Best 3 Retrospec Longboard Review in 2023 – Special Buying Guide

Riding a longboard is one of the most exciting activities to enjoy our leisure. But riding a longboard is not a very easy activity, and to be a pro skater, you have to practice a lot. Often, many of us buy the wrong longboard and fail to enjoy skating. However, Briefly learn about the origin of Retrospec longboard.

Where are Retrospec longboards made

Retrospec is a company based in the United Kingdom. They make boards from bamboo, maple and other woods. The company has been around since 1991 but they have only recently started making retrospec longboards.

The company was founded by John Hirst who wanted to create a board that would be as good as any of today’s top brands but at a fraction of the price.

Basically, Retrospec is a popular longboard brand and their boards have a good name for being sturdy and durable. As they have several good longboards, people often find it confusing to select one. Today, we will provide the best Retrospec board review to get you out of your confusion.

3 Best Retrospec Longboard Reviews

Once you determine to buy a longboard from Retrospec, we prefer the following boards as the best from this manufacturer.

#1. Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

Specialty: Best for Safe Ride

If you want a safe ride with a longboard, this one is our must-try. The bearing and long space will ensure more security for the beginners.

Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser | Bamboo & Canadian Maple Wood Cruiser w/Reverse Kingpin Trucks for Commuting, Cruising, Carving & Downhill Riding

Key Features

  • This board has around 44 inches deck length and 9 inches width. So, you will have more space to stand on.
  • It comes with different color variations and looks quite aesthetic. The wooden color board comes with shades of different colors.
  • 70mm Polyurethane wheels come with a rock finish grip. It ensures perfect balance.
  • It provides a very smooth ride with shock-absorbing functions. Roads with little dents and small pieces of bricks may be cause shakes too much.
  • 8-Ply Canadian Maple wood is used to form this board. It is durable and quality sturdy.
  • It is eventually designed for high speed with a 7 tolerance grade.

If you are not interested to buy an average longboard, we can suggest you something that must reach your expectations. Retrospec basically brought a few longboards that are not like the regular boards. In fact, you cannot compare them with others in any way. Retrospec Zed Longboard is something like that.

Undoubtedly, this board is designed to provide riders with safe and sturdy rides. With high-quality material and 7-inch long durable aluminum trucks, this board is like a complete combining of everything that is good. It has an ABEC-7 bearing and reverses kingpin w that provides the perfect balance.

About the outlook, we are sure, you will have nothing to complain about. The design is perfect with a vintage look. Indeed, there are different color variations as well. It is around 9 lbs in weight and so you can find it difficult to carry. Otherwise, everything is just perfect here.

  • Ensure durable Maple construction
  • Designed for a safe ride
  • Durable and pretty affordable
  • Provides perfect control
  • High-quality bearings and PU wheels
  • Good for freeriding
  • Different color variations
  • Aesthetic designs
  • Heavyweight and so, not very much easy to carry
  • Lightly stiffy wheels

#2. Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard

Specialty: Best for Durability

If you are looking for a longboard with durable aluminum trucks and board material, this one is the perfect match for you. It also provides perfect balance and a smooth ride.

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete | Canadian Maple Wood Cruiser w/ Drop-Through Trucks for Commuting, Cruising, Carving & Downhill Riding

Key Features

  • This high-quality longboard comes in 40×9.5 inches dimension. It provides enough space and perfect balance.
  • Because of its structure and 7 tolerance grade design, you can ride it at high speed.
  • There are 4 70x51mm 78 PU wheels that ensure a smooth ride. Additionally, the 80AB cover is there for perfect grip.
  • It is made of durable Canadian Maple wood that is ready to roll. This strong wood plate provides a safe and secure ride.
  • You will get this board with 4 different color variations. The tropical designs eventually give it an aesthetic look.
  • The drop-through rift provides enough agility and control over the entire board.

Rift design is one of the professional riders’ favorite kinds of longboards. And Retrospec also has its collection of the best rift drop-through boards. Among them, this one with tropical flower print must gain your notice within a minute.

Firstly, we suggest it for the amateur and pro skaters the most. This professional board comes with sturdy performance with durable maple wood. Eventually, there are the 180mm kingpin trucks that come with a precision ABEC-7 stainless steel bearing. So, you will have perfect control over it.

Additionally, you will love it is comparatively lightweight and not more than 7 lbs. So, you can carry it easily. The grip is initially reliable and you can start with speed. Besides, the drop-through design ensures more speed and extra stability for sure.

  • Aesthetic and classic design and structure
  • Different color variations
  • 80AB covered grip
  • Long drop-through trucks
  • Durable polyurethane wheel provide no wheel bite
  • Provides smooth and safe ride
  • Not a perfect match for the beginners

#3. Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard Skateboard

Specialty: Best for Perfect Grip

This board has many good aspects but the best of them is Perfect Grip. We appreciate its grip style the most. It provides perfect control and an amazing ride for sure.

Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard Skateboard Complete 41-Inch

Key Features

  • 70x51mm PU wheels with 85A cover will protect you from sudden wheel bite.
  • The measurement is perfect and you will get enough space to ride this board on an even a non-smooth surface.
  • For kick sideways, this one is even a better pick. For straight rides, it also ensures a study experience.
  • ABEC-7 stainless steel bearing with a 7 tolerance grade design will protect you from sudden shaking and provide a shock-absorbing performance.

Lastly, it is another one with a drop-through design. No doubt, Retrospec has a lot of longboards with drop-through designs. And their boards are quite popular for being sturdy, durable, and good for both beginners, amateurs, and pro riders. However, Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard can be your best pick for different reasons.

The best features of this board, according to our point of view, is its design and grip tape. Aside from the classic drop-through structure, you will definitely like the appearance of this board with a geometric color print. The waterproof logo is also set perfectly and gives it an aesthetic vibe.

However, the board measure 41×9.5 inches. High-quality Canadian Maple wood is used to form this board and the other parts like wheels and bearings are quite durable. OS780 grip tape is there to provide you with better control over the entire board.

  • It is eventually designed with 180mm responsive reverse kingpin trucks.
  • This board comes with a steady and safe performance
  • Metalic color and classic drop-through design
  • Good for riders of any levels
  • Durable and affordable
  • OS780 grip tape
  • Ensures high speed and accuracy
  • Almost 9 pounds in weight
  • The wheels are a little stiffy

Buying Guide for theBest Retrospec Longboard Review

The best Retrospec cruiser review can introduce you to some best options for sure. But still, you can be confused and end up buying the wrong board for yourself if you don’t have enough knowledge about the board. Everyone should select a board checking out a few factors about it to pick the appropriate one. The factors are as followed.

Deck Size

Longboards are generally of different sizes. The size mostly depends on the types of designs. When selecting the best longboards, you should always check the size. For beginners, longers boards is not always suggested. But if you choose a longboard, check if the size is enough to provide high velocity.

Longboard Deck Style

Generally, longboards can be of 4 different types of styles. Select fast about which style you like the most.

Drop-through Style

One of the most popular longboard styles is the drop-through one. It has a cut-out on both sides of the deck around the wheels. The base plate is set on the top of the board where the truck will be in the immediately lower position. This kind of design is good for providing stability and balancing control.

Top Mount Style

Many professionals often go for the top mount style for its control and amazing balancing system. This kind of board has the trucks immediately underneath the deck. That’s why this type of board is comparatively better for responsiveness and maneuverability.


Another popular type is the Pintail. Here, the board itself comes in the shape of left with a concave. This type of longboard is often suggested for beginners as it is quite easy to move. Besides, it is easy to control the speed with this kind of board.


Cruiser is also known as the campus cruiser and it is also the favorite type for many pro riders. It is good for portable ride as it comes in a very compact size. Still, this kind of board provides full control and enough grip.

Board Weight

Basically, the weight of the board doesn’t particularly affect your ride very much. But it is essential to check if you often have to carry it to the place where you will ride. So, try to buy the one with lightweight so that you can carry it easily.

Level of Your Skill

First of all, it is known that longboards are not a good idea for beginners. Amateurs and pro riders can go for any type of longboard. But if you are a beginner and want to try a longboard, you should go for either drop-through or pintail.

Weight Capacity

Most boards come with up to 220 lbs of weight capacity. If you are not more than that, just go for any board you like. But still, check out the capacity and compare it with your weight for the best pick.


What is the official weight limit of Retrospec Boards?

The RetrospecCompany has determined the general weight limit of the Retrospec longboard is 220 lbs. So, any person weighted over the determined weight shouldn’t go for their boards.

Are Retrospec boards good?

Yes, undoubtedly they are one of the best longboard brands especially gained popularity in 2021. Though Retrospec started their business by manufacturing cycles later they started manufacturing skateboards.

For their quality product and affordable price range, they became highly popular among the young generations. And the beginners get ever more benefits using the Retrospec longboards. So, I must say, Retrospec boards are great for you.

Where to buy Retrospec longboards?

There are different platforms to buy a Retrospec longboard. Mainly we classified them into two parts, in-person and online.

If you want to buy them in person, you can go to any nearby sports shop or market.

And for getting one online there are a bunch of options for you. The most convenient and reliable option is Amazon.  Aside from that, you can purchase it from their official brand site and Facebook marketplace.

Does Retrospec Board come fully assembled?

Yes, it is possible and its benefits are sufficient for the riders.  Retrospec boards offer riders that they can set themselves as such with different parts. You can even find them together.

It is available in a fully assembled way to save riders time. The rider can start riding out of the box. However, it is important to check that the wheels and nuts are tightened for safety and security.

What is the main difference between Traditional Trucks and Reverse Kingpin?

The main difference between reverse kingpin and traditional trucks is that they are technically developed. And it is now surpassing the traditional.

The reverse kingpin is designed to move the rider board swiftly and make the corners on the side of the board sharply. And it is the most craving issue for the rider. Moreover, It can even be easily ridden on inaccessible roads. The wheels are set and engraved in a stronger and more beautiful way than the traditional ones.

Does the Retrospec Longboard wobble at high speeds?

Occasionally there is a risk of board wobbles when driving at high speeds on inaccessible roads. So, you shouldn’t run at high speed on hilly roads and related types of terrains.

However, if there are wobbles at any time, it is not just due to the board. For inexperienced riders, the board can be shaky. Therefore, the inexperienced riders should practice by riding on flat and easy roads.

The Verdict

As you have learned about the best Retrospec longboard reviews, you must have a clear thought about which one to select. You can select the section pros and cons to compare a different board to select the most appropriate one. Also, let us know which one you have selected and how it’s working. Thank you in advance.

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