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In 1992 ATM Click was founded by Mark Gonzalez and John Falahee. Unlike other skateboard brands, ATM doesn’t run after fame or popularity. This company focuses on the necessity of customers and tries to improve in their best form. They make the skateboards in a way that the riders can have fun riding.

ATM Click is widely famous for its flexible and quality board shape. The manufacturers ensure the quality of the boards by keeping the shape, deck and other functions maintained. However, today we’re here with an ATM click skateboards review, by which you can understand this great board far better. Apart from the review, there’ll be a related topic discussion on ATM Click Skateboards. So, let’s hurry and dig in.

ATM Click Skateboard Deck

ATM Click Skateboard Deck (Galaxy Wings, 8.25")

Key Features

  • Construction: This popsicle shaped skateboard measures a width of 8.25″ and a length of 32″. So, it gives enough space for the riders to position themselves and do tricks & flips easily. Plus, it’s crafted with 7-ply Maple Wood. The skateboard can hold weight up to 320lbs which is more than enough. 
  • Wheels & Bearing: With ATM Fast As Hell bearings the skateboard is equipped with ATM to GIVE BLOOD 53mm wheels. It ensures a bump-free and smooth ride. 
  • Trucks: The manufacturers provided 5.25 Blacksmith Raw Polish Trucks for a safe ride. The trucks are made of Aluminum which is efficient. 
  • Assemble: This skateboard comes fully preassembled by the manufacturers. Just tear the box and you’re ready to go. No more wasting time and confusing hassles. 
  • Design: All ATM Click skateboard comes with cool, goofy or other fantastic illustrations. Kids or adults anyone will love these graphic designs. Plus, you can also customize the skateboards with extra stickers. 

While shopping for new skateboards, the option available in ATM Click is endless. This pre assembled skateboard strikes with cool graphic design with various illustrations. ATM Click offers skateboards for any level riders from beginners to intermediary level to technically advanced level riders. 

The deck of this splendid skateboard is made of 7-ply Maple Wood to maintain flex and durability. The skateboard has a slightly medium concave and rounded nose with tails. It makes handling the skateboard easy and in control. For doing tricks or cruising, this skateboard has great withstood. 

The skateboard has a perfect portion of the truck, wheels and bearings. Not only that, various sizes are available for your skill sets. The proper portion of the deck and wheels make the rider move around smoothly. Overall, the skateboard is maintained completely thinking about the customers’ necessity and comfort. 

  • The skateboard has durable construction with a flexible design.
  • Professional graded material is used to make this board, so the longevity is undoubted.
  • Extra large size of the skateboard makes it suitable for any level skilled riders.
  • Comes fully preassembled by expert hands.
  • Can be a bit heavy for smaller kids or thin people.

Is ATM Click Board Worth Buying? 

ATM Click is such an underrated brand. With all the unique shapes and perfect balance of design, ATM Click brand skateboards are perfect for regular riders, beginners or even advanced riders. Not only that, all of the ATM CLICK boards are affordable and they ensure you the excellent service. ATM Click boards are easy to handle, monitor and do major tricks. 

So, overall considering the features with functions of ATM Click skateboards, they are worth your penny. Moreover, they come with a cool graphic design with extra stickers, so you can customize your board too. 

FAQs on ATM Click Skateboard

Here are some common questions we often get from our lovely readers-

  • Are ATM Click Skateboards good?

This unique brand provides you with all the best quality materials with an extremely customer-friendly design. Made with 7-ply Maple wood and exceptional bearing with proportionate wheels, this brand offers you, unmatched durable boards. To improve beginners’ skills, undoubtedly this skateboard stands out. 

  • What wheel size is best for skateboarding?

Maximum manufacturers use 50-53mm wheels size in their boards. 50-53mm wheels are small, slower and stable for younger riders and also suitable for skating on-road or in parks. This size of wheels doesn’t speed up which is effective for beginners. 

  • Are soft wheels good for skateboarding?

Softer wheels are slower with the advantage of having a grip on the surface. Whereas, hard wheels are faster and have barely any grip on the road. If you want to skate on-road or in parks, then better using softer wheels as they grip on the surface. And for smooth surface skating, better use hard wheels. 

  • What size of the skateboard will be perfect for me?

Skateboard sizes depend on the riders’ age and their approximate weight. For example-

Age: 8 or younger 

Deck Size: 7″/ less

Age: 9-12 years

Deck Size: 7″-7.5″

Age: 13+ 

Deck Size: 7.5″+ 

  • What to do if my skateboard gets wet?

It’s better not to get your skateboard wet in the first place. Because water makes the lubrication lose and there will be rust on the wheels & bolt. Anyways, if your skateboard gets wet, at first disassemble the parts wheels, bolts and trucks, with a dry clothe dry those parts properly. Then, assemble again. 

Wrap Up

So, that’s all for today. As we mentioned before, ATM Click skateboards are quite underrated but trust us, they serve much better than you think. The sturdy board boasts extremely sturdiness, so you can practice your new tricks and flips on it. Not only that, but the affordable price with cool graphic design also attracts the customers. Hence, get one from ATM Click skateboards review and slay! 

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