Magneto Boards Review – Why They’re So Amazing!

Nowadays, Magneto is being hyped in the world of the skateboard industry. It’s an uprising and new star brand from Carlsbad, California. This company is full of experienced and skilled engineers who make and design skateboards with utmost care. Therefore, today we’ll give you details of the magneto boards review.

Surprisingly, the products from this brand have quite positive feedback with excellent reviews. That’s what made this brand stand out in the crowd. This amazing brand produces all kinds of boards from longboards to cruisers and everything is sold at an affordable price.

Moreover, it’s claimed that Magneto is ideal for beginner use and they are extremely stable. Plus, those who want an affordable budget and quality in the same product, for them this brand is a miracle! From all the magneto skateboard review and autopsy of the skateboards, we’ll get to see if the claims are justified or just bluff. Let’s not waste any time and dig into our topic!

Top 3 Magneto Skateboard Review       

In this segment, we’ll be talking about the skateboard reviews. So, continue reading.

1. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Specialty: Best Overall

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | 27.5" x 7.5" | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck - Designed for Kids, Teens and Adults … (Bamboo)

First, we’ll start with the most popular and positive reviewed product. This is a short board of 27.5″. This board is designed in standard size keeping in mind all ages from adults to teenagers to kids. You can ride on this board anywhere at any time and carry it anywhere.

As this board is a directional cruiser shape with a functional kicktail and nose kick, you can have an ample amount of tricks to try. You’ll notice a double kick in this board which gives the scope to flip it easier to move around and hop on. From size to functionality and in every aspect, this board has to ride with comfort and ease.

Key Features

• Deck Measurements: Length 27.5″ x Width 7.5″.

• Materials: 7 plies of Canadian Maple Wood

• Board Weight: 5lbs

• Load Capacity: 275lbs

• Wheels: Polyurethane wheels with a hardness of 78a provides the smoothest ride anhavea with enough grip on a bumpy surface.

• Trucks: Trucks help to turn and improve the performance of the board. Made of Aluminum, the trucks give extra support and strength to the wheels. You can tighten or loosen the trucks as necessary.

• Bearings: Pre-attached ABEC-11 bearings are one of the best rating bearings. It gives you a smoother ride and glides with just a simple push.

• Double Kick Tails: One of the bonus facilities on this board. For the double kick tails, it’s extremely easy and fun to perform and practice most of the tricks. Flip tricks, likes, and mannies can be done easily with the help of double kick tails.

Reasons to Buy
  • Made of high-graduate materials which make it highly stable and durable.
  • Ensures to provide you with outstanding performance.
  • Bold graphics look pretty cool on the wooden deck.
  • Comes in the standard size, so any aged person can use this.
  • Wonderfully budget-friendly.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Bearings may cause some troubles.

2. Magneto Kids Skateboard

Specialty: Best for Kids

Magneto Kids Skateboard | 27.5 x 7.75 | Maple Deck Components - Designed for Kids and Teens | Skateboard for Boys | Skateboard for Girls | Skateboards for Kid Beginnerss (Video Game)

Gather up, kids and teen groups! Not only kids, but this skateboard is also suitable for beginners or beginners. With a very attractive finishing, this skateboard comes with pre-attached grip tape. We can guarantee you that you won’t find much better quality, functionality and affordable price in the same product like this.

The deck is made of rock-hard Maple wood and other components are also made of high-quality metals. With a perfect size for kids and proper design, this board also has a double kick tail like the previous one. A notable mention is that the board comes pre-attached, so no hassle of assembling it again.

Key Features

• Material: 7 plies of hard Maple Wood

• Measurement: 27.5″ x 7.75″

• Weight: 4lbs

• Load Capacity: 200lbs

• Wheels: The wheels are made of polyurethane and size 2 millimeters 95A SHR. These wheels are soft and as expected give enough friction with any surface. Not only do the wheels also prevent wheel bites.

• Trucks: The trucks are made of alloy Aluminum that helps to move smoothly and instantly. It also includes high rebound bushings with medium stiffness. It helps to tighten or loosen the trucks as you prefer.

• Bearings: ABEC-11 bearings lead you to a very smooth and effortless ride with a small push.

• It comes with a cool graphic design with grip tape

• Double kick tails also make it easier and more suitable to perform and practice different tricks.

Reasons to Buy
  • Quality product with maximum functionality.
  • Cool bold graphic design with grip tape.
  • Provides a smoother ride without wheel bites.
  • Affordable price with excellent stability.
Reasons to Avoid
  • It’s standard for kids and teens, not for adults.

3. Magneto SUV Skateboard

Specialty: Best for All Ages

Magneto SUV Skateboards | Fully Assembled Complete 31" x 8.5" Standard Size | 7 Layer Canadian Maple Deck | Designed for All Types of Riding Kids Adults Teens Men Women Boys Girls | Free Skate Tool

Among all the magneto longboard reviews, you will be amazed by the classic design and wonderful functions of this masterpiece. This popsicle-style skateboard is amazingly suitable for all ages and gender people. From adults to kids, men, women or other gender and skilled or novice, anyone can ride on this board.

From the graphic design and deck material, you’ll already see the extreme effort. Not only the look, but the performance of this board is also mind-blowing. You can improve your skill or start baby steps with this fantastic board. Moreover, the extra length and width of this board make it ideal for adults and novices to position themselves properly.

Key Features

• Measurement: 31″ x 8.5″

• Material: 7 Layer Canadian Maple Wood

• Weight: 5lbs

• Load Capacity: 275lbs

• Wheels: Wheels infused in this board are soft and made with polyurethane. The wheels are 60x40mm with 78A measurement, that’ll provide you with a very smooth and comfortable fun ride.

• Trucks: 140mm skate trucks made of gravity cast Aluminum are attached to this board. These trucks are durable and strong with stability.

• Bearings: ABEC-5 bearings in this board makes the ride fun, smooth and less bumpy.

Reasons to Buy
  • Suitable for any age or skilled people.
  • The extra space of the board makes it ideal for adults.
  • Serves excellent results with extraordinary performance.
  • Super durable and comfortable to ride.
Reasons to Avoid
  • May be hard to handle for smaller kids.

Top 3 Magneto Longboard Review        

Previously you’ve learned about the skateboard reviews. Now it’s time for longboard reviews. So, stay tuned.

1. Magneto 44-inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Specialty: Best Budget Longboard

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple Deck | Made for Adults, Teens, and Kids … (Blue)

Let’s meet the gigantic products from Magneto now. These gigantic boards are 44″ long and made of bamboo. The skateboard has utmost flexibility and stability to make it super durable and sturdy. From the huge space, you can already understand that there’ll be enough space for the rider.

As the board looks gigantic, it also can handle and maintain heavy riders. Plus, it isn’t stiff but rather flexible enough to turn or move comfortably. The skateboard has kicktails on both sides which help the skater to do flips or tricks with ease. Overall, this skateboard will increase the smooth turning and cruising ability at the peak level.

Key Features

• Dimension: Length 44″ x Width 9″

• Material: Bamboo & Maple Wood

• Weight: 9.5lbs

• Load Capacity: 275lbs

• Wheels: The wheels are extra soft and have enough grip on a rougher surface. The 78A soft urethane is used to make the 70mm wheels. The wheels are transparent and the size is standard.

• Trucks: The trucks are made of gravity cast Aluminum which makes the trucks very durable and sturdy. Well-made trucks make the skateboard slide smoothly.

• Bearings: The board comes with pre-installed 8 bearings. The bearings provide smooth and bump-free glide.

Reasons to Buy
  • Bamboo made which is environmentally safe and friendly.
  • Ideal for all ages and heavy riders.
  • Gives enough grip on a rough road and is easy to turn.
  • Excellent quality deck with superb performance.
Reasons to Avoid
  • As it’s bigger, it’s tough to handle it for smaller people.

2. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards

Specialty: Best for Cruising

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards | 38.5” x 9” | for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill and Dancing (Bamboo Carving Longboard Skateboard)

Are you looking for an ideal skateboard that can perform wonderful cruising or craving? Meet Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Skateboard which is made of both bamboo and carbon fiber. The bamboo is used to make the board flexible and the fiberglass makes it strong and sturdy.

This longboard is also gigantic like the previous one and has huge space for the rider to position comfortably. Plus, with a simple push the board runs faster, the faster you push, the faster the board runs. The entire design of the skateboard with every hardware makes the skateboard outstanding and prevents any wheel bites or annoying problems.

Key Features

• Materials: Bamboo and fiberglass are used to make this extraordinary board. 3 plies bamboo provides extreme flexibility and the fiberglass offers strength and durability.

• Dimension: Length 38.5″ x Width 9″

• Weight: 8lbs

• Load Capacity: 275lbs

• Trucks: The skateboard has drop through truck design with high-angle gravity cast Aluminum trucks. It helps the board to turn freely in any direction. Plus, the truck stays tight while turning in any direction.

• Wheels: The wheels are 70mm and 78A soft urethane made. These wheels are extremely suitable for carving and cruising. With high speed and perfect grip on the surface, the wheels give outstanding performance.

• Bearings: The bearings are extremely responsive and ensure you a lively fun ride.

Reasons to Buy
  • Modern and stylish design with excellent performance.
  • The bearings are very responsive and durable.
  • Suitable for all ages for the extra-wide and large space.
  • Impressive weight capacity.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Carrying it around is tough.

3. Magneto 40″ Pintail Longboard

Specialty: Best Overall Longboard

Magneto 40 Inch Pintail Longboard Skateboard | Dark Stained Hard Maple Core Long Board Deck | Cruiser Skateboards, Carver, Freestyle | Skateboard for Adults Teenagers Men Women | Free Skate Tool

Last but not the least product on our list is one of the classic skateboard ideals for cruising and craving. This high-quality longboard has a perfect combination and comes in 3 different shapes. Such as classic, swallow and stinger.

This amazing skateboard has the cleanest finishing and holds the best reviews among all the skateboards on our list. The aesthetic design of this skateboard attracts the skaters and gives you comfortable rides. Moreover, this skateboard is ideal for adults or teenagers. So, if you’re searching for one of the best longboards from Magneto, then don’t skip this fantastic board!

Key Features

• Materials: Maple Wood

• Measurements: 40″ x 9.25″

• Weight: 7lbs

• Load Capacity: 270lbs

• Trucks: The trucks are made of gravity cast Aluminum. Plus, they used the same urethane formula to make the bushings. It’s guaranteed that you’ll feel flexible and comfortable while riding this one.

• Wheels: The wheelbase is 27″ and with a unique signature of 70mm and 78A soft polyurethane wheels, this board is made. For being soft, the wheels are grippy and give you an excellent ride on bumpy roads. In addition, the wheels also prevent wheel bites.

• Bearings: The bearings are made of ABEC-5. These bearings are surprisingly responsive to any turn or movement of the skateboard. The faster the bearings, the smoother the ride.

• This wonderful skateboard is swallow-shaped. It has a swallowtail which is found in short boards, but this unique design adds speed and strength to the board.

• Sand grit finish is one of the most outstanding features of this board. The sand grit acts like ordinary grip tape but has much better service.

Reasons to Buy
  • Made with all the high-quality components, it’ll be sturdy and durable.
  • Comes in 3 different shapes, so choose yours.
  • Has excellent grip with sand grit finishing.
  • Budget-friendly and best for cruising or craving.
Reasons to Avoid
  • For its huge size, carrying it around is difficult.

Buying Guide

Now, buying time! So, let’s see what features we need to focus on while buying the skateboard-

1. Deck

Most of the deck of Magneto skateboard is made of bamboo, Maple wood, fiberglass or a combination of materials. The combined materials like bamboo and fiberglass decks give super durability with supreme flexibility. Maple wood decks are extremely sturdy, durable, and can handle heavy loads. All of these materials are extremely suitable and perfect for an outstanding quality skateboard.

2. Shape

There are multiple shapes of skateboards you’ll notice in this brand. Most popular are Mini Cruiser, Pintail skateboard, Cut out, and Dancers.

Mini cruisers are short in size and naturally have smaller wheelbases. This board is very suitable for all skilled skaters and can turn in a flexible way. Mini cruisers are mainly used for cruising and carving.

Pintail is a classic beauty in the skateboard industry and looks like a surfboard. For cruising and light carving, pintails are ideal. These boards have no concave and are also top-mounted on trucks.

Cut-out decks have curved cuts around the wheels which adds simplicity to the design. It also makes clearance between the wheels and deck while turning. You can freestyle, practice movements, carve, and downhill cruising with this board. Dancers’ most prominent feature is their length. Dancers need more space on the board to try flip tricks and other cool tricks.

3. Wheels

Magneto uses Polyurethane wheels to make the wheels long-lasting, flexible and sturdy. Most of the wheels are 70mm with 78A soft. Being soft wheels, they can grip any kind of surface properly without decreasing their speed. In addition, these wheels also prevent annoying wheel bites.

4. Truck

Most of the trucks are adjustable in the Magneto brand. The truck placement depends on the preference of the riders’ style. Most of the trucks are made of gravity-cast Aluminum which maintains the balance and is also very responsive to every movement.

5. Bearings

Bearings need to be flexible and sturdy to roll the skateboard smoothly. Magneto uses ABEC bearings in 5-11mm diameter to reduce the wheel bites or any unwanted frictions. These bearings are undoubtedly sturdy, strong and have a high tolerance.


Are Magneto boards good?

Yes, Magneto skateboards are amazingly good. They have excellent quality, high-graded materials, and superb performance with surprising durability. Not only these but Magneto skateboards are also very affordable prices. A notable mention is that most of the Magneto skateboards are suitable for all skilled skaters from beginners to pros.

Is Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review good for beginners?

Magneto Mini Cruisers are very lightweight, compact, functional design and inexpensive. Compared to other boards, the overall functionality of this board is mind-blowing. Mini cruisers are mainly designed for kids to practice, but beginners can also practice or improve their skills with them.

Why should you choose Magneto?

First of all, Magneto provides you with the best quality produced at the most affordable price. If you’re tight on a budget yet looking for the best skateboard in the market, then you should look into this splendid brand. For beginners to kids, this brand is more popular as the boards are shorter in size, and easy to carry, handle and maintain balance.

Why is the Magneto 44-inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard review good?

This skateboard is well-designed with expert hands. Those who are already experts in skating and learned all the basics can use this wonderful skateboard. Perfect for adults and pro skaters, this board is effective and safe to ride on. For being bulky and big, it’s tough to handle for kids.

Final Verdict

We hope all of this magneto board review helped you to choose your one. From beginners to pros to dancers, anyone can choose their preferable boards from the Magneto brand. We’ve given all the tips to buy your skateboard and all the common questions asked by customers.

We can guarantee you that if you buy a magneto skateboard, you won’t be disappointed. Made from high-quality components and with huge facilities, these boards are also sturdy and long-lasting. Therefore, you should already get one and roll on the road!

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