We Reviewed The Best Impact Shorts for Skateboarding in 2023

Skating is fun until you fall on your bum and injure yourself badly. Most skaters get severe injuries because of falling on solid ground without any protection. It hurts their waist, bum, thigh, tailbone, and groin area very badly. Basic shorts can’t shield you from those severe injuries. That’s why today we’ll talk about the best impact shorts for skateboarding.

Impact shorts for skateboarding is cushioned and supports you in all “falling incidents”. These impact shorts with cushion covers all of your hip, waist, and groin areas, so when the rider falls, the impact is low and there are no severe injuries. You can wear these shorts in your pants or shorts discreetly too. Amusing, isn’t it?

There’re several impact padded shorts manufacturers, but we promise you to suggest the best-padded shorts for roller skating. Down below there are given the top-notch quality best-padded impact shorts for both men and women with suitable fitting. So, let’s hurry and dig in!

6 Best Impact Shorts for Skateboarding

This is time to reveal the products we have selected. So keep on reading

1. Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard,Skate and Ski,3D Protection for Hip,Butt and Tailbone (Medium) Black

Starting with the most popular and renowned padded shorts for skateboarding “Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts”. This is such a fantastic choice for the utmost protection in your favorite game like skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling, or roller sports.

These shorts have a relaxed fit equipped with a generous shock-absorbing EVA foam cushion. It’s positioned near the waist, tailbone, and thigh area. It’s made of a combination of spandex & nylon to fit with your skin comfortably. Plus, it keeps your skin fresh and dry too.

The pads are 14mm thick and it supports the rider’s body if they fall. Research showed it lessens 90% of injury with the cushioning impact. The waist size goes from 25.0-to 38.0 inches. It allows you excellent mobility even wearing any baggy clothes.

  • Skin-friendly and breathable material.
  • The waistband is a durable and stable adjustment on the waist.
  • It has coverage of EVA foam with shock absorbance.
  • There’s extra protection on the tailbone.
  • It shouldn’t be washed in the machine.

2. Triple Eight Bumsaver Skate Shorts

Triple Eight Bumsaver Men's Padded Shorts for Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Skiing, Large

Skate without worry if you already have this product with you. Just like the name implies, these impact shorts are bumper. These padded shorts are extremely suitable for those who want to enjoy smooth and fun skating, rolling, or cycling. What makes these shorts incredible is the versatile fit size.

You’ll get 5 size fits for kids, youth, and adult users. The fit starts from 22.0 and lasts 42.0 inches. Unlike the previous product, this one is crafted with Lycra mesh fabric which is extremely lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.

You won’t face a bit uncomfortable in mobility and it’s form-fitting. It’s a breathable material, that dries quickly if you sweat and won’t be stuck on your skin. You can easily wash these shorts in the washing machine too.

Equipped with 10mm EVA shock absorbent foam delivers the utmost protection from hurting your bum, waist, tailbone, and groin area. While washing the shorts you can separate the paddings from the shorts and reduce the weight. The shorts cover your waistline and go just above your knee joints.

  • Ergonomically designed for mobility and flexibility.
  • It can be machine washable and air-dryable.
  • Extra molded coccyx padding for the tailbone.
  • Comfortable fit with extreme coverage.
  • Doesn’t have any cup protection.

3. Soared 3D Protection Hip Butt EVA Padded Shorts

Soared 3D Protection Hip Butt EVA Paded Short Pants Protective Gear Guard Impact Pad Ski Ice Skating Snowboard Black S

From the look of these shorts, you can already understand how much protection these shorts will provide your bum, tailbone, and thighs. Not only that, this is one of the most affordable and efficient shorts you’ll find on the market. These shorts have 2.5cm EVA thick foam to protect your sensitive areas.

The material of these shorts is 4way stretch Lycra. So, it’s extremely flexible, movable, and breathable even in underpants. The shorts have 5 pads that are removable and also breathable without any discomfort. These shorts are unisex and also available in kids’ sizes.

For the elastic fabric, it fits in any form. It has a mesh bent strap in front which makes it breathable and less sticky on the skin. Even when you’ll wash it in hand, there will be no deformation in the paddings. The strap system, it’s easy to wear for both kids and old men.

The size for these shorts starts from 27.0 inches and goes up to 38.0 inches. As it doesn’t get smelly and sticky, you can wear these shorts in any season without worry. For beginners, it’s easy to use and prevents potential injuries from falling/sliding down.

  • Unisex design with kids fit.
  • Extremely breathable and lightweight fabric.
  • Elastic fabric with adjustable waist strap.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Only hand-washable.

4. DMoose Protective 3D Padded Shorts

DMoose Hip Protector Padded Shorts, Butt Pads for Skating & Ski -Black Medium

With excellent flexibility and stability, DMoose Protective 3D Padded Shorts is well designed. It protects your butt, waist, tailbone, and thigh with the utmost coverage. Throughout rigorous sports or activities, these shorts ensure your comfortable mobility and fitness.

The shorts are made with Nylon and Spandex which are heat resistant, lightweight, and dry they sweat very quickly. Plus, it doesn’t stick with your skin annoyingly. You can wear these comfy and soft material shorts inside your pants too.

With breathable fabric, it has equipped with 0.59 inches thick EVA foam with shock absorbency. It’s highly developed through reliant dry technology and advanced heat resistance. This technology prevents the fabric from getting stuck to your skin.

The waist size starts from 21.0 inches and goes up to 38.0 inches. With a very comfortable design, it helps to move with ease and protects your sensitive parts with the most coverage.

  • Suitable for skating, rolling, snowboarding, biking, or any other rigorous sports.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • Extra padded in the tailbone and hip area.
  • It has an adjustable fit with various size charts.
  • Don’t dry clean these shorts.

5. OHMOTOR 3D Protective Shorts

OHMOTOR 3D Padded Protective Shorts Hip Butt EVA Pad Short Pants Heavy Duty Protective Gear Guard Drop Resistance for Ski Skiing Skating Snowboard Cycling (Black, S)

If we talk about the best impact shorts for skateboarding, there’s no way we’ll skip this fantastic product. OHMOTOR padded shorts are available in 3 different colors with various size charts. It has padding around your butt, crotch, and thigh area to prevent any nasty bruises.

Without any fear, you can hike, skate or ski wearing these shorts. As mentioned, it has various size charts suitable for kids and adults. But, the manufacturers offer one size loose fit, so if you want a tight fit, then choose one size lower.

The thick EVA foams are thick, shock resistant, and adjustable to the waist with an elastic waistband. For a unisex product, it’s one of the best options for males, females, teens, kids, and others. With ample padding, it protects and guards your hip, tailbone, and thigh area.

The waist size starts from 21.0 inches and finishes at 41.0inches. The fabric of the shorts is breathable and easy to ventilate. So, there’s no fear to get a smelly or bacterial infection.

  • Elastic waistband with fit adjustment.
  • Sturdy fabric material with wear resistance.
  • Soft and breathable fabric with removable pads.
  • Comparatively inexpensive than others.
  • The size chart confuses often.

6. Triple Eight RD Bumsaver Women’s Padded Shorts

Triple Eight RD Bumsaver Women's Padded Shorts for Roller Derby, Skateboarding and Skating, Medium

Last but not least member of our list is designed for female sports lovers. These bum saver padded shorts are made with utmost mobility and flexibility. So, when our ladies are engrossed in their fun sports, they can keep up in any situation.

This lightweight, flexible and breathable fabric with paddings are made specifically for women’s body. The thick 10mm EVA shock absorbent foam protects your hip, waist, tailbone, and thighs.

The fitting chart starts at 22.0 inches and ends at 42.0 inches. It’s made with a double layer of solid fabric Lycra Spandex which is lightweight, doesn’t stick with skin, and dries quickly. You can wear these shorts alone or under any pants.

There’s a small extra pocket for keeping a mouthguard. The cost is also affordable like the others. Giving the best coverage with protection, these shorts will save your bum and let you enjoy the cheerful game time.

  • The paddings are removable while washing.
  • The fabric is breathable and good for ventilation.
  • Extremely lightweight and doesn’t stick to your skin.
  • Machine washable.
  • The size chart isn’t clear.

Buying Guide

Now time for shopping! Before you choose any shorts from the market or online, there’re some crucial features you’ve to keep in mind. Now, we’re going to introduce you to those important features-

1. Materials

As you’ll do sports, so you’ll sweat for sure. So, the material should be breathable, thin, and easy to ventilate. Most of the manufacturers use nylon, polyester, and cotton fabric to make these impact shorts. They mix nylon & polyester with rubber, to make a more durable and lightweight fabric names Lycra or Spandex.

Make sure that your shorts material has 15% spandex as it determines the stretch, comfort, and breathability. Also, check how to wash them by machine or hand wash, before buying.

2. Size & Fit

An impact short can be worn under underpants or alone. Either way, you need it to snug with your bottom. Sizing charts differ from company to company. Some offers true to size and some offer bigger/smaller size. Make sure to measure your waist and hip area and match it with the sizing chart.

3. Dual Stitch

Anything with a dual stitch ensures the stability and durability of the product. Shorts with double stitch tends to take much pressure and tear resistance. 

4. Pad thickness

The thicker your paddings will be, you’ll get the most coverage. But, thicker pads are bulkier and heavier. They’re more prominent than thin paddings. So, choose the paddings according to your weight. Plus how much you’ll be able to bear the weight of the padding without any obstacles. The pad thickness range is between 1/4″-1/2″.

5. Stiff or Flexible Pad

Stiff pads like EVA shock absorbance pads offer you the most coverage if you fall. But, you’ll face problems if you squat or bend with these pads. Whereas, flexible pads are thinner in thickness and extremely comfortable. But, they don’t offer you much coverage. That’s why thinner foam is used by basketball or volleyball athletes.

6. Protection

Most of the best hip pads for skateboarding have strategic positions of paddings. Like, it covers the hip, waist, tailbone, thighs, and hip pointers. Make sure that your chosen shorts have all of these coverages to protect you from falling during skating or snowboarding.

7. Stretchable Fabric

It’s a must. The fabric must be stretchy enough to provide you with enough freedom to move and do tricks. Plus, you should feel comfortable wearing them in any season underpants or not.

8. Extra Tailbone Protection

Most manufacturers nowadays add an extra plastic pad to protect tailbones from backward falls. These types of shorts are the best protection from hurting yourself with sharp objects.


  • How do you protect your tailbone when skating?

Backward falling while skating is very common. Some manufacturers make their shorts with extra plastic pass protection at the tailbone area. Those plastic pads are extra thick and prevent any sharp objects from hurting your tailbone area.

  • Do Impact shorts help with snowboarding?

Extremely. Impact shorts are specifically designed for skating, snowboarding, cycling, biking, hiking, or any other rigorous sports activities. While doing extra cool tricks or for newbies, impact shorts are very helpful to prevent any bruises or severe injuries with the cushion shorts.

  • Should you wear padded shorts for snowboarding?

Yeah, you should. Most of the time riders fall on solid ground and hurt themselves pretty bad. Basic shorts can’t protect your hip, tailbone, or thigh areas. So, wearing impact shorts with paddings help the rider to move smoothly without worrying about hurting themselves badly. It boosts their confidence.

Final Verdict

While skating putting on the proper outfit is a must. It offers you confidence and gives you complete protection. These delicate cushioned impact shorts can keep you safe and shield your sensitive areas. We’ve provided the best impact shorts for skateboarding and other sports.

You must take your time to think about which you want to invest your money. Think about everything, from materials to comfortable and correct size. Best of luck with getting the best pair of shorts for your next skateboarding session! 

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