Nickel Board vs Penny Board: Which is Right Board For You? Expert Guide

Nickel Board vs Penny Board? Two of the popular categories and there is a common topic penny board vs nickel board. I was also confused and started to find out about this topic.

Finally, I have made a comparison. But it is a broad part. I will discuss these 2 types with their advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to get clear ideas on the topic of penny board vs nickel board.

What is a Nickel Board?

Nickel boards can be simply defined as a larger version of a penny-type board with a wider deck surface area. Usually, these boards have a 5″ more area than the original penny boards and an inch more width, and that’s why these boards are quite easy to ride and balance.

Even being quite larger, it is not so heavy as it is made of plastic, so one can easily carry it. People with larger feet will be very comfortable on these nickel boards for skateboarding. Controlling gets easier on nickels for their extra length and width.

You can enjoy a faster but stable ride anywhere with these boards. By anywhere, I meant nickel boards can be a nice option whether it is a plain area or hilly area. Nickel boards are also known as penny nickels as they are quite similar in features and functions.

What is a Penny Board?

Penny boards are small-sized skateboards that are widely known as short cruisers and are made of strong type plastic. It has not been very long since penny boards launched, but they became popular among skateboarders within a short period.

These boards became popular among young skateboarders or beginners for their inexpensive rate and ease of portability. In the construction of these boards, a strong version of plastic named polyurethane is used. For this reason, original penny boards are not only light in weight but also quite stronger.

 Most amazingly, the shorter-sized penny boards can give you a cool vibe and stylish appearance on the roads. Moreover, the special kind of plastic used in the construction provides a friction-free, flexible and sturdy service. There are a lot of color options available, so you can select your favorite colored board.

Characteristics of a Cool Nickel Board

You have already come to know about what is the nickel board or penny nickel. Now in this segment, I am going to introduce you to the characteristics of a good nickel board, so stay tuned.

  • The nickel board size should be 27″ or around this measurement.
  • Width of the deck area should be more than a penny board as nickel boards are well known for having a wider deck area.
  • Nickel boards can be controlled well and every nickel board has this better stability feature.
  • These boards are made of high-quality plastic so the weight is quite light and easy to carry.
  • Boards are relatively hard, strong, and sturdy.
  • Though the price of nickel boards are a little higher than the penny boards yet the range is within your reach.
  • People with larger feet can comfortably cruise with these boards.
  • Wheels of nickel boards are softer so provide a flexible service and better for practicing cruising stunts.
  • Nickel boards don’t have any grip tape on their surface so you can have easy control.
  • People with heavy weights can easily ride these boards as these boards have enough space and strong construction.

Characteristics of a Good Penny Board

I have already described the characteristics of a quality nickel board, and now I will show you some about a good penny board. So, let’s get it.


A penny generally comes in different sizes. We generally get 22-inch, 27-inch, and 36-inch penny boards. The different boards have different advantages.22-inch board is best for beginners. It helps to get a smooth, speedy ride. Performing tricks are slightly difficult for the newbies with this size.27-inch penny boards are good for amateur skaters. It helps both in playing tricks and gain speed. But for learning tricks, I don’t suggest a 27 penny board for learning tricks.36-inch penny boards are perfect for cruising and learning tricks. It gives extra room to tame new tricks. The only disadvantage is, you won’t be able to speed up with a 36-inch penny board.


Whatever it is a penny board, nickel board, longboard, or skateboard, durability must be an important thing to consider. Make sure your penny board is made of quality material.

We know a penny board has different parts. So you have to make sure the part-to-part connection is sturdy. The truck, deck, wheels, everything will be highly durable.

Wheels and Bearings

The wheels of a quality penny board are soft and oversized. They are generally made of polyurethane. Such wheels help to get good speed and smooth riding. I have mentioned soft wheels. It is because of riding on difficult terrains.

Also, look for the bearings of the penny board. There are many types of bearings such as ABEC-7, ABEC-9, ABEC-11, etc. ABEC-7 bearings are good for beginners, and ABEC-9 bearings are good for a speedy and tricky ride.

Overall Price

A penny board is cheaper than a skateboard and a longboard. There are some brandy products with excessive prices. Avoid such products and check out our article on “Best penny board skateboard.”

Pros and Cons of a Penny Boards and a Nickel Board

Penny Board Pros

  • Penny board is lightweight and easy to transport. Whenever you are on a trip you can easily carry it with you. This is one of the best advantages of an original penny board.
  • Penny boards are comparatively cheaper than a penny nickel board. We get a penny board same quality as a nickel board at $30 less than the nickel board. So considering the price, the penny board is ahead.
  • The short size penny boards are speedy and appropriate for riding smoothly.

Penny Board Cons

  • Deck of a penny board is slightly smaller than a nickel board. So, people with bigfoot must face some difficulties while standing on a deck of a penny board.
  • The big guys won’t get enough control on a short penny board. They also may not feel it enough stable as there may b a lack of control.

Nickel Board Pros

  • Nickel board is more stable than an original penny board. We know the deck of the nickel board is a bit wider. So the big guys get more advantages from a nickel board.
  • Compared to penny board nickel board is better suited as it is wider than penny boards. You will also get better stability riding on a nickel board.
  • If you ask which is the most beginner-friendly board I must say it is nickel penny board. It provides better control, more space, and better stability. So, surely the nickel board is more effective for beginners.

Nickel Board Cons

  • If you want a speedy board then I won’t recommend a penny nickel board. Because penny nickel boards are not as speedy as penny shortboards.
  • Penny boards are a bit expensive than penny boards.
  • In a crowded place, nickel board won’t be so much helpful. In such a place penny shortboards are favorable.

Which One Should I Choose (Penny Board or Nickel Board?)

Nickel boards are considered as a variety of penny boards that means penny boards comprise original penny boards and nickel boards. Being included in the same variety, penny boards and nickel boards have many features in common. So it is very hard to decide which one is better than the other in quality.

But for some reason, many people keep penny boards superior to the penny nickel ones. Don’t be puzzled by all these answers, here I am going to describe some factors from which you can decide which board will be better for you.

Penny boards are shorter in size and lightweight, so they can easily be carried in a normal backpack. Moreover, penny boards are quite inexpensive than nickel boards, so students or beginners prefer these more. But professionals can handle them better as short-sized boards are a little tough to control.

Nickel boards are the best option as these boards provide better stability and comfort. Again for beginners, nickel boards can be very helpful because there is less chance of losing control on these boards. So, identify your skateboarding skill, your feet size, experience, budget, and then decide by reading the features from this article.


I have had a vast discussion on the topic, Penny Board vs Nickel Board. I have discussed their characteristics and their advantages and disadvantages. I also compared them, considering their pros and cons.

I can’t tell which one is perfect for you. After reading out the comparison and feature, you must which one is perfect for you. You can check out our other articles on best penny board reviews and best nickel board reviews by clicking the link.


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