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If you’ve got your eye on a shiny new skateboard from TGM Skateboards, it’s only natural to wonder if they’re the real deal. Well, fear not! We’re here to give you the lowdown on the legitimacy of TGM Skateboards and put your mind at ease.

When it comes to online purchases, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy retailer. We’ve dug deep into the world of TGM Skateboards to bring you all the information you need to know. So, let’s buckle up and get ready to roll into the world of TGM Skateboards!

is tgm skateboards legit

Is TGM Skateboards Legit? Unveiling the Truth About This Online Skateboard Store

When it comes to buying skateboards online, it’s essential to ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate and trustworthy retailer. TGM Skateboards is a popular online store that offers a wide range of skateboarding products. But is TGM Skateboards legit? In this article, we will delve into every aspect of this online skate shop, providing you with detailed information to help you make an informed decision before making a purchase.

1. The History and Reputation of TGM Skateboards

TGM Skateboards has been in the business for over two decades, starting as a local skateboard shop in Illinois before launching their online store. With a rich history in the industry, TGM Skateboards has established a solid reputation among skateboard enthusiasts.

Customers who have dealt with TGM Skateboards have generally provided positive feedback regarding the quality of the products, customer service, and efficient shipping. Their impressive track record is evident from the numerous online reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

TGM Skateboards’ commitment to customer satisfaction is further demonstrated through their active engagement on social media platforms and their involvement in local skateboarding events, demonstrating their dedication to the skateboarding community.

2. Products and Selection

TGM Skateboards offers a vast selection of skateboarding products, catering to skaters of all levels and preferences. From complete skateboards to skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, and accessories, they have everything you need to assemble or upgrade your skateboard.

Their extensive product range includes top brands such as Birdhouse, Santa Cruz, Element, Plan B, and many more. TGM Skateboards ensures that their inventory is regularly updated with the latest skateboard products, ensuring that customers have access to the newest and most popular items in the market.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first skateboard or an experienced skater seeking high-performance equipment, TGM Skateboards has you covered. Their comprehensive selection allows you to find the perfect products to suit your style and skill level.

3. Pricing and Value

One of the factors that customers consider when determining the legitimacy of an online retailer is their pricing and whether the products offer good value for money. TGM Skateboards understands this and strives to provide competitive pricing in the market.

While prices may vary depending on the brand and type of skateboard product, TGM Skateboards ensures that their prices are fair and comparable to other reputable online skate shops. They also offer regular promotions, discounts, and clearance sales, allowing customers to make even more significant savings on their purchases.

In addition to competitive prices, TGM Skateboards also prioritizes quality. They source their products from reliable manufacturers to ensure that customers receive durable and high-quality skateboarding equipment.

4. Customer Service and Support

At TGM Skateboards, exceptional customer service is a top priority. They have a dedicated customer support team committed to assisting customers with any inquiries, concerns, or issues they may have. Whether you need help selecting the right skateboard or require assistance with an order, their knowledgeable and friendly staff is there to guide you.

Customers rave about the prompt and helpful responses they receive from the TGM Skateboards support team. From providing product recommendations to resolving shipping or returns-related matters, TGM Skateboards goes above and beyond to ensure a positive shopping experience for every customer.

Furthermore, TGM Skateboards offers a hassle-free return policy, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their purchases. In the unlikely event of receiving a damaged or defective product, they are quick to address the issue and provide appropriate solutions.

5. Shipping and Delivery

Efficient shipping and timely delivery are crucial factors for online shoppers. TGM Skateboards understands this and strives to provide a seamless shipping experience. They offer multiple shipping options, allowing customers to choose the most convenient method for their location and delivery timeframe.

With well-organized warehousing and fulfillment processes, TGM Skateboards ensures that orders are processed and shipped promptly. Many customers have reported receiving their skateboarding products within the expected delivery window, demonstrating the company’s commitment to delivering on time.

In addition, TGM Skateboards provides package tracking information, so customers can stay updated on the status of their orders. This feature allows for transparency and peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

6. Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

What better way to gauge the legitimacy of TGM Skateboards than through testimonials from satisfied customers? Here are a few comments from individuals who have had positive experiences with TGM Skateboards:

  1. “I recently ordered a complete skateboard from TGM Skateboards, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The skateboard was of excellent quality, and the customer service was outstanding. Highly recommend!” – Sarah
  2. “I’ve been shopping at TGM Skateboards for years, and they never disappoint. The selection is incredible, and the prices are unbeatable. Shipping is fast, and the staff is always willing to help. Definitely my go-to skate shop!” – Jake
  3. “TGM Skateboards is the real deal! I was initially hesitant to purchase skateboarding gear online, but they exceeded my expectations. The products arrived quickly and were exactly as described. I wouldn’t hesitate to shop with them again.” – Emily

These testimonials are just a glimpse into the positive experiences shared by customers who trust TGM Skateboards for their skateboarding needs.

Additional Information about TGM Skateboards

Shipping Policies and International Orders

TGM Skateboards offers shipping to various destinations worldwide. However, it’s essential to check their shipping policies to ensure they deliver to your location. International customers may be subject to customs duties and taxes, which are the responsibility of the buyer.

Warranty Information

TGM Skateboards honors manufacturer warranties on products they sell. If you encounter any issues with a product, contact their customer support team for assistance with warranty claims and procedures.

Safe and Secure Online Shopping

TGM Skateboards prioritizes the security and privacy of their customers. They utilize secure payment gateways and encryption protocols to safeguard your personal and financial information during online transactions. Feel confident when shopping on their website.

Final Thoughts

After examining every aspect, it is clear that TGM Skateboards is a legitimate online skate shop. With a long-standing reputation, extensive product selection, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and reliable shipping, they have proven themselves as a trusted destination for skateboard enthusiasts.

So, if you’re in the market for a new skateboard or skateboarding accessories, look no further than TGM Skateboards. You can shop with confidence, knowing that you’ll receive top-notch products and exceptional service.

Key Takeaways – Is TGM Skateboards Legit

  • TGM Skateboards is a legitimate online skateboarding store.
  • They offer a wide range of skateboards, equipment, and accessories.
  • Their website is secure and has positive customer reviews.
  • TGM Skateboards has been in business for many years.
  • They provide helpful customer support and fast shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions section about TGM Skateboards. Here, we address common concerns and provide answers to help you determine if TGM Skateboards is legit. Read on to learn more!

Q: Are TGM Skateboards a reputable company?

Yes, TGM Skateboards is a reputable company that has been in business for over a decade. They have a strong reputation within the skateboard industry and many satisfied customers. TGM Skateboards is known for their quality products and excellent customer service. Their website provides detailed product information and customer reviews, further demonstrating their legitimacy.

TGM Skateboards is also an authorized retailer of top skateboard brands. They have established partnerships with reputable manufacturers in the industry. These alliances attest to their credibility as a trusted supplier of skateboards and accessories.

Q: Can I trust the products sold by TGM Skateboards?

Absolutely! TGM Skateboards only carries genuine skateboard products from established brands. They source their products directly from authorized distributors, ensuring the authenticity and quality of each item they sell. TGM Skateboards takes pride in offering a wide selection of trusted brands, known for their durability and performance.

Additionally, TGM Skateboards provides detailed product descriptions, including specifications and features, so you can make an informed purchase. They also offer customer reviews on their website, giving you insights from other skateboarders who have purchased and used the products. With TGM Skateboards, you can trust that you are getting legitimate and high-quality skateboard gear.

Q: Is TGM Skateboards a secure online retailer?

Yes, TGM Skateboards prioritizes the security of their customers’ information. They use industry-standard encryption methods to protect sensitive data during online transactions. When you make a purchase on their website, your personal and payment information is encrypted and safeguarded from potential threats.

TGM Skateboards also offers secure payment options, including trusted payment gateways. These gateways adhere to strict security protocols, providing an additional layer of protection for your financial details. Rest assured that when shopping with TGM Skateboards, your online safety is a top priority.

Q: What is TGM Skateboards’ return policy?

TGM Skateboards has a customer-friendly return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item within a specified period for a refund or exchange. The exact duration and conditions may vary depending on the product, so it’s essential to review their return policy on their website or contact their customer service for specific details.

It’s worth noting that TGM Skateboards values customer satisfaction and aims to resolve any issues promptly. If you encounter any problems with your order or have questions about their return policy, their dedicated customer service team is available to assist you.

Q: How can I contact TGM Skateboards for further inquiries?

If you have any further questions or need additional information, TGM Skateboards has a dedicated customer service team ready to assist you. You can contact them through various channels, such as live chat on their website, email, or by phone. Their contact information is readily available on their website, and they strive to provide prompt and helpful responses to all inquiries.

Whether you have inquiries about products, orders, or any other concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to TGM Skateboards’ customer service team. They are there to provide you with the support you need.

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So, is TGM Skateboards legit? Well, based on the evidence we’ve seen, it’s time for a reality check. There are numerous complaints about their customer service, shipping delays, and poor quality products. It’s important to do your research and consider these factors before making a purchase. It might be wise to explore other reputable skateboarding brands that offer better customer experiences and quality products.

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