Penny Board Vs Skateboard – That Has Never Been Revealed

Skating is a popular and stylish way to travel especially when going to college or school. Recently, we have seen and meet various types of boards. We are also getting different comparisons between nickel board vs skateboard, longboard vs skateboard vs penny board, longboards vs penny boards, etc. Among them, differing penny board and skateboard is a tough task and many of us are in confusion. Today, I am going to cover the topic penny board vs skateboard. Keep reading to learn in-depth about skateboard vs penny board

What Is Penny Board?

Penny boards which are also known as the short cruisers are a form of skateboards. But the difference is, these boards are fully made out of plastics. Yes, you read right! From the deck to wheels, all main components of these boards are made of plastics.

But being a plastic-made board doesn’t make it less durable than traditional skateboards. Instead, Penny boards are much lighter and look cooler. These attractive boards let you chose from a wider range of colors and designs. Moreover. The Penny boards are available in four different sizes in the market which are- 36 inches (91.4 cm) longboard, 32 inches (81.3 cm) cruiser, 27 inches (68.5 cm) Nickel, and 22 inches (55.9 cm) boards. These many varieties help you pick the rightmost board for you! By the way, the name of this board came from “Penny Skateboards”, an Australia-based skateboard manufacturing company that first introduced these full-plastic skateboards.

Different Components of a Penny Board

Like other skateboards, Penny boards also contain lots of different components. These components are much similar to an ordinary skateboard but made of different materials. The cool thing is there are hundreds of designs and colors available for penny boards.


The component of a Penny board that might attract you at the first sight is its cool plastic deck. It is made of premium quality and durable plastic with high capabilities of absorbing shocks and damages and offers great flexibility and strength.


The most important things that make a skateboard what it is are the wheels. Penny boards also have four wheels made out of plastics. These wheels are made of good quality plastics and have polyurethane layers outside. These are quite sturdy and much durable and smooth than ordinary skateboard ones. These also come in different sizes for different types of boards. Worth mentioning that the 83A to 85A on the Durometer scale is considered the ideal size for wheels.


these are mostly seen in Penny boards that are more than 22 inches long. Griptape makes your riding more comfortable and secure. Many like to have them and many don’t, so whether you want to use them or not is completely upon you.  But like other parts, Griptapes also come in different attractive colors.


Trucks are responsible for connecting board wheels and bearings to the deck. Trucks are one of the things on Penny boards that aren’t made of plastics and mostly made from aluminum. Trucks usually contain two parts, the hanger, where the axle will run, and the baseplate, where it is mounted with the deck.

What Is Skateboard?

The definition of the skateboard can be described in this way; a skateboard is a board that has four rolling wheels under it. These are widely popular means of transportation, playing, and stunt object. Skateboards are mostly made of wood, rubbers, aluminum, or irons or with similar kinds of stuff on different parts. Also, there are several types of skateboards in the market. Some popular types are longboards, shortboards, stunt skateboards, penny skateboards, etc.

Skateboards are loved by millions of peoples, especially by youngsters from the middle of 19s till now, and still holding their popularity at the top. Skateboards don’t come in any specified color or design. That’s part depends on the manufacturer’s creativity or you can always custom-made them. Though the working mechanism of skateboards is quite straightforward but riding it is much harder than that. But that’s where the fun part lies!

Different Components of a Skateboard

Like any other ridings, the skateboard is also made by the collaboration of various components. These are-


The deck is the primary part of any skateboard. It is the wooden base where you stand while skating. It is the only contact point between a person and the skateboard. So, it does multiples works. This holds the weight of a person and gives a good grip to him/her so he/she can stand on it comfortably. Also, it greatly works for dividing a person’s weight evenly among the four wheels.


The second most important part of a skateboard is undoubtedly the wheels. There are four wheels in a skateboard. These are made of plastic and rubbers or polyurethane layers on the outside. Wheels are the main component to move a skateboard. That is why they have to be fluent, flexible, smooth, and sturdy.  There are lots of variants in the size and shape of skateboard wheels.

The wheels are required according to the skate deck shape, the rider’s weight, and how he wants to use the skateboard.


These are the components that are hidden inside the wheels. Bearings let the wheels roll smoothly while attached with non-moveable parts (trucks). You can’t imagine a smooth-riding with your favorite skateboard without these.


Griptape is an optional component of skateboards. As per its name, Griptape lets you grip your feet on the deck of the board. It reduces the risk of slipping from the skateboard and having an injury. Most stunt-skaters or beginners use these.


As you can guess, risers are used for rising the desk up. Many skaters don’t feel comfortable with the default height or they sometimes want more wobbliness in their boards. That’s where the riser comes in the scenario! There are different type and size risers available for different heights and you just need to fix them between the wheel trucks and the main deck.

Pros & Cons of Penny board vs Skateboard

Advantages of Penny Board

Now it’s time to discuss some advantages of a penny board. There are tons of beneficial facts. We will show up the major advantages of a penny board here. So keep reading.

Portable and Lightweight: First of all, a penny board is very light in weight. Plus, it fits easily in your backpack. So, while going on a trip you will never feel it like a burden. Being so light and compact they are considered the best skateboard for commuting.

Best for the Kids: Are you are a newbie skater or purchasing one for your kid then nothing can be better than a penny board. Penny board is equipped with proportionately bigger wheels. It helps a lot in balancing and that makes it appropriate for kids and beginners. Here are the best skateboard for 8 year olds, you can see.

Appropriate for High-speed Cruising: Penny boards provide an extra benefit of having a stable and strongly constructed truck. Besides, due to its axle angle and center of gravity one can enjoy a stable ride at high speed while cruising. So when you are a speed lover, penny board is the best for cruising.

Waterproof: Penny boards are made of plastic so it is completely waterproof. When you need to enjoy a ride in the rain you have no worries when you are on a penny board.

Low-Price: In short of money? Penny board is again for you as they are cheaper but highly durable.

Disadvantages of Penny Board

Well, now you will learn about the negativity of a penny board.

Nor for the Professional: Penny boards are not appropriate for the professionals. A penny board lack some regular features of skateboard and longboards. So, the professional never ride a penny board.

Less Space: As the penny board is small in size there is less room for you. If you are a tall person or have long legs, then you will feel uncomfortable with a penny board.

Stability Problem: I have already said while cruising penny board is perfect for a speedy ride. But ultimately, being lightweight, they are not highly stable while a fast ride.

Advantages of a Skateboard

Using a skateboard, you can get lots of benefits. Now I will share a part where you will learn about the advantages of a Skateboard.

The Perfect Deck: Not too big, not too small – the deck of a skateboard is perfect in size. The kids and the adults – everyone get enough room standing on a skateboard. This is another plus point for beginners. As they get a good room they can learn it well using a skateboard.

For Performing Tricks: When your goal is to learn and perform outstanding sticks, then there is no good alternative to a skateboard. Having a good balance and durable construction is appropriate for playing different types of tricks.

Both for Beginners and Professionals: When you are buying a skateboard you don’t need to worry about your level of skating. Whether your professional or a newbie you will always get a huge advantage using a skateboard.

Variety of Pricing: As skateboard is widely popular, there is a huge production of skateboards. You can get a skateboard from a very low budget to a very high budget.

Design: Skateboards also come with a variety of designs. So, if you prefer a cool and classy design I must say – choose a skateboard.

Disadvantages of a Skateboard

Along with some advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Though nothing is major but still you need to learn about them.

Heavier: Skateboards are comparatively heavier than penny boards. So while traveling you may not get it fit in your backpack.

Smaller wheels: The wheels of a skateboard are comparatively smaller. So, the newbie skaters sometimes face problems rising it.

Security Issue: Whatever your board is there is always been a security issue as there is no locking system for your skateboard. Suppose you are in a class. It is never safe to keep your board outside the room. You must have to carry it with you in a backpack. So considering the security Issue no board is safe we suggested getting a bicycle with a good locking system.

Should I Buy a Skateboard or a Penny Board?

I have already discussed lots of things about a skateboard and a penny board. Now it’s time for an ultimate comparison. Reading this fact you will understand which one should you buy.

Size: If you consider the size then I must suggest a penny board. Penny board comes in a compact size and easily portable. But the stake board is comparatively heavier.

Deck: The deck of a skateboard is generally made of maple wood. On the other hand, the deck of a penny board is made of molded plastic. Surely maple construction is better.

Tricks: For learning tricks, penny board is are appropriate. But for performing them skateboard is a better choice.

Waterproof: At this point, penny board is the winner as they are made of quality molded plastic. During the rainy season, the penny board users get extra benefits as they are waterproof. Skateboards are not waterproof and they are advised not to use them in the rain.

Weight limit: The weight limit of a skateboard is higher than a penny board. But considering the skateboard weight limit and longboard weight limit, longboard will remain in the first place.

Suitability: Penny boards are suitable for kids and skateboards are suitable for both kids and adults. If you consider the skill level penny boards are for beginners, skateboards are for beginners and professionals.

Final Words

I think you have already figured out which board is appropriate for you. I have discussed the pros and cons of skateboard vs penny board, the difference between penny board vs skateboard, their components, and others. After all the parts you must get enough information about skateboard and penny board. Finally, after ready the ultimate comparison, you will understand the appropriate product for you.

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