Toy Machine Skateboard Review – 4 Expert Suggested Boards

Skateboard shopping is a bit tricky if you are new to it. But with guidelines, it is not a big issue. Countless brands and models are available and released regularly. To figure out the right one, you should do a bit of research. It is safe to go for a renowned brand. However, the model selection depends on your riding style.

In this case, Toy Machine is a brand you can easily rely on. As because, their experience keeps them a step ahead of new companies out there in the market. You can have a look at some of the best skateboards that we featured in this toy machine complete skateboard review.

4 Best Toy Machine Skateboard Review

So, here we have come to the main segment. Now you’ll get familiar with the best toy machine skateboards available on the market. So, let’s dig in.

1. TOY MACHINE Complete Pro Skateboard MONSTER MEDIUM

TOY MACHINE Complete Pro Skateboard MONSTER MEDIUM (assorted colors) 7.75

Those who are already experts at skateboarding, should not miss TOY MACHINE Complete Pro Skateboard MONSTER MEDIUM skateboard. The reason is that the skateboard arrives unassembled. So, pro skaters can easily make required adjustments to the settings. Whether you like it loose fit or tight, it is totally up to you.

Even beginners can assemble the parts only with the help of skate tools and without any hassle. The complete package has everything you need. The weight limit is up to 200 pounds. At the bottom of the board, there are attractive graphics to make sure you ride with style.

Key Features

  • The skateboard is around 31.75 inches in length, almost 7.75 inches in width and the wheelbase is about 14 inches.
  • Hundred percent Canadian maple deck material is pressed in a mellow ensuring heavy-duty performance. A black diamond grip tape also comes with the deck that helps with proper friction.
  • Core trucks weigh very light yet those are designed with long-lasting aluminum. Those are paired with 8 steel axles and kingpins.
  • Dimension of the wheels is 52 millimeters with a durometer hardness of 99A. These can both work very well on streets and parks. Pivot cups and bushings are imported from the USA to ensure the best quality.
  • A variety of background stain colors is available. Moreover, the assorted colors are customizable as per your wish.

  • Rubber wheels which are best for doing new tricks.
  • Around 7 pounds, the board is lightweight to carry anywhere.
  • Package includes 1/8″ risers in it.
  • This skateboard does not come assembled which is a hassle for beginners but a plus point for pro skaters.

Why Do Riders Love it?

Amphetamine bearings are the best part about this skateboard for sure. They enhance the performance of wheels. The bearings feature Delrin Crowns, Light synthetic oil as well as Rubber Serviceable Shields. These are some of the qualities that help the bearings to become one of the finest Abec 5-rated bearings available out there.

2. Toy Machine Skateboard Complete Monster FACE

Toy Machine Skateboard Complete Monster FACE 8.0"

Are you a novice rider or have mastered this art by now? Toy Machine Skateboard Complete Monster FACE can become your favorite in any phase. The well-known brand has had expertise in skateboards for years. The deck of skateboards is designed by professionals.

Monster face graphics on the bottom of the board can match anyone’s fashion taste. The grip tape on the top helps to keep your feet in the proper position so that you can do ollies without a hitch. It wouldn’t take many trials and tribulations to set up all the equipment into a skateboard.

Key Features

  • Seven plies of pure Canadian maple are put together to make a strong deck. It is exactly 8 inches in width.
  • Two pairs of rubber wheels are measured at 52 millimeters each. And, about 99A durometer hardness is described.
  • Complete package of the skateboard comes unassembled. So, there is enough room for different adjustments and remodeling.
  • Just as the name suggests, Amphetamine bearings are a great inducement for the wheels. Plus, the Abec 5 grade bearings are considered the best for Rubber Serviceable Shields, Light synthetic oil, and Delrin Crowns.
  • Durable aluminum Core trucks are not so heavy at all. These are supported by grade 8 steel axles and kingpins.

  • Smooth riding on parks, ramps, pools, and streets.
  • The USA manufactured pivot cups and bushings.
  • Sturdy yet flexible deck.
  • No other color option is available to choose from.

Why Do Riders Love it?

If you ask for one feature that is most advantageous about this skateboard, that would be the mellow concave structure. Because of this, the rider feels comfortable and stable while doing butter smooth shifting. It helps to keep your feet in place and maintain proper balance.

3. Toy Machine American Monster Complete Skateboard

Toy Machine Skateboard Complete Templeton Camera Monster 8.5" Assorted Colors

Looking for professional quality skateboards? Toy Machine American Monster Complete Skateboard is an elite pick. The long-lasting materials used in this skateboard will serve you not only just flexibility but also swift performance. Also, fast turns and twists are ensured.

You can cruise around with this board anywhere for instance, on streets, sidewalks, pools, ramps, parks, etc. as long as it is on a smooth surface. In addition, the traditional maple deck is ideal for skateboards. Besides, it is a budget-friendly option.

Key Features

  • The skateboard is nearly 31.88 inches long, almost 8.5 inches wide, and about 5.25 inches high. The nose and tail are measured at 7 inches and 6.75 inches accordingly.
  • It has a maple deck, aluminum alloy trucks, rubber wheels, shielded ABEC – 3 bearings, steel kingpins and axles, and all the other parts fully assembled.
  • A wide range of colors include black, blue, purple, fists wood, flurry monster, and so on. These colors are suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Heavy duty grip tape on top of the skateboard deck provides required friction between the feet and the board.
  • Wheelbase of the board is more or less 14.25 inches. Plus, the diameter of the wheels is approximately 52 millimeters.

  • Comes fully assembled and ready to ride.
  • Mellow concave design best for olies.
  • Weighs around 2.34 kilogram which is very lightweight.
  • Might take you a slightly more time to get used to the board.

Why Do Riders Love it?

Amongst the endless reasons to look up to this skateboard, various stylish printing patterns at the bottom of the deck are one quality that is most appreciated. Any teen boy or girl would go crazy over the huge collection of graphics this skateboard offers.

4. TOY MACHINE Skateboard Complete Bloodshot Black

TOY MACHINE Skateboard Complete Bloodshot Black 8.125

Introducing you to TOY MACHINE Skateboard Complete Bloodshot Black. The vibrant sect eye graphics are totally different from the other ones. Not convinced yet? Well, there is a lot more to it. The time-honored piece is very convenient for any level rider.

Another reason to go for this board is that it is a budget-friendly option. But that doesn’t mean there is any compromise with quality. Unlike the other Toy Machine skateboards, this board is carefully crafted with first-class materials.

Key Features

  • Exact seven-ply of pure Canadian maple is pressed into a sturdy deck. It is nearly 8.12 inches in width and approximately 31.875 in length. 
  • A combination of 51 inches diameter rubber wheels and stage 11 trucks best compliments each other. Moreover, Amp bearings enhance the overall performance when paired with these.
  • Swift performance, stable landing, and minimal wheel bite are great for first-class skateboarding.
  • Mob or Jessup grip tape comes on the top of the board without any extra penny. Assorted wood stains are at the bottom.
  • This board also arrives unassembled which is why you can set it up just like you need. You can loosen or tighten the settings according to your preference.

  • Standard twin popsicle shape.
  • Most suitable for adults.
  • More or less, a 7-pound skateboard is like a featherweight.
  • Some users complained that the bearings are slow.

Why Do Riders Love it?

The Abec 5 rated, 8-millimeter top-notch bearings are something that stands out. Because of the removable shields, you can simply clean them whenever it is dirty. It allows the bearings to stay protected against dirt. 

Buying Guide on Toy Machine Skateboard Review


Any skateboard sizes are on the market from the Toy Machine brand. You should check out your shoe size to select a suitable board. Midsize or full-sized decks with different decks are available. In general, mid-sized decks are 29.93 inches long and 7.38 inches wide. Additionally, full-sized decks have more variation in size.


Skaters consider skateboard decks a very important point. Toy Machine commonly uses several genuine maple wood ply pressed together. So, the decks are rock hard and long-lasting.


In terms of wheels, the brand mostly uses rubber wheels. The diameter varies between  52 mm to 55 mm for beginner boards. For pro riders, larger wheels such as between 56 mm to 60 mm in diameter are best for skateparks, ramps or pools, etc.


Great standard trucks are a prerequisite for a smooth riding experience. Aluminum alloy core trucks are provided with the Toy Machine skateboards. 


ABEC 5 precision rating Amphetamine bearings are used by the Toy Machine brand. The rate might seem a little low but it stimulates the wheels. With regular cleaning and the use of lubricants, it is not a problem.

Grip Tape

In order to get a balanced positioning of your feet on the board, grip tape should not get ignored. The brand black diamond provides grip tape with both assembled and unassembled skateboards. Grip tape helps on stable landing as well.


Bolts and nuts are important to attach the trucks to the deck. After you install them properly, they will become ready to go. Toy Machine uses USA manufactured pivot cups and bushings.


In skate culture, the way skateboards are designed is another point of importance. There are a variety of designs available for example, mellow concave structures. Again, assembled skateboards for beginners and unassembled skateboards for experts are also available.

Color and Graphics

The name Toy Machine is best implied in their graphics. At the bottom of the decks, the skateboards feature fun and colorful monsters, aliens, cartoon faces, and so on. The wheels are also graphically decorated. You can choose any of them.


  • Is a toy machine a good skateboard brand?

If you are an expert skateboarder, most chances are that you are already familiar with this brand as it is one of the leading brands in this industry. Since the company started its journey in 1993, they have been producing a bunch of equipment related to skateboards and its priority is of course solely for the skateboards.

  • Are Toy Machine decks good?

There is no doubt that Toy Machine decks are top of the line. Years of experience in the skating industry make them knowledgeable about what a rider exactly needs. They use hundred percent maple ply pressed together at the base deck. Maple decks are appreciated for being sturdy and durable.

  • What are Toy Machine skateboards?

The widely known brand Toy Machine has a huge collection of different categories of skateboards in the market. Ed Templeton, a professional skater from the USA designed the unique skateboards of this brand. There are other pro skaters to support their team too. Together they take care of every detail in skateboards from this brand.


What do you think about our toy machine skateboard review? Which one would you like to pick from the skateboards we discussed in this article? Although all of these skateboards are excellent, we hope you find the detailed discussion helpful and get some idea of which one will suit you best.

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