

Now that we’ve explored the Smith Grind and the Feeble in detail, it’s time to decide which one is better. The answer to this question ultimately comes down to personal preference and individual skill level.

If you enjoy technical challenges and the satisfaction of nailing a precise trick, the Smith Grind might be the right choice for you. It offers a unique grinding experience and requires precision and balance.

On the other hand, if you prefer smooth and graceful grinds that offer extended slide lengths, the Feeble might be more up your alley. It allows for longer and smoother grinds, making it a visually appealing trick.

To summarize, the Smith Grind and the Feeble each have their distinct advantages and appeal. The best approach is to try both tricks and see which one resonates with your skating style and personal preferences. As with any trick in skateboarding, practice and dedication are key to mastering these tricks and experiencing the thrill of landing them consistently.

3 Reasons to Choose Smith Grind:

  1. Enjoy technical challenges and precise footwork.
  2. Appreciate the unique sound and slide of the Smith Grind.
  3. Prefer the shorter and snappier style of grinding.

3 Reasons to Choose Feeble:

  1. Desire longer and smoother grinds for a visually pleasing effect.
  2. Enjoy the finesse and control required for executing Feebles.
  3. Prefer the extended and more fluid slides of the Feeble.

Remember, skateboarding is all about self-expression and having fun, so choose the trick that resonates with you the most. Happy grinding!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section where we’ll address some commonly asked questions about the differences between a smith grind and feeble. Below, you’ll find answers to help you understand the distinctions between these two skateboarding tricks.

1. How is a smith grind different from a feeble?

A smith grind and a feeble are both grinds performed on skateboard obstacles like rails or ledges. The main difference between the two lies in the placement of the skateboard trucks. In a smith grind, the front truck engages with the obstacle, while the back truck stays above it. On the other hand, in a feeble, the back truck engages with the obstacle, while the front truck stays above it.

The body positioning is also slightly different between the two tricks. In a smith grind, the skater faces the obstacle and turns slightly towards it. In a feeble, the skater also faces the obstacle, but the body remains straight.

2. Which trick is considered easier for beginners: smith grind or feeble?

Generally, the feeble is considered easier for beginners to learn compared to the smith grind. This is because in a feeble, the back truck is on the obstacle, providing more stability and control. Beginners often find it easier to balance and slide on the back truck rather than the front truck, which is the case in a smith grind.

However, it’s essential to remember that each skater may have a preference and may find different tricks easier or more challenging based on their individual skillset and comfort level. It’s always a good idea to practice both tricks and see which one feels more natural for you.

3. Are there any variations of the smith grind or feeble?

Yes, there are variations of both the smith grind and feeble. Skateboarding is an art with endless possibilities for creativity and personal style. Skaters often add their unique twists and modifications to tricks, creating variations that showcase their individual flair.

Some variations of the smith grind include the 50-50 smith grind, where the skater balances on both trucks simultaneously, and the nose smith grind, where the front truck engages with the obstacle while the back truck stays above it. For feeble variations, skaters often explore tricks like the feeble grind to fakie, where the skater pops out of the feeble into a fakie position.

4. Are the smith grind and feeble commonly used in skateboarding competitions?

Yes, both the smith grind and feeble are popular tricks used in skateboarding competitions. Skaters often incorporate these tricks into their routines to showcase their technical skills and versatility. These tricks require a combination of balance, control, and finesse, making them impressive to both judges and spectators.

It’s important for skaters to master these foundational tricks as they are building blocks for more advanced and complex maneuvers. By consistently practicing the smith grind and feeble, skaters can improve their overall skateboarding abilities and open doors to more challenging tricks.

5. Can I learn the smith grind and feeble without any skateboarding experience?

While it’s not impossible to learn the smith grind and feeble without any prior skateboarding experience, it’s highly recommended to have a foundation in skateboarding basics before attempting these tricks. Starting with fundamental skills like riding, ollies, and basic grinds will help develop the balance, coordination, and board control necessary for executing the smith grind and feeble successfully.

Remember to always prioritize safety by wearing appropriate protective gear, such as a helmet and knee pads, when learning new tricks. Additionally, seeking guidance from experienced skaters or enrolling in skateboarding lessons can greatly assist in learning these tricks correctly and minimizing the risk of injuries.

smith grind vs feeble 2

How To Tell: Smith or Feeble?


So, let’s wrap everything up. In this article, we talked about the Smith grind and the feeble grind, two awesome skateboard tricks. We learned that the Smith grind is when you grind with your back truck on the ledge while balancing on your front truck. On the other hand, the feeble grind is when you grind with your front truck on the ledge and your back truck hanging off.

We discussed how these tricks require different techniques and balance. The Smith grind is a bit more challenging because you need to keep your weight on the front foot to maintain balance. The feeble grind requires good foot positioning and control of your weight distribution. Both tricks require practice and determination to master.

Now that you know the difference between the Smith grind and the feeble grind, you can try them out for yourself and see which one you like better. Remember to always wear protective gear and practice in a safe environment. Keep shredding and having fun on your skateboard!

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